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After hearing it, Lily almost doesn't breathe. She is stunned till choked. She coughs till her face is red, "Hook, you, you might have misunderstood something, hook..."

Rex has anticipated that she would deny and doesn't urge her to admit it, but asks slowly to torture her, "Then is it an accident that you block me in front of the club?"

Blocking him in the club.... Okay, there is no way to hide, it is too obvious, but she also can't easily admit it, how can Rex think of her later on?

Lily settles in her mind, "I indeed come to look for you, because I have something to ask you."

"What is it?" Rex urges step by step.

Lily makes an excuse, "About work."

Who knows, Rex snorts after listening it, "I wasn't your direct superior. You are leapfrogging report."

Lily is left speechless. She always feels that her strange emotion and thought are completely spied out in his sharp eyes.

She is figuring out a denial, yet heard his magnetic voice falling from the top of her head, "You don't have to deny that you like me. If someone else replace me to drink that glass of wine, I will also help them, but definitely not in this way."

After finishing his speech, afraid that she might not understand, Rex points to the scattered clothes on the floor, which had not been picked up.

It is very clear about what he mean.

Lily is somewhat unclear and look at him, "What exactly do you want to say?"

"I want to say, you, can like me."

She can like him?

Thus, he now allows her to have feelings for him?

Almost at the moment when she understands the sentence, Lily's emotion turns from nervous to surprise and throbbing. The strong heartbeat in the left side reminds her how much those words affect her.

She likes Rex?

She had never dared to think of it. They don't have a good start. The most realistic and direct relationship, which makes her prohibits herself from having any illusion about the man in front of her.

However, in every crisis, he is always the first one to appear. Even if his heart is made of stone, also won't be able to indifferent, not to mention herself.

She is like a fish stranded on the beach, unable to breathe, unable to move, the remaining strength can't even toss itself. She needs someone to support her.

And Rex, is such an existence.

He is not special. On the contrary, he is too special for her.

He is too special that no matter what, Lily had to pay attention to him, walk towards him, observe him, understand him and even involved in his life.

All of these subtly exist in a process of their relationship. She is aware of it. It's just that she doesn't want to face it.

Now that Rex has brought it up, she had to face up her feelings, regardless of anything else.

Does she like Rex?

Once again, Lily asks herself. In the past twenty-four year, besides Tim, she had never liked anyone else. If heartbeat is the answer, it means that she like him.

She is unclear of how much she liked. At least when she faced him, her mind would be chaotic. She doesn't even know when she began to have a feeling for him.

To be precise, he had sacrificed a lot for her.

Lawsuits, work, taking care of her life and also the suppression of Tim's family. All of which are inseparable from him.

It takes a long time for Lily to find her voice. She asks a bold question with a tremble voice, "Do you mean that you also like me?"

His eyes are deep, which cause people can't see the emotion inside. The only thing that can be sure is his seriousness and concentration, "You can say so."

Did he just admit it?!

Lily blinks and blinks again, "Then...."

"I don't have any other woman or any ambiguous things. I only have you, so how to define, it's up to you." Rex interrupts her to despise her for asking too much.

As for her, she doesn't know what to say.

A thirty-two years old man, which is the best time of him, who has a successful career, admired by thousands of people. The only thing he is lack of is affection by others.

Lily finally understands his words. He lets her made an initiative, however.... How can a cold war turns into this state?

Is it because of her drinking the glass of wine for him last night?

Lily doesn't understand. In fact, she doesn't want to. She just thought that this wasn't so bad.

After their chats, Rex drops a soft kiss on her lips and puts on his pajamas, then turns out to leave the room.

Lily is half lying on the bed. Her head is still confused, and her mood is still too excited to calm down. She takes out the phone on the head of the bed and looks for Abby's contact.

Lily: Have you waken up?

Abby: Nonsense, do you know what time is it? I'll be a salted fish if I'm still in bed.

Lily: I have something to tell you.

Abby: What?

After texting back, Abby put the phone on the table and drinks a cup of warm water. When she picks it up again and sees the dialog box on the screen, the water that she just drank is being sprayed out. !!!!

Rex confessed to Lily?!

Abby wipes the remaining water stains from the corners of her mouth and types on the screen with her fingers quickly, "How did he tell you? Are you sure it wasn't your illusion?"

Lily: ......

Lily thinks about it and roughly describes both of their conversation to her. In less than half a minute, Abby calls her.

Lily picks it up instantly and before she could even speak, she is greeted by the high tone screaming from the phone.

"OH MY GOD, LILY!!! Are you serious? You have gotten Rex?!"

Lily feels guilty in a sudden. She leans her mouth closer to the microphone and talks quietly, "Lower your voice!"

"How can I?! The probability of this happening is like Mars hitting the earth and a pig mother climbs up to the tree!" After speaking, she seems to realize that it is not appropriate and adds in, "Of course, I'm not saying that you're not good enough. But I was so surprised and didn't expect that you two will be together!"

Knowing that Rex has that kind of achievement, is the astute kind of man, not to mention Lily, even a hundred of Lily still can't surely have him.

But with such a different person, it is even better!

Lily twitches her mouth, feeling agitated, "Do you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think so. Even though Rex doesn't say it clearly, what he said might is what you think it is!" Once she speaks, she becomes excited again, "I really didn't expect that Rex can hit on you."

He lets Lily decide. While letting she ponders, he also lets her fall for him. Indeed a master!

Lily doesn't say anything but only smile quietly to the cheek, feeling sweet in her heart.

"Go change your WeChat's name to Rex. You are the God!" Abby is more excited than her, "My beloved friend, remember that I am still by your side. Don't forget me when you're rich!"

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