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"....." Lily's mouth twists, all of the good and bad words have been said by him.

But did he just say that 'I' didn't pick up his call?

"I didn't ignore your call. Did you call me?"

Rex grits his teeth, "I've called you many times."

".... Wait a minute." Lily opens her purse and takes out the phone, only to find that it is out of power, "No wonder, it's low-bat."

Rex chuckles and says with some sarcasm, "As expected."

Lily is a little disconcerted and asks carefully, "Have you eaten?"

Rex chokes her sulkily, "I can't even find you, and do you think I can eat peacefully?"

Lily knows that justice is not at her side and doesn't talk back, but hugs him from the back and points at the kitchen, "Do you want me to do something for you?"

"Are you hungry?" Rex asks her.

Lily shakes her head, "Not really."

Although she hasn't had a dinner, after what she's been through, she has no appetite, only hungry a little bit.

After saying it, Lily suddenly feels something tickling her waists, and then found out that she had been carried horizontally. She exclaims, "Hey, what are you doing!"

"Since you're not hungry, let's did something else."

Lily tries to weep but failed to shed a tear and complains coquettishly, "I'm so tired..."

He raises his eyebrows, "You just need to stay still."



Two days later, Lily goes to the store to pick up the pre-ordered gift. There are two kinds of packaging, which is red and black. Black looks high class, while Red looks festive. With the taste of Rex, he will definitely like black, but since it's a birthday, she chooses red.

When it's about to have a lunch, Rex asks Joe to call her up. In the lunch break, he has hinted her more than once. Lily pretends clueless and observes his face which is gloomier.

Lily has been enduring her laugh for the whole time, and when she comes out of the office, she finally laughs out loudly.

Joe looks at her puzzled, "What makes you so happy?"

Lily waves her hand, "Oh, I'm gonna die, Rex is too cute, Hahaha...."

Joe is like being struck by a lightning and raises his hand to scratch his ears. Did he hear it right? What did she just said? Cute???

Did she just use it to impersonate Rex?

When the brain receives the signal, Joe suddenly has a goose bumps. Love makes people blind. Even Rex is praised cute. It is indeed a rare one.

After finishing her work in the afternoon, Lily deliberately asks for leave. Based on her experience with Julia, she has mentally prepared for it. But who knows, Kinsey is very kind and after briefing her work, she agrees, "It is almost done. If you have something to do, you may leave, it's okay."

Lily is very grateful, "Thank you Kinsey!"


After leaving the company, Lily goes home directly. The day before today, she has bought a lot of balloons from the online shop and sends it to the company. It arrives just in time and she brings home to decorate it.

After pumping more than a hundred balloons, she finally feels sourness in the hand. It is aqua-colored, with a silver string tied at the tail of the balloon, which are thickly dotted hanging on the ceiling, very impressive.

On her way home, she specially orders a cake for only two people, which is six-inch big with a red velvet color. Although it isn't big, it is very exquisite.

Noticing that there is still plenty of time, Lily pulls out an A++ beef steaks from the kitchen's refrigerator, then marinated it with an onion and black pepper. It takes time to prepare it on the plate.

She lit a candlestick and places it in the middle of table. Everything is ready. All she needs to do is waiting for him.

Lily suddenly feels a little nervy, thinking whether he will like this kind of decoration or not.

Picking up the phone on the desk, Rex has called her three times from after work hours till now. She endures not to answer it, thinking that he will know that she is at home anyway.

Thinking of it, Lily doesn't reply him, but only sitting at the living room and wait, hoping it will surprise him.

From six to seven o'clock and gradually eight o'clock and now it's nine in the evening but he still hasn't show up. Lily starts to be impatient. Even if he is overtime, he should be back at this time.

Did he go to a meeting? It is impossible...

Lily picks up the phone and put it back again. After hesitating for a while, she still decides to call him, but no one answers.

Lily is disappointed and lying dispirited on the sofa facing the ceiling then murmurs, "Where are you at this hour...."


At the same time, when Rex couldn't get in touch of Lily, he asks Joe to navigate her location. After knowing that she is at home, he feels rest assure and continue to drive to the north.

Forty minutes later, the car drives into a quaint old house. He then is greeted by a friendly woman in her forties, "Rex, you've finally arrived. Those two old folk have been waiting for the whole afternoon. Quickly go inside."

Rex nods and without saying a word, he walks inside.

The interior decoration and the exterior structures are complement to each other. They are all in mahogany furniture, which cost more than a thousand per piece. The valuable landscape paintings are hanging on the wall, which is painted by the most famous painters in modern era.

Hearing a sound, the old man who is sitting on a wooden chair in the living room, turns back. His eyes fills with joy, "Rex, is that you?"

A smile appears on Rex's indifferent face, "Grandma, Grandpa."

"Come here, let me take a look." The elderly old woman is Rex's grandma. She takes his hand and smile happily, "You only come once a year but your grandfather and I always remember you. Look at yourself, you've become thin, don't overwork yourself."

Rex responses joyfully, "I know grandma."

"You promise for nothing, you need to do it!"

Rex smiles and says nothing.

"Let's eat. It's your birthday. Your grandma has been busy for the whole afternoon to prepare it. She made it by herself, without a chef."

The three of them walks to the dining room. The table is set with all sweet and sours flavored food, sweet and sour pork ribs, pineapples grunts, prawns in tomato sauce, etc. Rex remembers that those are his favorite food when he was a child. He only started to change his taste into a light one when he studies abroad.

Rex sits down and the old man fills him a big bowl of rice. He usually doesn't eat on time, which means that he couldn't eat a lot, but at this time, he insists on eating all of it.

At the period of time, Rex is a bit absent-minded. He occasionally will remember the little woman back in the house. She is fully aware that today is his birthday but doesn't express it out. He wonders what she is doing now.

"Rex, you're not that young anymore. You should have a girlfriend now. We hope that you can get married and have your own family so that someone will take care of you." The old man suddenly speaks and persuades him heartily, "We didn't have a high expectation, an honest little girl would be enough. Society gap is not a problem as long as their simple and you can get along with them."

Rex pauses and looks down at the white rice on the bowl, "I know, I'll try my best."

"Also, you need to come here more often with your mother. Your mother will occasionally come here, you can come with her. After all, she's your mother. It is also not easy for her to raise you. A family may not be....." Speaking of which, the old man's eyes are a bit red.

In fact, all of those years, Amelia, Rex's mother had another child after the divorce. For Rex, rebuilding a family bound is quite awkward. He is like the outsiders in the family. After studying abroad for four years and returning to work, he is almost never at home. This is inevitable to be awkward.

However, it is the wish of the two old one. Rex won't say much and obediently agrees with them.

After a meal, it is about eight in the evening and Rex is anxious to leave. "Why are you in hurry? There's no one in the house, why don't you stay for the night?"

Rex doesn't even think and refuses immediately, "No need grandma. I still have some work to do, see you again soon."


On the way back, Rex receives a call from Amelia, who wishes him a happy birthday. It is the same every year. In fact, Rex hasn't had any feelings for a long time now, not even a disappointment.

After so many years, he has been going to school by himself, graduates by himself, started a company by himself to earn money. Even if he has ever lends some money to the family, he has never asked back from them.

He doesn't blame Amelia, at least in his heart, he knows that she has a new family, new husband, thus she doesn't have so much strength to manage him anymore, he fully understand it.

The more he nears the Villa, the fresher the air it. It is a high class area which is in the suburbs. The winding mountains road winds up all along and the car is surrounded in the dark night, leaving a bit bleak.

Rex steps on the accelerator fiercely and the car flees, leaving the night behind him.

The car is parked in the yard and he slightly looks up to see the villa in front of him. There is no trace of light, she might has fallen asleep.

The trace of disappointment in the heart becomes more and more obvious. Rex draws out a cigarette and put it on his fingertips. He smokes it rapidly, every breath is fierce. The hot air pours into the lungs to stimulate the nerves to make him sober. After a cigarette, he gets out and walks to the villa.

When the induction light of the porch lights up, and when he doesn't even have a chance to change the shoes, he is shocked by the sight in front of him.

The soft blue balloons fill the roof with a silver string hang in the air to create a lively atmosphere. Not that far, he sees a cake and beef steak on the table with a mostly burned candle.

Everything is intertwined. His black pupils dilated and trembling violently. The heartbeat in the chest thumb strongly. His vision scans around the living room to eagerly see the woman who decorates it.

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