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Rex walks out of the alley with her in his arms. The driver coincidentally parks the car next to him. He then pulls the car's door to put her at the back of the seat and follows in.

The temperature inside the car is quite high. Lily unconsciously reaches out to pull off Rex's coat. With the corner of her eyes, she swept onto the man on her side. She then kicks off the shoes on her feet to bring her knee up on the leather seat and moves towards him a bit.

There seem to be a clear stream of water in the big misty eyes. Looking at his handsome face, she was very close with him now, which makes Lily laughs out of the blue, revealing her white and neat teeth, "You are Rex...."

If Lily is usually in a reserved manner, which makes him couldn't help but using bullies to conquer. It is different this time. She is now charming and intriguing, which makes him unconsciously wanted to sink.


His gaze sweeps to the driver's seat, who is a middle-aged man in his thirties. Even if the man doesn't look back from the beginning till now, he, as a man, will certainly notices what happened in the back.

He never has sex with a woman in the car, nor installs a sound insulation board.

As for Lily, he has an absolute desire to control. Even her sweet voice also couldn't be heard by outsiders.

Thinking of this, he slightly pushes her body away. His eyes are helpless and forbearing, "Good girl, sit well."

Lily is somewhat unhappy for unable to touch him. Only he could control the flames in her body. This kind of feeling is like seeing a pond of lake in the middle of a forty-degree dessert. She couldn't control it at all.

She keeps approaching him, but he also keeps on pushing her. Finally, she sits on the strong thighs of his. A pair of petite hands touches his cool fabric shirt, "Don't push me away...."

There is a voice of grievances in her coquettishness and makes Rex feels hot. The faint fragrance of her body passes into the nasal cavity. Even without doing anything else, it is enough to accumulate the desire in his body.

But no, at least not in the car.

Rex clamps in her little hand that kept messing around, "Be good, let's go home first."

Lily shakes her head and uncomfortably shed a tear. Under the light in the car, she looks kind of pitiful, "I want you. I feel so hot. Rex helps me...."

"I can help you, but later okay?" After living for thirty-two years, this is his first time being patient. God knows how hard it is to hold back when facing the woman that he likes the most.

He isn't drugged, but is also no better than her.

Lily's hand is clenched by him. He couldn't move nor touch her. She feels uncomfortable. She lowers her head and bites onto his sexy collarbone once he untied the neckline.

This one bite, which took seventy percent of her energy, hits into the blood directly.

Rex groans, clearly feeling the pain in the neck, but doesn't push her away.

Lily merely feels that the ants in her body seem to be calmer than before. The impatient feeling evolved into a longing. She urgently wanted more to alleviate the pain.

The bulky muscles on his body twists hard, even harder than a stone. The back of his shirt is quickly wet with sweat. His eyes are suppressed and then glances at the driver implicitly, "Drive faster!"

The driver has blushed on the face, doesn't dare to say anything and immediately steps on the accelerator. He even wishes the car could fly.

Speeding all the way and finally arrives.

Without saying any words, even without bothering to take the key back, Rex directly get off the car and hugs the woman from the back seat, then strides into the villa with his long legs.

The driver stands in the luxurious yard and wipes off his sweat. Recalling the scene just now, he takes a long sigh of relief. They finally arrive.

Rex enters the house in a breath and walks directly to the master bedroom on the second floor with the girl in his arms. Without taking off her clothes, he puts warm water in the bathtub and places her directly into it.

The body is sting on the bathtub suddenly. The clothes on the body are also wet, which makes her uncomfortable. Lily is uncoordinated. When she is about to get up from the bathtub, she is pressed on the shoulder by a pair of big palms and sink into the bathtub again.

"Take a bath, and you'll feel better." His deep voice rings in her ears.

Lily stretched out her hand to pull him, but is avoided. She moves more anxiously and incautiously choked on the water. She then started to cough violently, "Hok, hook..."

Looking at her red face, his heart is like pierced by a needle and his vision fall on her delicate body curves, which make his eyes dims, "Alright, enough."

After speaking, he takes her out of the bathtub, removes her clothes and puts on a bathrobe that was placed on the side, and wraps her in a brief. But soon it was taken off and he hugs her back to the bedroom.

The moment the body hit the bed, even before taking a breath, her body has been pressed down by a hard body.

Lily is wholehearted and snots, then reaches out to hook on his neck. She instinctively wanted to lean closer, but accidentally swept on his chin and shouts his name helplessly, "Rex, Rex..."

"I'm here." His forehead is full of drops of sweat. His movement is very gently. "For you, everything for you."


Tonight, on his fierce attack, Lily finally quells the flame of her body. However, she is too tired that can't even open her eyes and directly fell asleep.

The sky is about to light up when they did it for the last time. In fact, she doesn't have any effect of the poison anymore. In a haze, she could feel every single careful and patient movements of his. This is the first time she meet Rex like this.

His strong and domineering isn't not only his work life, but also in the bed. Lily usually can't bear his torture, but this time, she could feel it real.

Before she could completely think about it, she has fallen asleep.

When she opens her eyes again, it is almost late in the morning. They did so many times that cause the tiredness even after a rest.

Lily raises her hand in order to massage her shoulder, but accidentally touches a greasy skin.

She freezes for a moment and turns her head slowly to see Rex sleeping beside him.

Coincidentally at this moment, he opens his eyes. Their eyes meet each other that even a spark burst in the air.

Lily is a little awkward and looks away, massaging her neck with half of her face buried in the quilt, "Why didn't you go to work...."

It is nearly two weeks, since the last time they slept together which cause her a little shy.

His eyes is obviously tired, those black eyes fixed on her. After a while, he finally speaks, "I was too tired yesterday, doesn't have any energy."

Doesn't have any energy?

Why does she feel.... so awkward?

Well, Lily admits that her mind is impure now.

She clears her throat, doesn't know what to say, and follows his word, "Are you that tired?"

Rex smiles this time. His thin lips outlined an arc shaped and jokes, "Do you think I'm a god? After what we did yesterday, do you think I still have the strength to work today?"

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