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Although Lily doesn't really confident, she still goes to the company with Rex. The car stops on the third basement. Lily unbuckles the seat belt and turns her head to the man next to her, "Then, I'll go up first?"

He sits, neither move or talk, then merely unbuckles the seat belt and fix his gaze with her momentarily.

Lily couldn't stand his 'torture', then swallows hard and points out the window, "I'll be going, see yo... Um!"

The voice isn't complete yet the back of her neck suddenly covers with a warm big palm, followed by a force pushing her forward. Her lips are kissed by the other party, a kiss after another one.

He rarely kisses her before, probably because of his past childhood. However, since the other day when he kissed her outside the villa, he is like a beast that has been released from the cage. He extremely likes to kiss her.

He always places his hand on the back of her neck and when feeling emotional, his thumb would gently rub her skin, which cause her unable to bear it.

With his deep kiss, Lily has been breathless and gently presses against his chest, then asks in a worried tone, "Is my mouth swollen again?"

After the last time, which made her mouth into a sausage, she is really scared.

He smirks, and says only one word, "No."

Lily then feels at ease, "I'm going up, bye!"

After saying, she pulls out the door and closes it with another hand smoothly in an instant, then walks towards the elevator in one breath, as if there is a tsunami chasing her behind.

This action reminds Rex of the moment he just met her.

Lily also avoids him like this, especially after knowing his identity, there is a trace of cowardice in her eyes every time she saw him. However, little did he know that such a look would make him lost control?

With Lily beside him, he always had little self-control.

Fifteen minutes later, after smoking a cigarette, Rex just gets off and walks steadily to the elevator.

It is just exactly like what she ordered. In this way, she feels much better.

Thinking of it, his thin lips shows a small smile and raises his eyes to reflect himself in the mirror of the elevator, then quickly pressed down the corner of his mouth to return to his usual style.


After Lily returns to the office, although no one said anything, the atmosphere is different. She finds that she is good at withstanding a stress now. She used to find it difficult to get through, but now, it is so much better.

She arrives at her desk and turns on the computer. When she is about to open the mailbox, Crystal gathers her courage and walks to her, "Lily, can we talk in the pantry?"

With that, Lily raises her eyebrows and made a puzzled look.

Lily has just sit down and lowers her voice, "Just say it here, I can't go out as soon as I arrive, it doesn't look good."

Although almost everyone knows that they have a good relationship, she still doesn't want Crystal to be isolated just because of her.

But obviously, Crystal doesn't care.

Her voice is so low and she whispers right in Lily's ear, "Do you know that Julia is suspended?"

"What?!" Lily is surprised, "Why so sudden?"

"I know right. But the report from above said that it is because of dereliction of duty. My goodness, she is suspended just because of dereliction of duty. She is the first one that is very serious though. I guess after the investigation, she also had to leave."


"Because of the case you fall from the building. She was in charge of the other party's case. But I smell something fishy on it. We are still unclear though. Anyway, the company has suspended her." Crystal whispers with a sigh, "It is the end of everything, hm."

"But...." Speaking of which, Crystal pauses and hesitates, "I was praised in the conference room."


"It is also because of your incident. I was praised by them for my love or bravery, you know." Crystal said while shaking her head, "It is obviously that Carlos had more contribution than me. But they keep on praising me. This is the first time I received so many compliments since I joined here."

"...." At this time, Lily understands. Julia may have some flaws in her work, but it is all about management. Even if the company is dismissed, they should keep going on the investigation. Now that she is suspended, not to mention Carlos, it is all Rex's idea.

Lily is helpless and has just discovers that he is such a naive person.

"Alright then. Now that things are more sensitive, you need to pay more attention to yourself." Lily advises her.

Crystal nods and looks at her, "Do you really have nothing with Rex?"

"What do you think?" Deep down inside, Lily is giggling, but her face stay still and asks, "Do you think Rex can like me?"

With her question, Crystal also feels that it is quite some fantasy, "Although you're very good, I always thought that Rex is not an ordinary people who can hold it. For me, he is not a person but a God."

Lily doesn't answer, but blames secretly, a God? You have never seen him like a beast before.

When the two is chatting, the office's door is suddenly pushed from the outside. Carlos walks inside. His vision scans around the room and finally lands on Lily. "Lily, come out."

The name called is the person who is chatting, which will definitely lead to body shocked. Lily immediately goes out.

At the corner of the alley, Carlos slightly checks her out, "Why didn't you tell me that you're back, how's your body?"

Lily smiles, "I'm fine. It is just a slight concussion, it won't affect my work."

After hearing the word 'concussion', Carlos twists his eyebrows fiercely, "Luckily you can laugh now, and you don't know how it feels back then."

"Sorry. I didn't have much time to think at that time." Lily hands over the file on her arms, "I have sorted these files, but there are still some left in the mailbox. I will hand the rest of it to you this afternoon."

Carlos replies but doesn't look at her and says, "You had just recovered. Do it slowly, it's not urgent."

"It's okay. Now that I came to work, I'm totally fine. I also wanted to follow up the lawsuit as soon as possible." She has a great sympathy with Li and also eager to contact Frank.

"A watched pot never boils, live with your means." As Carlos says, he suddenly see a congeal dark scab at her forehead near the hair. He subconsciously steps forwards and raises his hand to pick it up.

Lily frowns slightly, startled and take a few steps back. With a pair of big eyes, she looks at him in vigilance.

Carlos realizes his action is quite frivolous. His eyes darken as seeing her resistance and randomly made an excuse, "You have something in your hair."

Lily raises her hand to touch it awkwardly, "Oh, thank you."

By looking at her moving uncomfortably, Carlos conceals a disappointment in her eyes and pretends to joke around, "Look at you, are you worried I might do something to you in the daylight?"

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