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Lily is teased by her, "Stop it."

After joking with her, Abby is now serious, "But seriously, I didn't expect both of you could come to this point. When the first time you told me about it, I was still very worried. Now it seems useless though. Someone is going to living high on the hog, with someone taking care of her."

Speaking of which, she pretends to sigh with emotion.

Lily stiffens, "There's nothing happen yet. He only expressed those words and doesn't say anything else, don't make it so....."

Before she even finished, the bedroom's door is pushed open from the outside. Lily subconsciously stops and quickly takes the phone away from her ear to hide it under the quilt.

Over the microphone, Abby barely hears a murk voice. When she wants to hang up, she vaguely hears Lily's guilty voice, "Why are you here?"

Rex has seen her hiding the phone when he enters the door. His pretty eyes narrows slightly and stretches out his right hand, "Who are you talking on the phone, huh? You look so guilty."

In fact, Lily doesn't know why she hid it. She is just chatting about him with her friends. Now that he appears, there is always a sense of urgency about being caught by talking about him.

She swallows, "Just a friend of mine."


Rex knows that she barely had a few friends, hence, he doubts her, "And Then why are you hiding it?"

In other words, show him.

However, Lily is thin-skinned and get embarrass easily. She simply takes the phone out of the quilt and finds the red button to hang up.

Who knows that Rex takes two steps forwards and grabs the phone directly.

Lily, who doesn't expect that Rex would grab her phone, is startled. Both of his hand and feet move towards to the head of the bed in a crawling position.

But she is too late. She is pulled back by him from the hem of her clothes and is pressed directly underneath.

"You even dare to run now, huh?"

"Hey, you get up...." Lily whispers and is so embarrassed. She doesn't dare to look at Rex, which means that she is still shy after being confessed.

Rex initially just wanted to grab her phone. But now that he heard her soft voice, especially the cried in an alarm voice, makes his intention gone and focused on her pale pink lips. He kisses it without hesitation.

"Eh!" Lily is caught off guard by him. Her fingers tighten on the edge of the phone which hurt her skin.

Rex kisses intensely, as if deliberately making a sound for the other party to hear. At first, Lily still had the strength to rebel for a few times, but after a while, she was completely obsessed with it.

Just when both of them are immersed in it, suddenly come a female voice to their ears--

"Ehm, I'm sorry to bother you guys. Lily, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up first! Du du du....."

Lily, "....."

Rex, "....."

Just fucking hangs it up, why does she even greet them? Doesn't her know it scare them?

Being interrupts by her, Rex had no choice but obediently let her go. He stands up voluntarily and says, "Come down to eat."

Lily doesn't dare to look at him at all and nods while whispering, "Okay."

At the moment he turns and left, she sees a clearly change in the indescribable part. He really is a petrified on the bed.

After he completely left, Lily hops off the bed and picks up the scattered clothes, then walks to the bathroom, unscrewed the faucet and put a handful of cold water on her face.

Cool down, she needs to cool down, or else, she might nosebleeds in any second.

However, at the moment she looks up, she still couldn't calm down when she sees the swollen red lips in the mirror. Only part of people knows that she was kissed into this state, the others might thought that she is pinched by door.

The point is... how she can meet people like this!!

Perhaps that the difference in the relationship status, that make her cares of her image now.

She needs to find a way to remedy it!

She twirls around the bathroom anxiously and finally uses a dental jar with a little cold water in it to pouts her mouth and inserts it. Although this might be kind of ridiculous, it should be effective.

It lasts for almost seven or eight minutes. A second before the lips cramps, Lily looks up and observes it. Although it is still swollen and red, it is much better than before.

After a handful of time, she finally washes up and went downstairs.

The table is set with two bowls of porridges and sandwiches with a platter of fruits, which is grapefruit, blueberries and avocado in the middle of it.

Lily doesn't eat last night, which makes her hungry from the morning. She sits down and doesn't even bother the courtesy and takes the sandwiches to bite it. The bread, which has tuna and mayonnaise in it, is being toast before with a butter, which makes it tasty. The taste is very delicious yet not greasy.

After chewing half of it, she drinks two spoonful of porridges, which make her stomach is temporarily padded into it. When she looks up, she finds that the man in front of him has not started yet....

Lily gradually swallows the porridge in her mouth and smiles embarrassedly, "Well, why are you not eating?"

Rex's expression stays still, but his eyes are obviously smiling, "You can eat mine if it wasn't enough."

His tone is like talking to a little girl 'Come, daddy will do anything for you as long as you're happy'.

Lily's hand which is holding the spoon, loosen, "I'd enough."

She is irritated, owing to the fact that she has eaten hastily just now...

"Go to the company with me after you're done." Fortunately, Rex changes the topic.

Lily change her way of gulping food and started to drink the porridge as slow as possible, "Wouldn't it be inappropriate?"

She is afraid of causing a fuss to Rex. After all, the scandals about them aren't very good now. Although most of the spears are against Tim, she is still worried.

Rex thinks that she doesn't want to expose about them and doesn't continue to persuade her, "We'll leave together and stagger the time."

Think about it, Lily finds it feasible, "Okay."

"Oh right." He suddenly though of something and asks, "What's going on between you and Carlos?"


Lily is startled, "What about it?"

Rex though that she deliberately refuses to admit it and drop the cutlery from his hand to gently rub his thumbs and index finger, "He helped to cover you up in the assessment and he also looks up for you regardless the crisis circumstance. What do you think about it?"

Lily isn't stupid. After thinking of it, she understands his meaning and shakes her head firmly, "It's not what you think. Carlos is my counselor, which makes us contact more. It is impossible for him to have others motive."

Otherwise, he wouldn't scold her badly. Even if she is concerned about it, she will think that it is based on the relationship between seniors and junior or barely alumni.

However as a man, Rex understands the meaning of every single movement that he did. He must have a feeling for Lily. It's just that this silly woman doesn't notice it.

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