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After choosing the gift, Lily and Abby eat in a restaurant next to the mall. Just in time for dinner, it is a bit loud in there, thus, they choose to sit at the corner, which is better.

Who knows, they accidentally meet Tim and Jade who also come to dine in. Both of them sit right next to them, which can be seen in the blink of an eye.

While lifting her bag, Lily gets up again and asks the waiter next to her, "Is there any other table?"

"Yes, but it's not in the corner, it might be a bit loud."

"It's okay." Even if it's loud, it would be better than seeing those bitch couple.

Just when the waiter is looking for an empty table, Jade happens to see Lily, which makes her freeze for a second before making a reaction. She then acts a show of leaning against Tim' body, like a little bird rests upon man's clothes.

Abby's eyes burst into flames and couldn't help but cursed, "Fuck, Did you see her bitchy manner? It's like she never had a man."

Lily doesn't want to make a fuss and gently pulls her sleeves, "Forget it, let her do whatever she likes."

When Abby is desperately trying to calm down, Jade deliberately made a mouth word silently, contemptuously and a provocation 'get lost' word to her.

"Get lost?" Abby smiles childishly, "Does she think being a mistress is honorable? I'll teach her a lesson today!"

Lily wanted to pull her again, but it was too late.

Abby walks to Jade's table in two steps and points at her face ruthlessly, "What did you mean just now?"

After hearing the voice, Tim shifts his vision from the menu to her, "Abby?"

Isn't she Lily's best friend?


Tim looks at her back and really sees Lily, who was walking towards them. It's been a while since the last time they met. She is currently wearing a black mantle wool coat with a pair of matching shorts and a pair of thigh boots, exposing her small white yet slender thigh.

When they were married, he didn't sense her beauty. Now, after a glance, she looks really outstanding even from far away. But it's a pity that this enchanting woman belongs to another man now.

Jade notices that Tim's vision is almost stuck on Lily's body, so she secretly grits her teeth. She then grabs her arms and speaks in a pitifully tone, "Tim, look at her, I'm so scared."

"Ha ha!" Abby sneers, "You fucking bitch didn't feel scare when becoming a mistress but feel scared now? What are you acting for? A woman with no shameless now trying to be a little rabbit?"

Abby's words are as sharp as a sword, which cause Jade's soft expression is about to break, "Tim, look at her....."

Tim has no choice but only to persuade her, "Enough, this is a public place."

With a click tongue, she says, "I really admire what you just say, why don't you become an advisor? Are you still a man?"


"What? It's only been a while and you even dare enough to take your mistress out now. Can't you be just a little low-key? We actually didn't want to trouble you but you are the one who ask for it!" Abby stares at them dreadfully, "Maybe Lily can be bullied, but I'm not. Jade, I warn you. If you meet her next time, take a hundred meters away. Are you clear?"

There are already a few people murmuring in the surrounding. Lily doesn't want to make a fuss and consoles her, "Enough Abby. Let's go to another place."

As the matter of fact, Abby just grumbles for a while, and she will calm down after that. But little did she expect that Jade will splash her with a hot water.

With a crash, the hot water splashes over, even her thick clothes couldn't stop the scalding.

Lily watches as Abby feels burned and all of the endured-flames inside finally burst out. She looks at Jade with a twisted brows, "What are you doing!"

"You guys went too far!" Jade stands up from the seat and drops tears without a hint, as if she is the one that was being splashed.

Abby takes off her coat and without a word, dashes to trawl her hair instantly. Lily freezes for a second, but soon joins in.

Two versus one, Jade wouldn't be able to win. For the reason that a lot of people are watching them, Tim as man, couldn't join nor block them. Under such circumstances, without clearly known who call them, the cops suddenly rush in to stop the farce.

"You guys follow me to the police station. How can you fight at this age...?"

Abby is still indignant, "We need to use violence to face a mistress, or else she might think that all people in the society is her mother, we need to look after her!"


"Enough! Even if you still wanted to fight for another two days, follow me!"


A group of four people is taken to the police station. There's no special treatment for them, thus they could only sit obediently on a long bench. Owing to the fact that the officers who are in charge of taking records are still eating, they might need to wait for a while.

Both the identity and the scene are awkward. The four of them are like sitting on pins and needles, extremely awkward. If choosing the one who is better, it might be Tim. Since this could be his chance to reconcile with Lily.

After waiting for almost twenty minutes with nothing, Abby is a little bit unsettled and asks the on duty officer, "How long do we have to wait? I still have something to do."

"Soon, just wait for a while. Why did you even fight if you're busy?"


"Abby." Lily pulls her hand and shakes her head at her, "Stop it."

Abby also knows that there won't be a good result to fight against the police and says nothing but sit down sullenly.

On the other side, Jade quietly checking out her outfit, D's latest coat, J's shoes and also a limited edition bag, which at least cost seven digits. Her outfit cost almost a medium-class sedan, where did she get the money from?

Jade feels uneasy and looks down at her shoes on the feet, it was the model from last year. She then caresses her neck and says some disdainful words, "Speaking of acting, didn't you also the same....."

Her voice is so low that can't be heard clearly. Lily only hears her mumbling and glances at her, she is too lazy to take care of it.

After another ten minutes, the officers who are in charge of taking records finally come back. The four of them went in one by one, but still couldn't leave early. When they finish, the sky has completely went dark. After this issue, Lily is also tired and ready to leave. When she has just picked up her bag and about to leave, she sees a tall man pushing the door in.

Lily is nailed in the place, feels unexpected, "Why are you here?"

Rex checks her out from head to toe. He carefully looks through it from top to bottom, confirming that she is fine, and then pulls her in his arms, "I'm worried."

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