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Lily twists her eyebrows and denies it without thinking, "No, Carlos is very kind and helpful to me. He taught me a lot, you can't...."

Speaking of which, Lily is a little scare and whispers to refute, "You can't disable him just because of you guesses."

"I'll become your counselor, okay?"


He wanted to become her counselor? As a founder, CEO and the renowned lawyer of Han Yu Law Firm, he wanted.....

Lily is overwhelmed, "That's even worse. I will be killed by others."

Even Carlos is enough for her being gossips, let alone Rex, she will be dead.

"If I am your counselor, nobody will dare to talk behind you."

Just a word and it is extremely domineering. He doesn't take anyone in the eyes, but doesn't make people feel him arrogant too. This man indeed has that ability.

"I'm really fine." Lily has been with him for quite long that she understands his temperament, which follows what he like, "Although I really want you to teach me, after all, it's been arranged. The change will make a bad impact not only for me, but also you."

Sure enough, Rex hears her 'empathic word', which makes his complexion much better than before. Even though he knows this will come, he still finds it amused to debate with her.

He knows that Lily is a girl with principle. In fact, he is too, but when he encounters her, he lost his own principle.

For Rex, Lily is one of the uncontrollable factors, and of course, he doesn't want it either.

After thinking for a while, by looking at her persistent face, he finally resigns, "If there's any outing for business affairs with him, you must tell me in advance."

He is not generous enough to allow his girl went out with someone who likes her.

He has stepped back, which is a good thing for Lily. She then promises in hurry, "Yes, of course."


On the other side, Tim doesn't live on a good life.

He had already made a plan to attack him by using that accident as an excuse. However, he doesn't expect that Rex had also had a card. He doesn't only think about the route of everything, but even before he starts to attack, he had even given the lawsuit to the so-called Smith.

Tim sneers, "Rex, you bastard. You even dare to play with me!"

Now, he even feels that Rex is aware of his investigation towards Lily before. He thinks that the shrewd behavior of him will only be a clown for Rex.

Kring, kring.

The landline phone in the living room rings out of sudden. The servant of the house answers and calls him out, "Tim, it's you dad...."


Tim twits his eyebrows fiercely. He had the courage to refuse anyone, but not Jev.

He exhales heavily. Despite all his unwillingness, he stands up and walks over to pick up the phone, "Hey, Dad."

"You are still aware that I'm your dad!" Jev's agitated voice roared out, shaking his eardrums.

Tim's eyebrows are locked in anger. His eyes show an impatient emotion. "Dad, calm down. I have no idea it will turn out like this. That Rex indeed is too powerful...."

"Shut up!" Jev cuts him off instantly, as if he doesn't want to listen anything, "Do you still aware that he is Rex? I thought you were too mad that doesn't know anything else?!"

"Dad! It was Rex and Lily the bitch couple that are together, why you are shouting me!"

Jev snorts, "Tim, have you forgotten what you did before? How can you still have a confident to say it?"

Speaking of which, although nobody mention it, but everyone knows the real reason behind Lily's leaving. They just don't care about it.

Tim's face tightens and says nothing.

Jev speaks again, "Stop making trouble. Rex is not that simple, he has an unshakeable position in the field. You have no idea how many connections he has with him. Our tech company is like a piece of cake for him! If you annoyed him, you wouldn't even know how to live!"

"What do you mean by that?!" Rex couldn't breathe in, "If you're on his side, why don't you just kill your son!"

In Tim's eyes, he can't see his own mistake, or everything that he did with Jade, or even Susan's aggressiveness. He only notice Lily's 'betrayal'. They had just prosecuted for divorce, yet hadn't been formed. She is the one who did it wrongly!

If the other person is merely an ordinary people, he would just let it go. However, the person is Rex. The man is richer than him, more powerful than him, even is more important than him. They being together are just like showing off their power. He could not bear it!

Jev is frustrated and only said the important words, "If you insist on doing this, let go of the company, do whatever you love to do!"

Tim doesn't expect this coming and is taken back, "Dad, you can't....."

'tut tut tut'

He still wanted to refute, but was cuts off, leaving him a busy tone.

At this moment, the depressed flames in his heart burst out. He raises his hand and throws the landline phone to the wall. He did it too powerful that the keys fell apart and scattered all over.


That curse doesn't calm him down. He walks to the smashed phone and kicks it again. Even the servant is frightened.

In such an environment, she is also afraid to be a part-timer, looks like she is going to resign sooner or later.

Tim stares fiercely at the broken plastic pieces on the floor, as if it was Rex and Lily. He will definitely make those bitch couple pay for what they did. He will not let Lily has a good life.

Thinking of it, he runs crazily to the second floor and went directly the master bedroom to pick up his mobile phone, then dials the former detective, "Keep on stalking Lily and be careful, don't let others notice it. Just take an intimate photo of her and Rex."

The voice of the other parts is very hoarse, obviously using a voice changer, "Rex, now that things are very serious, it might be like committing a crime. I was unable to promise you...."

"I'll give another two hundred thousand, how about it?"

The other party says nothing, obviously still hesitating. If the person is an ordinary people, he would definitely accept it. However, now that it is Rex, with only a mistake, you might accidentally bury yourself.

When he hesitates again, Tim knows he had no other choices and grits his teeth, "Five hundred thousand, deal or no deal."

The man finally speaks up, "Deal."

After hanging up the phone, Tim finally pulls out a smile, but this smile is very infiltrating. At this moment, Lily is the only thing on his mind.

Lily, Lily....he will definitely make her regrets it!

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