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Sure enough, when Rex heard that Lily is uncomfortable, his burning flames can be controlled. He lifts her up patiently from the chair and simply greets Karl and the gang and left.

When they have arrived at the corner of the second floor, Lily still shouts to the second floor, "Sally, let's contact again later--"

Karl doesn't expect that only after a meal, she could establish a friendship with Sally.

Sally gets her dander up by his stare and responses unnaturally, "Well, be careful on your way home."

When Lily and Rex have completely left, Karl pulls the chair beside Sally and sits down. He then reaches out to pick a strawberry from the fruit tray on the table and puts it in his mouth then jokes, "Nice, huh?"

Sally's body went stiff when hearing his joke and doesn't continue to make a mess, and then says, "Karl, shall we go now?"

Karl notices her stiffened body and feels that it wasn't enough, and then he deliberately put a hand on the back of her chair, "Let's wait for a while."

Sally smells the strong mint fragrance that is mixed with alcohol on his body and puts her hands on the legs. A sweat soon comes out of her palm.

Didn't he tell 'me' to drive? Why is it so awkward....

In front of the restaurant, the driver is already waiting.

Once they enters the car, the heat is turned on, which makes Lilly feels so hot. She then takes off her jacket and puts it on the co-driver seat. Now, she barely wears a tight white jumpsuit, revealing her graceful curve.

Rex afraid that she might be cold and also afraid to get horn, then takes off his coat and put in on her. Lily, who is forced to wear it, soon is full of sweat in the forehead.

"Are you drunk?" He raises his hand to touch her cheeks. His palm is hot.

Lily bits her lips and shakes her head, "I'm fine."

She is not as drunk as the last time with Abby, at least she is still conscious with a little dizzy.

"I'm gone for a while and you're drunk." If he went back later again, she might have finished a bottle of wine.

Lily talks back, "I'm twenty-four years old now. I know what I'm doing."

He looks ridiculously at her red face, "You know what you're doing?"

"...." Lily chokes.

Well, she occasionally indulges for a while.

However, talking about age, Rex recalls her words saying that he is old. He remembers that it wasn't the first time he hears such a word from her mouth. If it is only once, she might be sarcastic, but if there is a second and third time, it means she sincerely mean it.

Thinking of it, Rex twists her face and asks sullenly, "Do you think I'm very old?"

Lily surely doesn't dare to admit it at this moment, she could only denied it again and again, "No, no. I'm kidding just now."

No.... no?

Why does it sound so awkward?

Knowing that she doesn't tell the truth, Rex changes the strategy to a softer way, "I'm thirty-two this year, which means eight years older than you, it's normal that you think I'm old."

Lily blinks and feels sorry with his self-acknowledgment. Based on his character, he should be mad fiercely or make her admit that he is not old. This is why, his sudden admittance makes her feels uncomfortable.

Did she hurt his self-esteem?

Thinking of it, Lily suddenly regrets it. After all, he is a man with pride, saying it in front of his friend might not the best thing.

After thinking about it again and again, she consoles him, "Actually, you're not that old. As the saying said that a man in his twenty-two years old is a flower. You're the flower now."

A... flower?

Rex pokes the corner of the mouth and let her face go, "Don't say it anymore."

If she continues, he might beat her.

Lily peeks at his jaw's line. His sexy thin lips roll into a line, which shows he is in a bad mood.

He has never been an easy-going person before. However, Lily starts to change his attitude since don't know when. She can see the warm heart under his cold appearance.

Just like when he only cares about himself and lingering with her for one night, he cooks porridge for her the next day. This kind of warm is scattered into pieces, mixed between the inadvertent and details, only the one that notice carefully can experience it.

She draws up a smile and leans over to touch the corner of his lips but soon left it, leaving a short touch like an illusion.

"Don't be mad anymore."

Her voice is soft and light, like a glutinous rice balls that can changed its shape when entering the mouth.

Rex, who originally looks outside the window, turns to look at her. Those eyes are swaying under the light, as if were hiding something, which can easily touched people.

The first time they met was at the club. He came out of a private room and was blocked by her. Perhaps it is those big eyes that stop him for a while.

Rex reaches out to clasp her neck, and then slide to her face. The delicate skin of his fingertips made him greedy and darkens his eyes, "Even if I'm old, I still can satisfy your desire."

His voice is low and hoarse, which make Lily's face flushes red and glances at the driver in front of the seat, then glares him back, "You, you calm down, we're in the car..."

Rex grabs her hand that kept pushing him, "Don't you like it?"

"Who like it?!"

He says casually, "You."

When Lily is thinking what to say, his lips had pressed down against her. Lily, who has no precaution, is startled and squeaks out in the throat. She obviously feels the driver's glance.

Rex looks up and wrinkles his eyebrows then raises his hand to press something. With a 'soo' sound, a soundproof panel separates the front and rear compartments.

Lily's eye widens, "When did you install it?"


With the previous lesson, he feels that a thing like soundproof panel is necessary.

Lily is stunned, "Then why did you didn't press it from the beginning?"

Who knows, Rex pulls her to his arm without changing his face. His thin lips press against her earlobe. Their breath collides repeatedly, "Because your blush looks beautiful."

He had never slicks his tongue. This is why, when he says he like or says it is beautiful, it indeed is really beautiful.

Lily is speechless and had no chance to say anything but settles in his thick and warm arms, letting him absorbed her sweetness.

The temperature inside the car becomes hotter and hotter. Who knows, everything that happen from the moment they left the restaurant had been captured in the dark lens near the corner.

When the man looks at the camera, in which their body is very close and move ambiguously, smiling with satisfaction, he parks the car on the auxiliary road and picks up the phone from the co-driver seat to dials a number with a gloomy tone, "Tim, I've got what you want...."

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