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Only one sentence, Lily is flushed with shame. She is a girl with a thin-skinned. Moreover, she is eight years younger than him, which would make her unable to withstand it.

Lily lifts the quilt and wraps herself in, however.....

She comes out again in the next second, only to find that they were barely covered with a quilt. Once she wraps inside, she sees his strong abs....

Lily swallows. She couldn't move yet couldn't see. It is very uncomfortable. She doesn't even know what to do with her eyes.

Rex finds her action cute and simply hugs her. His tone is lazy in the morning, "Why are you so shy? You're very enthusiastic last night though."

Lily's heart beats like a thunder and her face is as red as a lobster, "It, it seems like I had been drugged yesterday....."

She thinks a long time and finally finds a word to say, but sadly, it is useless.

It makes him recalled everything that happened last night. When he thinks of Beth, his face darkens, "Relax, I will not let that person go easily."

Lily is shocked and looks up his sexy jaw's curve, feeling his powerful aura in an instant, "What are you going to do?"

What is he going to do?

Let her family bankrupt, abolished Beth's job and let her know how it tastes to be drugged. These are a part of punishment.

However, he will not tell Lily about this. She might be burdened by it.

Rex tacitly changes the subject, "Are you still dizzy?"

Lily is inattention and shakes the head, "I'm fine."

Her head indeed is fine. However her body is breaking apart. Even Rex, who has a sturdy body feels overwhelmed, let alone her own body. It is lucky enough that she is still alive.

Rex looks at her ill-little-face and sits up by supporting his hand on the bed, exposing his sturdy upper body, "I'll cook something. Come down after showering."

Seeing that he is leaving, Lily grabs his elbow and bites her tongue, "About...."

Rex stops and slightly raises his eyebrows, "Huh?"

The little face shows an anxiety and hesitation for a while before asking. "Are you still mad about those affairs?"

Her sudden question almost stunned Rex. After what happened last night, he had long forgotten about the previous matters. Now that she brought it up, he recalls the memory of Susan and the video.

Fixing his gaze with the slightly disturbed woman, he actually wanted to be frank, but at this moment, he had a teasing thought. His long legs bent slightly, one knees on the bed and leans towards her with a strong male hormone, asking back with answering her, "What do you think?"

Lily has no idea. She has no idea what he thought of last night, and also recalling what Orson had said before. Her mind is chaotic, "It indeed was my fault for giving Susan the footage. I never thought that Tim will use this kind of method to deceive me. I also know that you hand over my case to Smith was for my sake. I had misunderstood you before because I was incautious, however...."

Lily pauses for a moment and says in a little angry tone, "Your attitude made me misunderstood easily."

Not to mention those days, he doesn't even look her in the eyes when he met her, he completely treats her as a stranger. This is why, she can obviously think in a negative side.

Rex listens carefully to every single word. However, he doesn't care about what she said. What she did last night have proved everything, he is just amused with her voice.

"Are you done?" Rex finally speaks after she stops talking.

Lily freezes for a while then nods, "Yes."

"Okay, then it's my turn." He locks his vision on her delicate figure and notices her nervous expression, as if she is the only one in his vision at the moment.

Lily's heart beats faster and faster. She keeps on looking at it and her vision unconsciously fall on the vortex of his eyes.

"I indeed am angry that you let Susan take the video. From my personal point of view, you are now my people but you stand with my enemy. You believe such a clumsy reason. It isn't because you're stupid, but you have completely never been suspicious to others. This is why I mind you. As from the work standpoint, it is not a good thing for the lawsuit that you give out the supplementary evidence." Rex's tone is very serious, every words slaps on Lily's face, but his vision doesn't blame her, "Lily, I was mad not either because of Susan or their family or Tim. I was mad because of your attitude and decision."

For him, at that time, she has chosen Tim's family.

Therefore, he is fretful, unhappy and a little distressed. If she doesn't drink the wine for him last night, he might continue to be angry with her.

Lily doesn't dare (to) look up anymore. If Jade is really pregnant, she could still use the unborn child as a reason to fight back. However, she has been a joke that fell into their trap.

Regardless of living together for many years, Tim's family is far more shameless and despicable than she though. They are not worthy of either sympathy or trust.

Rex is right. It is her credulity that caused this series of problems.

Lily's head seems to be heavier. She lowers the eyelids; the whole body is a bit depressed. He then pinches her chin and lifts it up, "You clearly knew that someone wanted to harm me, why did you still drink my wine?"

After saying what should have been said, it is the time to deal with their own matters.

Lily's eyes flashes in panic and stammers nervously, "I, I was panic and doesn't have a choice."

"And then."

And then?

Lily is flustered by his question. A dangerous answer wanders in her head. She doesn't speak, Rex also doesn't urge. For a moment, those words still suppressed in the bottom of her heart. "No more, I might will do the same for others."

She doesn't even realize her low spirits when she spoke those words.

Rex squints and his gaze fell upon her face. He then says with a great certainness, "You won't do it if it was someone else."

Lily is poked at the head and said in denial, "How can you know?"

Little did she know that her expression has described everything?

His fingers points in the side of her face, "Because you blush when you lie."

"...." Lily feels that she isn't only blushing, but is almost burning with flames!

"Lily." Just when she is in shame, Rex calls her name out of the blue.

Lily doesn't have much confident to look at him and responses in a small voice, "Huh?"

"I'm not done yet." He seems helpless and reminds her not to be distracted.

"Ah... What else?" Didn't he have said everything?

"The reason why I am so certain that you will not help others is because I'm sure you--" Rex pauses with a certain burst of light in the eyes, "Like me."

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