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Speaking of which, there is no more room for her to neglect. Lily doesn't know what Carlos is thinking about. After working with him for quite some time, he should have understand her meaning, yet he still insist and made things become awkward.

There is a moment of silence in the car. Lily eases her emotion and looks at the hand of him that is clutching her, "Carlos, can you please let me go first."

Carlos is stunned. Even though he is reluctant, he still refrains and act as a gentleman to let her go. In fact, he had fully understood what Lily meant but doesn't give up and still made some illusion.

"Carlos, I don't know what you think of me, but you're surely an experience senior for me, which is my role model. I adore and respect you. But beyond that, I don't have anything else, I'm sorry if there is any misunderstanding."

These words are really direct and decent. She doesn't have any intention to destroy their relationship as colleagues, yet also doesn't want to have any misunderstanding.

Carlos' hand tightens; his eyes are deep with fierce emotion, "Lily, I know that you are preparing for a divorce. I don't mind, not now or even later. I appreciate your work attitude and ability; I also like your personality. I know you have no feelings for me, but perhaps... perhaps can you give me a chance to approach you?"

In fact, from the beginning until now, Lily has made a sense of distance. She doesn't put on airs, but it is a natural sense, a sense of a restrain and pride of a girl. She is neither humble nor pushy, in which she can accept any emotion. This is the strength under her weak appearance.

The more they get along, the more Carlos is attracted by her internal and external distinction. Since when did he start to have feelings for her?

He couldn't recall it. Only when he saw her fall from the building, he realized his true feelings.

Once this feeling is confirmed, it is quite difficult to continue to lie.

Lily doesn't expect that Carlos could be so persistent, which makes her very nervous but doesn't show it out, "Carlos, I don't have any intention to date people right now. I hope that we can still be good colleagues."

Carlos is a bit surprised. He has thought that Lily won't accept it easily and the worst will be considering. Little did he expect that he could be denied bluntly?

He is confident with his choice. After all, Lily had married before and doesn't have a good position in the company. She doesn't have a reason to deny unless....

His eyes flickers, "Do you have someone in your heart?"

Lily's heart thuds violently, remembering Rex. She then answers ambiguously, "Yes."

Carlos expectation turns into disappointment in a second. He finally looks away and stays quite. After a while, he unlocks the car and speaks with a declining voice, "You may go."

Lily opens the door and the air comes in from the outside. After the suffocating air, she could finally breathe in. Facing the circumstances just now, she can't do anything but only speed up to escape from the scene.


Carlos' confession has become a lump in her heart. After dinner, she hugs her laptop and sits in the sofa, dumbfounded. She doesn't even realize Rex had come downstairs.

With a glass on the hand, Rex leans against the wall and looks at her, "What are you thinking?"

When the words pour out, Lily doesn't respond at all, she doesn't even raise her head.

Rex slightly raises his eyebrows and lifts his head to drink the water then walks to sit down beside her.

With the sagged of the sofa, her body is shaken, in which she just realized that he had come down.

"Are you done?"

Rex doesn't say anything but embraces her to put on his thighs, with one arms on her waist, and the other one rubbing her slender thighs, "What are you thinking about, huh?"

With a confusing tone, she says, "Nothing, just about work." She lowers her pupils, doesn't look at him.

As we known, Rex is a person who is keen of people lying. He basically doesn't care about it, but after her appearance, he is curious.

"You know I don't like people lying."

She knows it, she knows it too well, but... can she tell him about it?

Lily hesitates and presses her teeth gently to her lower lips. Who knows that such reaction made Rex displeased? She usually doesn't lie, but now that she wanted to lie, means it is important.

Is it important?

He snorts disdainfully.

Who else is more important than him?

Lily is figuring out how to tell him, but soon is interrupted. The coarse palm slips into her pajamas, which directly touches her body and mess in it.

Soon, her breath is disturbed and she raises her hand to block him, "You, don't you..."

Rex doesn't give her a chance to resist, he simply moves the laptop aside and bullies her.

Unwilling to tell the truth?

Easy. Just a lesson and she'll spit it out.

Normally, when he presses down, he will always use his arms to support, thinking that he might too heavy for her. But today, he sturdily pressed against it which makes Lily feels his displeasure, yet still couldn't fight back.

The clothes on her body are quickly peeled off. The temperature in the living room is colder than the bedroom, which make Lily couldn't help but shivers. He doesn't have much patience today. It doesn't take a long time before he invades to her body.

Lily couldn't help but moans, he then asks her violently, "What the hell is going on?"

With his deep voice, he is even sexier. Lily actually doesn't like to have a sex with him without her agreement. But he completely doesn't care about her feelings. This is why, she refuses to speak.

Rex actually doesn't have much anger, but because of her perseverance, he feels more displeased.

The supposed to be happy and delightful situation become a little weird. After it ends, Lily takes her pajamas and puts it on. Her body is uncomfortable with a little pain. He doesn't restraint himself, which is normal for her to feel it.

With the trace of sourness, she gets up and walks upstairs. When Rex comes over and wanted to hug her, she evades with a cold face, "Don't touch me."

He twists his eyebrows and is about to lose his temper. But when he swept through her red eyes, he outstretches his hand and hangs it on the air.

Lily takes a deep breath and looks at him disappointedly, "Do you think...."

Only half of the sentence, she suddenly stops and turns her face and shakes, "Forget it, I'm going to rest."

After speaking, Lily doesn't even look at him and walks towards the second floor.

The door opening sound is soon followed by the door closing sound.

Rex is like being nailed in the place. It takes a long time before he grabs his hair irritably. The half sentence of her keep wandering in his mind, what did she wanted to say just now?

This wasn't his plan.

After thirty-two years, this is the first time he is upset by a woman. He had never been in a relationship nor had he pleased a woman. Now he doesn't even know why Lily is mad.

What should 'I' do?

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