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Lily is little surprised, "How can you know?"

Her mouth takes a step forwards than her brain, which she soon regrets it. If she said that, it just proved that he is totally right...

"I've told you to keep your distance with Carlos before, do you believe it now?" His cool eyes sweeps over and stares at her seriously, as if an elder rebukes their children for making a mistake.

Men know men the best. Carlos' various performances are enough to show that he has feelings for Lily.

Lily knows that this matter will be found out sooner or later, she then raises her hand to touch her nose and whispers, "Who knows about it..."

As for Carlos, she never has any thought about this kind of thing. This is why; his confession is really unexpected for her.

"Tok!" Seeing her refute, he raises his head to knock her head.

Lily is startled that she moves her neck aside and says hastily, "A gentleman uses his tongue, not his fists!"

"Gentleman?" Hearing those words, Rex sneers, "Didn't I'm an old rogue with a bad temper in your eyes? How can you call me a gentleman now?"

With her silence, Rex stretches out his hand to put it on the top of her head, "You're indeed a wise girl that knows when to retreat, very flexible."

Lily smiles shyly and murmurs in dissatisfaction, "Do you even understand what it politeness..."

Rex squints, his voices had a little bit of impatient, "Try to say it again!"

Lily is a lynxes, knowing that Rex had started to be angry, she won't repeat it twice. She then immediately soothes his flames, "Hey, about you become my counsellor, is it still valid...."

Rex glances at her, "You wanted to be my apprentice?"


It is can be said that.


He twitches the corner of his mouth. After making so much effort for him to make up, it turns out to be an easy thing for her.

Rex slightly leans back; his hand is resting on the bed behind him, which makes a touch of sensuality in his lazy posture. His sharp black eyes scan around hers intentionally or unintentionally, "It's not impossible; it depends on your performance."

Lily doesn't buy his jokes. With an ouch sound, she hits his ass and moves away from him, "If you don't want then forget it."

Rex nods thoughtfully, "Alright then, you future work depends on now anyway."

"Are you threatening me?!"

"I'm teaching you how to be a human."

"... You're so highfalutin. Don't you just want to seek your own profit by using the unspoken rules?" Speaking of it, she also crosses her hand over her chest, "I'm barely an intern, and you just want to bully me!"

Rex is amused by her look, in which her thin lips are slightly hooked up. He fixes his gaze with hers and lowers the voice, "I indeed use the unspoken rules and have completely use it. What now, are you satisfied?"

A burst of heat rush from the inner of her feet that makes her cheeks flushes with red, "Can you be serious!"

By looking at her blushes into an apple face, Rex smiles even more, he even pinches the soft meat on her cheeks in an evil way, "I've said it, it depends on your performance."

In this matters, he doesn't plan to step back at all.


With her almost burning flames inside, she whispers hesitantly, "I still feel pain..."

Discussing about this topic, Lily indeed is very thick face. She really admires Rex' perseverance in such things. From energy to strength, she extremely admires it.

Hearing those words, Rex frowns and reaches out to take off her pajamas, "Let me see."

What did he just say? Let... he sees!

Lily spontaneously jumps out of the bed and ignores the pain to hide in the corner of the room, "No need! It is not that serious, I can take care of myself!"

If he really looks for it... no, there is no possibility. She would rather jump from the second floor, really.

Even if she is disable for life.

Luckily, seeing her persistence, Rex doesn't force anymore, which make Lily feels relief and gradually moves back to the bed.

He finally be serious and sits upright, "it's about the end of your intern period after the case. At that time, you'll be free, which means you don't need a counsellor anymore and can be the official employee. I won't be useful anymore."

Lily suddenly realized, "Oh right... come to think about it, Carlos seems to say the same."

Rex squints. Hearing Carlos name from her mouth makes him very upset, "Why didn't you care so much when I spoke?"

Lily has no clue what he is about to do again, but also understand that he is very concerned about Carlos, she then laughs and jokes, "Why, are you jealous?"

There is a trace of unnaturalness on his face, "No."

After speaking, he turns his back to hide his expression from Lily.

However, she still captures that fleeting emotion sensitively. It is rare to see Rex like this, which makes her feel amused and walks in front of him, "Are you really jealous?"

His voice is cold, "No."

"Hey, don't hide it. Just admit it if you're jealous." Lily pretends to shake her head regretfully, "What a man with a pride...."

Rex knows that she did it intentionally and couldn't hold it but says in a nasty voice, "Stop messing around. If you feel awkward to work with him, I'll re-arrange the follow-up work so you won't have to work with him anymore."

After thinking about it, Lily actually is afraid that there would be some unnecessary troubles in her follow-up work. Even though she thinks Carlos as her senior, she felt uneasy after Carlos shows love to her. They will inevitable be meet in the work. Once she gets distracted, her work efficiency will naturally decrease.

She doesn't want these personal affairs to affect her work. Thus, avoid him isn't a bad thing to do.

After considering for a moment, she readily agrees, "Okay."


However, what Lily unforeseen is, the so-called 'avoidance' of Rex and hers are completely in a different meaning.

Not long after the intern's assessment ended, she unexpectedly hears news about Carlos' resignation. It intuitively has something to do with her. After the meeting, Lily went to Carlos office directly. When she is about to push open the door, she suddenly hears Mary's voice coming out.

She suddenly releases her hand from the doorknob. Neither went inside or stay still is right for her. Just when she is about to take a few steps back, she hears her name spit out from her mouth--

"Carlos, do you really think that this is just a coincidence? Don't you think that everything related to Lily is weird? Including the last incident, Julia is like this, even you end up like this!"

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