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Lily then calms her emotion and jokes along his words, "I thought you wanted to hit me."

Carlos waves his hand as usual, "Ha ha, go back to work."

Lily feels much more relaxed after returning to the office. Reminiscing of Rex's word this morning and think of Carlos' performance just now... She shakes her thought off.

The phone on the desk vibrated twice. Lily picks it up and sees a text from Rex. It is only a short sentence: Didn't I tell you to tell me if you go out with him?

Go out?

Lily blinks inexplicably. She only went to the corridor with him.... Wait! How did he know?!

She turns her head ninety degrees back and forth, then looks around but doesn't find the figure of him. She is covered in sweat instantly and text back quickly: How did you know?

Inside the CEO's office, Joe looks at his boss, who is monitoring Lily's office at his computer, boringly. While observing, he lowers his head to text, his mouth forms a satisfied smile.

He looks out the window, thinking, why did he feel his world has become dark?

It must because of frightened. It must be.

Joe gathers his courage and reminds him, "Boss, there will be a meeting in ten minutes."

"I know."

Joe couldn't help but glances at the screen and sees a vague picture, "Boss, does Lily know you transfer the monitor here?"

Hearing what Joe said, Rex's eyes shifts from the phone to him, with a sense of oppression and a very light tone, he says, "What do you think?"

This vision...

Joe laughs, "I don't think it is necessary for her to know. He he, it is not important at all...."

Rex clicks his tongue and looks at him disgustingly. After all, he was graduated from MIT, how can he be so stupid?

However, a man-show had forgotten his own set.

Waving his hands, he says, "You may go to the meeting first."

Joe shouts enthusiastically, "Okay."

Anyway, Rex had been through a lot and had a lot of experience.

However, Joe doesn't expect that Lily will also join this meeting.

He suddenly recalls the suicide incident, which means that everybody should come and listen to it. How can he forget it?

Thinking about it, taking the chance that Rex hasn't arrived yet, Joe decides to greet Lily and simply tells her how to behave later on. Lily is very grateful and thanks him a lot.

Her grateful makes him blushes with shame, "Don't be so polite with me. I'll be dead if Rex heard it."

When Lily is about to question him back, before she could even speak, come a tall figure from the door of the meeting room. He is in formal attire with a neat and tight tie. Due to the cold weather, he adds on a layer of vest with the same color of his suit, which is definitely expensive. He walks in with a gust of wind.

Rex glances at her, but Lily looks away. She doesn't dare to look at him.

The meeting, which is attended by all of the company directors, officially starts. Employees like Lily are all listening and finally it was her turn to make a speech. About the last incident, she describe in concise and doesn't say much. After all, it wasn't a good thing, which makes people think that she is smart and keen-witted.

After finishing her speech, Rex, who speaks in a small open mouth, adds in her remarks, "If anything like this happen in the future, inform me as soon as possible. The security manager has done a good job this time, keep up the good work. As for Julia, the company has made a decision. It is forbidden to talk about it before the investigation results come out. Everyone knows what the best is."

Lily looks at the man with a kingly style, who sits on the main seat. It is completely different from the Rex when it was just the both of them. The leadership in his bones makes people unconsciously wanted to surrender. Every word that he spits out is very powerful.

He is a man who stands on the top of pyramids. As a leader, he has the charm that people would willingly follow his profession, calm, cold, wise and elite.

As the saying goes, a man whom is working is the most handsome. Lily suddenly understand those sentence, not only handsome, but also sexy.

She thought that they wouldn't be caught peeking each other. But who knows, Rex suddenly glances at her and fixes their gaze, "Is there any question about the procedure?"

The question is too sudden that Lily is immersed by him and unable to extricate herself. The look by people in the line makes her almost choke on the mouth, "Uh... No, No more. I'll obey the company's arrangements."

Obey the company's arrangements.

Rex smiles, "Okay then. If nothing else, it's a wrap. You stay for a while."

Everyone came out from the meeting room, making the sound of chairs rubbing the ground. Lily watches as they leave one by one and soon leave only both of them.

He walks up to turn the chair of her to face him. Both of her arms, which was originally on the handle of the chair, is fold in front of her chest, "Are you still there?"


He smiles, "Huh what. What are you thinking? It looks you are thinking something bad."

Lily thought of her immersed by him just now. Her face flushes with red and slightly bows her head, "Nothing...."

Rex doesn't buy it and provokes her chin, then teases, "Nah look, you blushed. Do you think of making sex in the daylight?"

By his words, Lily finds no place to hide anymore, "Don't talk nonsense!"

Rex knows that she would refute. He then sneers coldly and stops teasing her, "Then tell me, what you are doing with Carlos just now, huh?"

"Just talking about work." Lily thought of it and raises her head to ask him, "How did you exactly know?"

"This is my company, how can I not know about you?"

The other meaning is he has a spy!

After thinking about it for a while, Lily thinks he is right, the company is full of transparent glass, besides, and they were in the alley just now. Someone might saw them and told him.

Anyway, no matter what, this Silly Lily won't be able to guess that he had adjusted the monitoring.

"Don't stalk me all the time. I'm so awkward you know."

"If you obey me obediently, I won't spy you." He had a better view at home, what to spy with clothes on?

Lily has no idea about his disgraceful though and doesn't dare to stay any longer, afraid that someone might see them, "I'm going back. I still need to run some errands."

Want to leave?


Rex turns his face to the side, "Kiss me."

"? ?" Lily widens her eyes, "Are you insane, this is the conference room, there's a surveillance monitor here."

He is unconcerned. "This is my conference room, the monitors is with me."

"...." Lily pushes him, "Stop messing around."

He raises the eyebrows slightly, "Didn't you say that you'll agree to the company's arrangement? Now that the company's CEO has spoken, why don't you obey him?"

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