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It's half past two in the morning when Tim drives to an industrial park on the outskirts. Those parks are covered in darkness, only a few streets' lamp is lit. The desert image delivers a sense of unusual coldness.

Not far away, parks a black Santana 2000, which has been covered with a layer of dust. After checking the plate number with the text is the same, Tim gets out of the car and pulls the door of the other car, it is unlock.

In the front dashboard, there are a bunch of photos that are sealed with transparent plastic bands. It's not someone else, but are Lily and Rex.

Tim looks through them one by one, then returns to his car with the photo and dials the other party.

"I've got it, but why just a few of it?" Speaking of which, Tim is rather panting, his guilty conscience is tense and urgent.

"Tim, slow down. You know that the other party is not an ordinary people. I've been risking my life just to take those pictures." His voice is very old, obviously using a voice changer.

Tim secretly grits his teeth and simply takes out one of the photos. The photos pictures Rex supported Lily when they left the restaurant, but it just like that, nothing special. It is not strong or convincing enough to prove the relationship between the two.

"How about I give you another month. We've make a deal about the price. You must take a photo that can prove their relationship. Do you understand?"

"Okay. I'll try my best."

After hanging up the phone, without a paused, Tim yet receives a call from Jade.

Looking at the caller ID, he is really annoyed and answers in a bad tone, "What are you doing at this hour?!"

There is a pauses in the female's voice, as if feeling wrong, "You haven't come back till this late. Mom told me to ask where you are...."

Since Lily and Tim's family has completely torned apart, Susan lets Jade call herself Mom.

For this future daughter-in-law, Susan treats her ten times even hundred times better than Lily.

"Did you tell her?" Tim's complexion is instantly filled with anger, "Didn't I told you before? Not to tell Mom that I'm out. What's wrong with you, do you even understand human's language?"

Jade always voluntarily tells Susan about him without his permission, which makes Tim feels constrained and forced for the first time. This kind of feeling is bad. He even rather resentful to meet Jade.

With Lily before, she would never do this, she would help him hide. Even if she is scolded badly by Susan, she would never say a word of him.

Jade's voice softened, "Tim, what are you doing lately? I know the news has a great impact on you that bitch Lily...."

"Enough!" Tim doesn't want to listen her any longer and interrupts her in an unfriendly tone, "Get some rest, I'm going back now."

Jade carefully says, "Then be careful."

Tim doesn't even respond and cuts off the phone instantly.

With a bang, he throws the phone on the front dashboard of the steering wheel and leans his body against the seat tiredly. After closing his eyes for a while, he picks up the phone again and looks through the address book, which accidentally comes across Lily's number. He slightly pauses and recalls the memory of when they had just fallen in love and started dating.

Lily asks him timidly if she could pin her number on the top.

At that time, he agreed to it without any condition and she chuckled happily, but secretly felt that the request it too childish. However, he still remembers every single details of it until today.

He remembers about those little things that he once thought are ridiculous, boring and even stupid. He couldn't help but doubt his feelings at that time, thinking that it is just his illusion, but after all, he is always the one who deceive himself.

If Lily wanted to reconcile with him now, will he agree?

Tim laughs at him, although he doesn't want to admit it, the answer is still: Yes, he will.

He doesn't even hesitate to answer it.

If everything goes back to the state before they divorce, he may restrained himself and take care of Lily more.

However, it is too late. Now that she had Rex, a man who is better and more capable than him, and also too powerful that is almost indestructible.

She has gone too far that even if he stands back now, there was nothing left.

Tim sits quietly then restarts the car to turn on the beam light and looks at the dark night outside the area that is illuminated by the lights in front of him. He suddenly merged with the darkness.


The day passes, in the blink of an eye, when Li's case is about start, Carlos, accompanied by Lily met with Frank again privately.

The familiar but weird feelings surrounded Lily once again. After leaving the company, she only texts Rex and went directly to her old house.

It's been a while since the last time she is home. When Bree and Harry learn that she is coming home, they made a table of dishes, all of which are her favorite dishes that is mostly sweet and sour.

"This sweet and sour pork ribs is made by your dad, try it."

"This is a shredded sweet potato, eat it with some water. When you're a kid, this was your favorite. At that time, you can eat a plate all by yourself!"

"This shrimp is bought this afternoon, it might be a little stale, but it should be fine. I seasoned it with the tomato sauce...."

At the table, Bree keeps on serving her a dish. However, she has sit down for a while and still doesn't touch anything.

Lily feels warm and sour in the heart. She always feels that she keep on giving a burden to her parents even at this age. She owes them too much.

"Mom, I can eat by myself, go eat yours."

At this time, Susan just started to eat, "I've eaten. Now that you're back, you should eat more. Look at yourself, you've lose some weight."

After all, she is going to divorce with Tim. Even though they keep grumbling to her, she is still their own children. Deep down inside the heart, they feel sorry for her. Especially this matter wasn't her fault, it is Tim's fault. When they think of Lily's grievances, the two of them are distressed.

Harry doesn't know how to express and just silently gives Lily a bowl of soup, "Drink it while it's hot."

Lily notices that Harry had grown a lot of white hair lately, which make her doesn't used to it. After dinner, they sit in the sofa and Lily draws out a debit card from her purse then put it on the table.

"What is this for?" Bree doesn't know what she meant.

Lily speaks slowly, "Mom, Dad, this is my salary for the past few months. I usually eat in the cafeteria which is really cheap. Although it was less then two thousands, it still can buy something to repair the house."

"What are you talking about?" Harry protests even before Bree speaks, "You basically don't have any money. Your mom and I still have a little savings. We don't need your money; just take care of yourself is enough for us!"


"Enough, don't discuss it anymore. You mom and I cannot accept this money. If you really want to pay us, just get married as soon as possible and have a good life." Harry couldn't help but tuck the card inside her purse.

A stalemate has occurred. This is why; Lily doesn't constrain anymore and only obeys what Harry said.

"Oh right, I've something to ask you." The truth behind her visit is to ask Harry something that she has been concerned for a while.

Harry freezes for a while, "What is it?"

Lily slightly purses her lips and lowers her voice, "It's about your previous case."

Speaking of his previous case, Harry's expression darkens, "It's been so many year, why are you asking?"

With his attitude, Lily's feels weird even more. She tactfully asks, "Dad, do you know Frank?"

As the words fell, with a bang sound, the glass which Harry is holding slips off and shattered to the ground.

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