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Lily recalls her words from the meeting just now. Thus, this person is still here waiting for her.

"Rex, this is a company." She shouts his name, which is very bold.

The man who is being shouted is stunned for a second, then snorts and touches her forehead, "You are indeed really bold to shout your boss' name."

Really bold...

Is it a compliment?

Lily's mouth twitches, "I'm leaving, get off."

By looking at her little persistence, Rex either loves or hates her restraint. Without a word, he holds on her occipital bun and kisses it.

He is very tall yet Lily is sitting, which cause his straight posture bent into a very curvy curved. He simply places one of his hand on her head and the others tucks inside the pocket, then kisses her as much as possible.

Lily's heart thumps. It has been a while since the last time she felt this way. She doesn't even been so emotional when she had just started a relationship with Tim.

This man indeed is born to be different. Every action he did reveals an intoxicating charm.

However, every time is too sudden, and yet this is a meeting room... she is really nervy.

Thinking of it, Lily's feeling mixed up. Her mind suddenly goes wild and bit his lower lips violently. She is unable to control her strength, which makes Rex sizzles and releases her.

He then straightens up and raises his hand to strokes the lower lips, slightly squinting, "Are your teeth a sharp claw?"

Lily looks at the red part that is bitten by her in alt, "Let's see how you are going to the meeting later."

She is deflated every time. And now, it's his turn to be rectified.

His face is a little stinky, but soon recovers and pulls his lower lips vaguely, "Okay, you'll suffer tonight."

The silly Lily's complexion doesn't look good. She suddenly doesn't feel like welcoming tonight.

This is what Rex wants. When he sees her face, he gradually speaks, "Wait for me later. There's a party tonight, come with me."

"What party?"

"Close friend party, with Karl and the gang." All of them had been friends for many years. They will always gather together once in a while to update about their recent life. After hearing about him and Lily, they eagerly want to meet Lily.

Rex definitely has no problem with it, but Lily....

"How many people are there? Who are they, besides Karl? Is Orson there? What about Pehry from the Red club, is he going? Did you guys going to drink tonight? Will you guys be drunken...." A beanbag of question is thrown one after another, Rex doesn't even know which question to answer first.

He then reaches out and grabs her small hand on the knee, "Calm down."

"I'm very nervous...." Lily's face is bitter, "If I'd known earlier, I would wear the other clothes."

Black and white is a professional suit. Although the black V-neck jumpsuit is very heavy, it matches rigidly with the long blazer.

"This is fine." Rex slightly checking her out, she always looks good in his eyes no matter what.

Thinking of it, Rex's eyes are a little serene.

Lily is unaware of it. All of her thoughts are too nervous that she doesn't even know how to get back to the office. For the whole afternoon, she couldn't concentrate on the work. She keeps on distracted.

Even though she had met most of them, but not when they are gathering together, which cause her uneasy. She doesn't even know what is her impression in their eyes.

Julia is suspended and replaces by a woman called Kinsey. Although they are all female managers, Kinsey seems to be much more capable than Julia. As if in her eyes, all she knows is about work and doesn't care about gossips.

Lily really likes the new leader. At least she no longer needs to be 'tortured' by Julia anymore.

Right at half past five, the department is off on time. Crystal dances happily, while Lily feels miserable.

"Why do you put on that face? We barely get off on time!" Crystal is bewildered with her emotion.

Lily lets out a long sigh, "Huft, you can go first. I still have some work to do."

"You are too serious that you work overtime by yourself." Crystal pretends to compliment her with a nod, "Good luck then, I'll leave first, bye--"


By looking at Crystal and others leaving, Lily lies on her desk pathetically and takes out her phone to text Rex. The other party replies her text in a second, which is only concise and short words: come up.

Ten minutes later, Lily enters the CEO's office from the side door of Joe's office.

Rex is sitting at this desk and mutters something. He might is dealing with a business affairs through video conference.

She tiptoes carefully to the sofa, which is in the middle of the office to sit. Minute by minute pass and he is not done yet, thus she simply takes out the phone to play game by herself.

About half an hour later, Rex finally gets up from the chair. Lily is obsessed with the game and only realizes it once the phone is taken away.

"Are you done?"

Rex looks down at the screen and says, "By looking at your fascination to the game, I don't think you're nervous anymore."

She doesn't even realize he's here.

Lily touches her nose unnaturally, "I'm good."

After the tense afternoon, she still is a little nervous, but feels much calmer now.

Both of them left the company together, and drives the car to the suburb to an exquisite French dining hall, which is built on a hillside.

The sky is completely dark. The shape of the fountain outside the door is changed by the blue light. The melodious music can be heard from the glass rotating on the second floor of the restaurant, which form a sense of luxury.

The car parks at the door and the bellboy come over to pick up the key. They walks to the lobby and greets by a waiter, who is wearing a mixture of black and white uniform with a butterflies tie.

The entire second floor has no wall tiles, instead, it is replaced by a 360-degree panoramic glass. With a glance, you can see the high-class area with a light at the foot of the mountain not far away. The hall is covers with high quality wool carpets, which has only one long table, no other guest. It is booked.

Lily sees three men sitting next to a table and a woman in a blouse and trousers at the corner. Although the outfit is plain and simple, her face made her look outstanding.

When Rex walks over, a few of them smile deeply, "Come here."

Rex greets them by slightly nodding. He supports Lily's lower back with his palm, which took some effort, "Lily, I don't think you need to be introduced anymore?"

Pehry sounds cheesy, "No need. We've met before. Hello Lily, I'm Pehry. We finally met again. From now on, we're family."

A family...

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