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Mary's sharp and uneven voice is heard through the door panel.

Lily frowns. She originally doesn't want to be a villain to eavesdrop, but at this moment, she couldn't move. It is related to her after all.

Carlos keeps silent. It is Mary who has been talking all the time. Finally, he speaks coldly, "Are you done?"

"Carlos, why don't you believe me!" Mary roars out loud. As the saying goes, things will always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme point. She suddenly calms down, "I admire and adore you. Don't you feel it?"

Carlos speaks again with an intolerance tone, "I treat you as my colleague. If you have nothing else, you may leave."

A few second later, the door is being vigorously pushed open from the inside. Lily almost smashes to the bridge of her nose, but fortunately escapes safely.

Seeing her, Mary seems a little surprise, her eyes are still red, but soon make a sarcasm and mockery, "Lily, how can you still have a face to come here? Are you happy now that he'll leave? How shameless of you to stand there and eavesdrop us!"

Lily has no expression, "You should be prepared to be heard by others when you gossips."


Without waiting for her response, Lily goes inside.

Arguing with someone who has a prejudice against you is the most unnecessary things. Owing to the fact that no matter what you said, she would not believe it.

Inside the office, Carlos is packing his stuff when he heard a voice, he doesn't even raise his head and says, "Didn't I told you to get out."

Lily stands in front of his desk, "Carlos, it's me."

Hearing her voice, Carlos' body stiffens and looks up to her in astonishment and surprised in the eyes, "Why are you here?"

"I heard that you are leaving....." Lily's vision fall on the big cartoon box on his desk, which has his personal belonging sorted inside, "Can I ask why you are leaving suddenly?"

Carlos stops his movements and smiles bitterly, "Do you really not know or just pretending?"

With a thump in her heart, she guesses it right. It has something to do with her.

Lily looks dull, "Why don't you try to say it."

Carlos looks straight in her eyes, "This resignation was ordered directly from Rex, he told me to resign."

"What?!" Lily is shocked.

Carlos distinguishes the emotion on her face closely. She doesn't seem to be pretending, since pretending couldn't be so realistic. It looks like she really doesn't know.

Thinking about it, he is relieved. At least it wasn't Lily who wanted him to leave. This is enough.

However, he is confused of something. After hesitating for a while, he still decide to ask, "Lily, do you know Rex?"

Lily doesn't wanted to lie, not to mention to lie to someone who had helped her a lot at work, but she has no choice, "No, Why?"

Carlos shakes her head, "Nothing, maybe I think too much."

Based on his intuition and understanding of the same sex, he always feels that Rex seems like Lily. If they know each other, there must be a close relationship, if not, Rex might is interested in Lily.

No matter what, Lily has already caught into Rex's eyes.

Just a few words, Lily seems to understand. She basically understands that Carlos' resignation is not what he wants, but it definitely is inseparable from Rex.

Recalling the two of them discuss about this issue before, Lily's heart seems to be splashed by gasoline and soon burns with flames. Without any excuses, she goes directly to the CEO's office.

In order to stay low-key, she goes in from Joe's office. But she doesn't make an appointment in advance, in which Joe wanted to block but has no courage to do it, thus he could only persuade her, "Lily, Rex is on a meeting, why don't you wait....."

Before he even finishes, Lily had opened the door and strides to Rex's desk. With an anger in her eyes, she slams her hand and says, "Rex, what's do you mean by firing Carlos?"

Rex is signing a document when she slammed her hand, which make the sign crooked and needs to be reprint again.

He glances unpleasantly, "What's the meaning of what?"

Lily laughs angrily and looks around silently before fixing her gaze with his cold and handsome face again, "Based on what did you fire him? Is it just because he show love to me?"

The more she said, the more speechless she was and couldn't help but raises her voice to question him, "What's your right of doing this!"

"Based on I'm his boss, is this reason enough?" His voice is calm, which is terrifying. As if it wasn't a big deal to fire Carlos.

Lily is clueless about his indifference and feels even more terrible, "You are too dictatorial. Nothing happened between me and Carlos. It's just unreasonable to fire him just because you're not happy!"

"This is my company." The implication is, he can do what he like and doesn't need a reason, because he is the ruler.

Lily is really speechless and has no words left to communicate with him, "Well, you have the final say. If you still want to fire Carlos, I will also resign!"

No matter what, those words have a certain deterrent effect for Rex. After all, he knows it well that this job is really important for Lily. She never jokes about her job, which is one of the reasons for him to appreciate her.

But now, she even resigned for Carlos' sake?

His vision cools down and the pen pops down on the table. Even though his voice is neutral, it gives a sense of threatening, "Are you going to resign just because of Carlos?"

"He is fired because of me. I did it just to pay him back. Since I can't stop you, I also have no choice. This is the only way I won't feel guilty!" She is really mad at herself to cause people lost their beloved career.

Rex sneers, "Do you think I will agree just because of your reason and attitude?"

Attitude? Always attitude.

Lily is really agitated which cause her rebellious attitude burst out, "I don't know what is attitude, and all I know is which one is right or wrong."

After she finished, she turns around and left, as if doesn't want to stay even for one more second.

She left from the side door. When she has just touched the doorknob, her elbow is pulled back with a force. Her body is forced to turn aside by the man behind her. Lily rebels fiercely, but her hands are clasped hard on his chest and shoulders, which is quite a strong force.

Rex is perturbed by her troubles and is about to lost his temper. But at the moment he saw her reddish eyes, the flames that are burning on his chest quenches instantly. In his panic heart, he quickly grabs her pairs of hands and leans over to her as usual, "What are you crying for?"

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