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After dashing out of the room, without looking for Orson, Lily went out of the club all by herself.

There is a twenty-four hours convenient store nearby. After drinking the whiskey in a shot, Lily is a little giddy and thirsty. She then touches the pocket money and walks over to buy a bottle of water.

She sits on the bench beside the convenient store. Although the evening breeze is blowing coolness, she doesn't feel cold at all. Instead, her body is ignited with an unusual heat.

Lily unconsciously loosens a few buttons on the neckline and pours a gulp of water inside. She wanted to calm down the burning fire in her body, but it doesn't work at all and she feels it is even more and more intense.

She hugs her knees with both bands. The heat gradually spread all over her body that even the blood becomes hot, burning both inside and outside of the body.

She involuntarily wanted to tear off her clothes. In order to prevent from people seeing her anomalous, Lily by support of her hands on the wall, walks into a narrow alley.

The dizziness hits her suddenly. Besides alcohol, there was still something wreck on her sense.

It was like swarms of ants moving around her limbs, extremely itchy, biting her from time to time. It feels hot and painful, like a moist of air flow is locked in her body that it couldn't find its way out, which makes her feel queasy all over.

Lily is about to be tortured by this unclear feeling. She tries hard to widen her eyes, but still blurs and couldn't see anything.

She unscrewed the water bottle anxiously with a pair of trembling hands, which accidentally sprinkled to her body. The cold liquid stimulates her nerves, but is still useless.

Painful, the burn pains.

She simply stretches out her hand to pull off all of her clothes. By pulling the neckline two or three times, her delicate skin is revealed.

The strength in the body has been drawing out, which make the whole person weak. She suddenly recalls the glass of wine in the room and the conversation in the toilet. It was real.

She seems to have been drugged.


On the contrary, after Lily left, Rex also left to return to Orson's private room, but he doesn't see that figure.

He frowns and sits back calmly on the sofa. Orson glances at him and leans closer, "Lily has been looking for you, have you seen her?"

Rex says nothing. He picks up the glass to take a sip of out. However, he doesn't drink much, it was more like disguising him by action.

Orson has been with him since they were in the college. He understands his response, "Are you pushing her away again?"

"No." He finally speaks this time.

Orson raises his eyebrows and says nothing more.

Time passing minute-by-minute, his vision consciously or unconsciously fall on the door. He looks at the watch from time to time during the chat, with the frequency that was much faster than usual. However, that person who run out, still haven't showed up.

After a long time of waiting, Orson was worried about her. Realizing that Rex is still pretending, Orson couldn't help but takes the phone out to dial to Lily. The phone is finally answered after ringing for a while. However, it comes a strange woman's voice.

"Or, Orson..."

Her voice is very low yet a little panting. Orson's expression changes in a second, "What's wrong with you?"

Beside him, Rex's gaze looks over with a suffocating pressure. Neither Michael or Alex dare to speak out.

"I, looks like I'm drunk...."

Orson turns to look at Rex, "You let Lily drink?"

The latter's eyes flickers and his face sinks. He stands up from the sofa and walks to Orson in two steps to take over the phone, "Where are you?"


In less than five minutes, Rex leaves the club and walk to the alley. It was quite dirty with barely a dim street lamp at there. However, in the shadow not far away, the outline of the woman could be seen vaguely.

The long leg walks over with a gust of wind. He takes off his coat as he walks over and put in on her body.

Rex looks at the woman curled up in the corner. Her face is flushed and half conscious.

Obviously, she is not drunk, but been drugged.

However, she didn't drink just now in the room. She only sipped a cup of his....

Recalling her attitude just now, Rex's eyes flickers and reaches out to touch her hot cheeks, "Why did you drink my wine, hah?"

Lily has been tortured by the drugged for quite some time now. She has no more energy to cover it up. By looking at the familiar face in front of her, by listening to the familiar voice, her tense seems to relax a bit. Her voice is aggrieved with a nasal voice, "I heard they are going to poison you...."

Rex's heart slams in a ring, feeling a dull pain.

Therefore, it wasn't an accident that she drank the wine, but for his' sake. She is afraid that he might have an accident. Even though she just heard it, she still didn't hesitate to block him.

A slight of sourness appears on the chest, which was quickly spread to his lips and tongue. All of this year, no one has ever protected him like this. The outsiders admired and awe him, but only her that protects him regardless of the consequences.

"Why don't you tell me?" If she told him, he would not drink it, nor kicked her out.

Tear burst into the corner of her queasy eyes. Even though she is half conscious, she still remembers those keen words, "You said you didn't recognize me."

He is left speechless, doesn't know what to say. He deeply regrets it.

After a while, he leans closer to her. His thin lips stops only a few inches away from her. With his deep yet gentle voices, he says, "I'm sorry."

He is never a man who can easily apologizes and bow his head to others. However, at this time, he wishes to punch himself.

Lily's eyes couldn't focus anymore. Rex doesn't hesitate to buckle her weak neck and leans to it.

Orson, who was standing at the alley, watches this scene. His eyes flashes in surprise and quickly shifts it.

Knowing that he is man who stresses cleanness, especially for such very private things like saliva exchange, he wouldn't be able to kiss her unless he really likes her.

Lily only feels that his cold lips are like her antidote. Her brain follows his movement synchronically. Lily couldn't help but feel a comfortable air overflowing to her throat.

The kiss last for quite long, so long that Lily is about to melt into a pond with his kiss.

The cold breeze hit her, which cause her to shivers. And Rex finally releases her.

The warm touch disappeared and the unspeakable heat swept her once again. Lily reaches out to hook his neck and murmurs unconsciously with her red lips, "I'm so hot...."

Rex directly embraces her. There was tenderness between his brows and eyes, "Good girl, let's go home."

He walks forwards and stops in front of Orson. His eyes are as cold as ice. "Tell them to keep Beth."

Orson stuns and soon understands his intention, then nods, "OK."

After speaking, his gaze moves to Lily instantly, "Do you want to take some medicine from Karl?"

Rex ticks his lower lip and refuses without hesitation, "No."

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