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It is better no to say, because once it is mention, Lily is even more aggrieved. The sparkling tears is the eyes are about to overflow, but she endures it so that it won't fell, "I didn't cry! Let me go!"

How Rex could let it go. He might be able to let her go just now. But after looking at her tears, he become patient and gently says, "You are the one that said so many unpleasant things, but it is also you that cry. Why did you cry, huh?"

His tone is helpless and indulgence, which makes Lily feels more uncomfortable, "You say nothing but you did everything! Why did you fire Carlos, hah? He had taught me a lot of things, but then is fired in the blink of an eye without any reason. How can I accept it...."

In fact, Rex has ever thought about this issue, but comparing with what he minded, this is only a small issue. He admits that his possessiveness to Lily is an extreme one, but still couldn't tolerate a man that admired her be around with her.

About what he thinks, Lily is aware of it, "Do you want to eliminate every single opposite sex around me? Can't you just trust me?"

Rather than being tied and imprisoned, she needs a normal life, normal social life.

Little did she know that Rex actually trust her, he just doesn't trust himself. As for confessing it, this arrogant man couldn't be able to do it easily.

"Stop crying." Just by looking at her tears makes him uncomfortable.

Without a satisfactory answer, Lily sniffs and struggles again, "Let me go."

"Then what if I let you go? Will you go out with that face?" He sighs and in middle of her tears, he finally compromises, "I promised you I won't fire Carlos."

Lily unforeseen that he will relent and compromise, which makes her somewhat unbelieve it. With her red eyes and nose, she slightly opens her mouth and looks at him blankly, still hardly believe it, "Really?"

"If it's fake, will you cry again?" Rex has never disdained a woman's tears. For him, tears are just a weak performance.

But until Lily appeared, he just understands why tears are woman's deadly weapon. Her tears will make him soft.

At this time, Lily calms down, no long as radical as she was just now, "Next time, if you wanted to make a decision, can you discuss it with me first? I didn't expect you to listen to me, but at least don't let me regret of what you did."

If she has known that Rex will fire Carlos, she would definitely hide it from him.

Rex slightly twists his eyebrows and takes a handkerchief out from his pocket to hand it to her, "You just need to remember whose girl you are."

Lily wipes her tears and murmurs, "Who's? How can I don't know?"

Rex has calmed down. His eyes narrow dangerously and with a quiet tone, he says, "Just in time, I haven't approved the letter of his dismissal...."

Lily blocks his hand, "Hey, okay, okay, I'm yours!"

Rex then satisfied. In fact, most of his time with Lily is the process of tuning and being tuned. In terms of affiliation, Lily belongs to him and also obeys him. He is training this little woman.

But many times, it wasn't entirely like that. Compared with before, he has had more time to indulge her demands, for instance now.

This indulgence is quite extreme; it is a willing compromise which Rex has never done it before. Therefore, it is special and sweet at the same time.

When Lily left from the CEO's office, she gives the crooked document that she caused just now to Joe.

Joe looks at the document and at the same time looks at Lily's shadow, and couldn't help but sigh, "It must be quite fierce. Even his sign is crooked, Rex indeed is powerful...."


Because of the relatively short time, the affairs of Carlos resignation and re-recruitment have been heard by everyone but nobody has clear information of it. But after the incident, Carlos has completely disconnected with Lily.

It is also expected. Carlos is a wise man and he guesses that Lily has the role in it.

However, Lily is very grateful. After all, Carlos doesn't hate himself because of this, nor did he say anything about her rumors in the company.

In the blink of any eye, the weather has turned cold and it is the first snow in winter. This year, the snow come exceptionally early, it seems to be half a month ahead. When welcoming the cold winter, Lily also remembers that Rex's birthday is coming soon.

When it comes to birthday, the biggest deal is choosing a gift.

Not to mention other, Rex doesn't really lack of anything, thus it is extremely hard to choose.

Lily has no idea. Hence, she calls Abby to go on shopping with her. Girls won't ever get bored when it comes to shopping. After wandering around the mall, she finally found a pair of cuffs.

That man always wears a neat suit with a straight tie, which gives an ascetic temperament of men. He also had high requirements for cuff, which can be proved by a cabinet full of cuff in the cloakroom back at home.

"Madam, you have a good vision. This pair of cuff is our limited edition in winter and also our magazine model. It has to be pre-ordered." The clerk introduces friendly and also takes a tie out, "This is the collection from this year. This DTS collar tie has a wrinkled resistance that even if it is worn for hours, it will not wrinkle. It is made of wool that maintains natural breathability and supports the temperature adjustment."

Lily glances at it. No matter the outer packing or works, it is very exquisite. The dark blue tie has a dark stripes on the top with no much fancy decoration, which make it suits well for business model. The head of the tie inlaid a small diamond as a finishing touch.

When she imagining this tie around his neck, she tighten her hand that she can even feel his warm body temperate, which make her mouth unconsciously hook up.

Lily looks at the price, which is not cheap for things like cuff, but anyway, it is a birthday gift. Thus, she forces to buy it, for the reason that Rex doesn't use cheap things.

"I was in a rush to give it to someone. How long is the pre-order?"

"It might be faster if you order it now, maybe like two days later."

After calculating, it is still in time.

She takes the cuff from the counter and shows it to Abby, "What do you think?"

Abby nods, "Not bad, it suits well for him."

When the clerk heard this sentence, she looks at her with a hint, "This model is mature yet flexible. It is perfect for your boyfriend."


Lily is embarrassed and elbows Abby who is next to her with a red face, "Don't talk nonsense!"

"What are you ashamed of?" Abby teases her with a smile, "Look at your face, I didn't say anything yet!"

"Enough, stop talking." Lily places it back, "Help me order it. I'll pay now."

"Okay, please come with me."

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