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As the saying goes, father knows her daughter very well. By looking at her expression, Harry already knows that Lily had met Frank. They stare each other but didn't speak. After a while, Harry finally compromises, "Come with me to the room."


Without Bree's presence, both of them have nothing to worry about, which is a lot more convenient. Above all, the incident is a bad one that made scars for the whole family. Susan learns to accept it after a long time, which is why they don't want her to recall it.

"Dad, you know Frank, right?" Just like Harry knows her, Lily also knows him well. In her impression, father is a man who never shows their own emotion. However, he couldn't even hold a cup just now, which is obviously abnormal.

Harry admits it, "Yes."

Lily asks further, "Then do you know that he was hired by Bao You Group as a legal advisor after he lost your lawsuit?"

Speaking of which, Lily stares at Harry closely. Judging by her experience, she finds no trace of surprise in his eyes.

It means that Harry knew it.

Harry finally speaks and nods, "Yes, I know."

"Dad, don't you think it's weird? Frank once acted as a lawyer to fight against the Bao Yu Group, but then after the case, he is hired by them. I think there is something fishy behind this, or else, they won't shoot themselves in the foot."

Harry frowns fiercely, as if he doesn't wanted to talk about this, "It's all in the past. The lawsuit has already come to an end. It's useless to talk about it now."

"Dad!" Lily is surprised by his evasive attitude and looks at him incredulously.

Harry doesn't want to talk about it anymore and waves his hand, "Enough, if there's nothing else you can go out, I wanted to change my clothes. Don't worry about this thing anymore."


"It's our problem. It has nothing to do with you." After speaking, Harry turns his direction.

Lily sits still on the bed. After a while, she finally stands up and walks out, then pauses at the door, "Even if you refuse to say, I will find it out what exactly happened to the lawsuit!"

After she left, Harry closes his eyes and sighs deeply. His throws back the memory at that time, which cause the corner of his eyes wet.


When she left the house, Bree packs her a lot of food with a homemade sauce, including a lot of daily necessities. With her tons of things, Rex just happened to park at the corner to pick her up.

When she gets into the car, Lily is not in the mood. Her whole person is very down that she doesn't even speak a word since she hops in.

The atmosphere in the car is unusually quiet. When they come across the intersection of traffic lights, Rex looks at her while she puts the beef sauce at the back of the seat. He takes the initiative to find a topic, which is quite unusual, "Did your parents do it?"

Lily stays quite for a few second before nodding, "Yes."

Their parents are afraid that she couldn't eat well. Therefore, they cook a homemade food for her as much as possible. Come to think about it, Lily yet tightens her chest.

Rex notices it, but doesn't know how to console her. Afraid that she might be sad even more if he mentions it. Thus, he shuts up and lets her calm down.

They drive all the way to the Villa. After passing a street, he suddenly sees a shop with a long queue on it and found out that it is a pastry shop.

He doesn't really like sweets and also doesn't understand any of it. However, Lily likes it so much.

By glancing at the front of the road, he turns on the left sign and parks the car on the side. While unbuckle his seat belt, he says, "I'll buy something."

Lily doesn't think much. "Okay."

After getting off the car, Rex walks to the end of the queue with the wallet. He is in a formal suit with an unusual aura, which is very eye-catching for the customers that were mostly women.

There are even several girls whispering, "Hey, look at that guy. He's so hot, is he a star?"

"Never seen him before, but he really is very handsome though."

"I know right. I really wanted his number!"

"Forget it, he looks really cold...."

All of those words is heard by Rex, but he ignores it and continue to queue with an expressionless face. He doesn't bother being stared by other.

After queuing for almost twenty minutes, it is finally his turn.

The shop's cabinet is transparent that displays various kind of small cake with different shapes and flavors.

"Hello, sir. How can I help you?"

Rex scans through all of it but doesn't know which one is tasty. Thus, he randomly picks it up, "This one, this one and this one...."

After like so many of it, he finally nods, "Wrap it up."

The clerk, "...."

Other customers, "....."

"Sir, are you sure you want it all?"

Rex raises his eyebrows, "Yes."

"Okay, please wait for a moment." The clerk is just a little girl in her twenties. At this moment, she is just too excited to meet a hot guy who bought so many cakes, which cause her hand trembling.

In the end, the receipt is as long as three palms!

Rex hops in the car with three big plastic of cakes, and hands it to Lily's arms without blinking, "For you."

Lily comes back to her sense and looks down. It is the renowned dessert shop in the city. She has seen a lot of friends' post it on their IG stories, but.... Why did he bought it just for her?!

"I can't eat too much..."

"It's fine. You can just take a bite for any flavors to taste it."

"...." You are really wasteful.

Even if she grumbles, she actually is really touched inside. After all, he had queue it for a while. It is rare that Rex did such a boring things patiently.

Lily tightens the plastic in her arms, "Thank you."

Rex grips the steering wheel tightly and draws a smile across his eyes, "You're welcome."

"Actually, I'm in a bad mood because of my dad. He seems to hide something from me and I don't know why."

"What thing?"

Lily hesitates for a few seconds and instead of answering him directly, she asks, "Rex, have ever heard a lawyer called Frank?"

Rex slightly turns to the side to look at her, "Why are you asking?"

"He was responsible for my father's case back then, but he lost the case." She left out the detailed reason since she need to make sure of something first.

"Frank's approach to the lawsuits is very tricky. If you met him at the work, you should pay more attention." They take a turns and drive to the highway. His voice went through her keen ears.

Lily nods, "Okay."

Frank indeed is not a simple character. If the case of Harry is really shady, this must be her opportunity to fight back. Perhaps, the heaven has given her a chance.

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