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However, she still reaches out and shakes her hand gently, "Hello."

She simply greets them. When it is Orson's turn, even before he speaks, Lily greets obediently, "Orson."

After hearing those words, Karl and Pehry glance at each other, signaling 'Orson's pretty good'.

Rex sits with an expressionless face. His vision swipes towards them, "You guys are too old to let people call as brother."

Orson fights for his justice, "I'm thirty-two, and we're at the same age right."

Saying people old, he is also not much better.

Who knows, Rex talks back without changing his expression, "I'm the youngest among all of you."

"It's just a few days apart, how can you be so shameless!" Orson shocks, he doesn't expect the renowned iceberg Rex is so childish!

Lily slightly leans over to his ear and asks, "When is your birthday?"

His stiff eyebrows raise a bit, "December 25th."

Lily is kind of surprise, "It's the Christmas day."

"Yes." Rex doesn't care much. It's been a while since the last time he celebrates his birthday, owing to the fact that he regarded it as ordinary day. After his parents divorce, birthday doesn't mean anything for him.

Lily sits upright and counts, December 25th is less than month now, and what should she give him?

However, she can't afford the expensive one, but also is too shameful to give a cheap one as a present. Moreover, Rex doesn't seem to lack of anything.

Just when she is distraught, the waiter has serves an aperitif. There are three kind of it in total and each of it is paired with different glasses. When Rex sees Lily is about to drink, he points on the left glass with brown liquid on it, "Drink this one."

Lily understands what he meant and feels a little embarrass. Since Rex had ever met the drunk of her, he knows how much alcohol she could tolerate....

She takes a small sip of the glass, which is bitter but taste not bad. It is more like a kind of glycol with a very refreshing taste. She then wonders how much will cost this small wine.

French cuisine is divided into main and secondary course, from appetizers to main course to desserts. All of those are served exquisitely. It also takes some time to eat each dish. Lily basically is still restrained, but Pehry and the gang takes care of her. After all, Lily is still young with no harm for them, she soon blends with them.

It was an enjoyable meal. They always had a habit of smoking two roots when gathering together. When they started the tradition, they tease Rex as soon as they arrive at the first floor.

"Rex, your girl is too cute!" As they arrived, Pehry begins to foolish talk. "I think having a relationship with your girl can definitely make you younger."

With that, he elbows Karl, "What do you think?"

"With your smothery intelligence now, I don't think you need to be younger anymore." Karl makes sarcasm, "But Lily is more innocent than I think."

About that point, Karl is genuine about it.

Lily is really different from other woman. Whether it is from her personalities or appearance, she looks refreshing and makes people wanted to be close with her.

Rex listens silently without making a sound. He finally looks at Pehry after a root, "After you smoke a root, go inside and chat with her."

Pehry is the most talkative among them. Lily won't feel awkward when chatting with him.

Hearing those words, Pehry obey it unusually. After sniffing the cigarette, he turns and walks upstairs, leaving only Karl, Orson and Rex in the place.

Karl doesn't really addict to smoke. He only smokes a root then turns to look at the tall man beside him, "Rex, what do you think?"

He means something, which everybody knows but didn't say it.

Rex has lighted the second root, which is put in his lips to suck sharply, "Just as the plan set before."

Karl nods and says again, "You need to self-prepare about Marina in the States. Her condition is not stable lately, but I will let Dr. George to pay more attention.....by the way, did Lily know about this?"

He takes a deep breath of smoke and soon spits it out, slightly frowning. His eyes are deep under the lamp with an obscure light, "No."

Karl lowers his voice and hesitantly asks with a whisper, "Are you not going to tell her?"

"Not now."

Hearing what he said, Karl doesn't want to say anything anymore. But thinking of Marina's condition and the relationship of Rex and Lily, he feels rather uneasy.

Hoping what he worried was just he had thought too much.

Orson barely listens and doesn't speak. Although he knows about these things, it is something that is out of his hand. The relationship of Marina and Rex is indeed very special.

After another ten minute with a cigarette passed, three of them return to the second floor. However, Rex doesn't expect, it only take a quarter of an hour since he came out and Lily is already drunk.

At here, Pehry is still changing her cup, "Lily, this cup is for you. You can win Rex's heart, which mean you're a heroine."

Lily smiles to her eyes, "I think you know how hard it was to get along with Rex? He's old and had a temper and also belittles people. Huft, I'm proud of myself! Toast!"

Rex had met the appearance of Lily being drunk before; all of the wild spirits in her bones is soaking out by the alcohol, however....

What did she just say?

Old, tempered and belittle people?

Is that the impression of him for her?

When Karl sees Rex's face darken instantly, he secretly breaks into a sweat with anxiety. She is the first person that dare to bad mouth Rex.

When Lily picks up the glass and is about to deliver it to the mouth, before she even succeed, her glass is being snatched away by a big hand. She looks up and meets his dark eyes, "You're back..."

Rex ignores her drunkard and looks at Pehry, who is fully conscious and sober, "You pour her the wine?"

Pehry is a little tipsy, his peach blossom eyes glowed, "Rex, this is my first time drinking with her. I'm too excited, just let it go--"


The woman, who was sitting aside, that hadn't spoken all night, suddenly speaks, "She drank a lot, and it was about half bottle of the red wine."

Rex glares at Pehry, who had hid behind Karl, he doesn't want to see him and his eyes fall on Lily's blushing cheeks. Despite the impatient tone, the tenderness is his eyes are real, "You can't even drink much, why did you drink?"

Lily can't tell him the truth that she doesn't really want to drink, but Pehry complains about Rex to her, which she totally agrees, then couldn't help but drank a lot.


Pretending to be pity is very effective at this time.

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