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After thinking about it, Rex still decides to inquire an advice from his buddies. Karl is no better than him because Karl had been singled for many years. Needless to say Orson, he might quickly become a monk. The only one with an experience is Pehry.

It is nearly ten o'clock in the evening when Rex takes out his phone to text something, "How to sweet-talk a woman?"

In less than three minutes, Pehry calls directy.

Rex pauses his fingertips and he is unwilling to pick it up, but....by glancing at the closed bedroom on the second floor, he still decides to pick it up, "Say it."

"Rex, there are many kinds of sweet-talk woman. What makes both of you argue?" Pehry's voice comes from the microphone with a little EDM in the background. He might is in the Red Club.

Rex's tone stay still, "I don't know."

"You don't know?" Pehry asks again, "What did you guys do before arguing?"

Rex thinks about it, "Making love."

"...." Pehry clears his throat, "Actually, you don't need to say it clearly..."

"So do you have any idea?" Frankly to outsiders is enough for Rex to hold his shame, his tone is already impatient.

"Yes, yes, yes." Pehry replies hastily, "If this is the case, it shouldn't have any trouble, unless... Lily doesn't enjoy it."

Speaking of which, Pehry automatically lowers his voice.

However, Rex still listens it clearly, she doesn't enjoy it?

Linking with her reaction just now, she indeed was unpleasant.

Pehry gently advices, "Rex, maybe you're too straightforward? Women generally like to be spoiled, including those things. They hope men can pay more attention to their feelings."

Is he too straightforward?

Rex says nothing. It seems he's indeed a little direct.

However, he does seem wanted to be close to her and this is the most straightforward way.

By noticing his response, Pehry guesses a lot and does his best to convince him, "Actually, sweet-talk woman is quite easy. You just need to say that you are attracted to her. I guess Lily may have misunderstood something. After all, you are so charming, how could anyone be unpleasant with you...."

He doesn't forget to flatter him in the end of his speech, which means that he had completed a full service.

"Got it, bye."

After hanging up, Rex pours another glass of water to his throats, and then heads towards the second floor.

When he pushes open the door, the light has been turned off. He knows that Lily hasn't fallen asleep and turns on a small lamp on the bed side. He then walks quietly to the bed side to stand still and looks down at the curved ball in the middle of the bed, "Lily."

The latter doesn't respond and doesn't move at all. However, her eyes that are hidden under the quilt blinks uncomfortably.

The man, who is standing by the bed, tightens his hands and even his heart tense up, "I know you haven't slept. If you don't like it, I won't do it in the living room anymore."

He simply explains it, but little did he know that Lily become even more mad after hearing such explanation.

This is not what she minds!!

Rex doesn't notice it at all and adds in, "I don't know that you would mind this much, I will ask for your opinion next time...."

Lily initially wanted to act dumb, but the more he said, the more he is biased and finally she couldn't help it anymore. With a slip sound, the quilt is lifted up and she sits up, "I don't care about all of that!"

Rex, who doesn't expect that she would get up instantly, freezes for a second, but soon recovers calmly and stares at her quietly.

"What I mind is.... Every time when I didn't want to answer your question, you will always use this method. You don't even care whether I like it or not, which making me feel that I'm just a casual things for you." She doesn't like to be forced, because it will make her feel that she doesn't even have the least respect.

Hearing those words, Rex frowns deeply. He doesn't expect that it is so serious.

"I never think of that way."

"But that's how you treat me."

The atmosphere in the bedroom suddenly become tense, with one is sitting and the other is standing. In the terms of momentum, Rex is overpowered while Lily won't relent. She is too resistant to such 'force'.

After a while, Rex finally compromises and gradually speaks, "Even if you said the truth, I will do the same. I admit that I'm wrong, but I never did it just because...."

In the end, he suddenly stops, which makes Lily's heart hang.

After a moment of silence, Lily, who is over tense and indignant finally speaks, "What the hell do you want to say?"

He seems to be difficult to speak, but when he sees that she is going to cover up herself again, with one knee on the bed, he pulls off the quilt from her body and leans closer. His eyes are deep, so deep that she can see her own reflection, "Just because I am craving for you."

Her appearance, her voice, her emotions, her body, everything about her is like opium. He fatally attracted to her.

However, Lily is confused, her big eyes fills with puzzles, "Are craving for me, or my body?"

In an adult's world, sex and love are inseparable, but she is not mature enough, thus she fusses about it this time.

His fingertips slip over the side of her face and finally stops at her chin, "Some things, I will only do it with you."

He doesn't bother to explain it and frankly tells her.

Those words flutters on Lily's heart, it slaps her hard and she finally understands what he meant by the word 'crave' just now.

He... really is a very direct person. For him, he doesn't bother to lie or even waste his energy to perfunctory. Once he wants it, then he get is. He might be really craving just now. It's just that she think too much.

After experiencing a failed marriage, she admits that she is sensitive. With a few words and casual action, she can be extremely anxious.

After a while, Lily looks up at him and speaks in a gently voice, "Rex, have you never been in love?"

He doesn't expect that she would suddenly ask this question. He is stunned for a few second and asks her in disgruntled tone, "Does it matter?"

"Yes, of course." If he has an experience, he will not make an explanation like before, which makes him dig more holes.

However, this image of him is contrasting his cold appearance. Lily finds it cute.


Lily smiles faintly. She feels like an emotional child, that she was angry a second ago and now is spunk.

Rex sits by her side and touches her tender cheeks, "Do you still upset?"

"No." Lily presses close to his cheeks, "I have something to tell you."

"Spit it out."

"You said that you want to be my counsellor before, is it still valid?"

He stops his movement of kissing her and raises her eyebrows unexpectedly. But soon, he understood the reason of Lily changing her mind. Lately, Carlos must have done something that make her couldn't bear it.

Besides the relationship of subordinates, there is only one thing left.

"Did Carlos express love to you?

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