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Despite the fact that he looks like a passive side, he actually feels bad.

Especially now, by looking at Lily who sit next to Michael, the murderousness of his eyes is about to burst out.

However, he has no choice but to hold back.

He deserves it!

He put on airs, so he deserves a punishment sooner or later!

Orson doesn't care about him and continues to chat with Michael and Alex from time to time. Rex will just occasionally add a few words or made a suggestion. Lily always consciously or unconsciously looks at him, but unfortunately they don't have a chance to speak alone.

Lily still remembers her purpose of coming here. When she is brainstorming to find a way, she hears a slightly heavy male voice--

"Lily, can you drink?" The man sitting beside her, which is Michael leans closer to her ears out of sudden.

The unfamiliar breath from his body drifts into her nasal cavity. Lily initially wanted to look at Rex, who sits beside him. However, she is taken back and her body shakes.

Michael, who feels it, supports his hand to the back of her body, "Are you okay?"

Lily moves a little bit to the side, avoiding his hand and raises her hand to tuck her hair into the ears, "I'm fine. I, I'll go to the toilet."

The purpose of randomly pick up an excuses, is to escape from the room.

In less than half a minute after she left, Rex also drinks out a glass of wine in a shot and follows her out.

Michael is baffled and looks at Orson, "What happen to Rex?"

Orson narrows his eyes and smiles treacherously, secretly mourning for Michael for two second, "You have scared the little girl. Rex went to calm her down."

"...." Michael's face turns ghastly within a second, "Ehm... I don't know, I don't know that she...."

"Chill, I didn't say anything." After speaking, Orson smiles even bigger. It stabs right into Michaels' heart.

Alex, who sits beside, swallows hard. Luckily, luckily he didn't show it.


After escaping from the suffocated atmosphere inside the room, Lily stands in front of a sink and stretches her hand to feel the faucet water, allowing the cold water to calm the arteries in her wrist.

She hangs his head low and keeps on imagining the attitude of Rex, who was neither familiar nor distant.

She thought that the usual Rex was cold enough. But who knows, it was just the tip of an iceberg. When he has truly decided not to care about she, this is the real cold.

From the moment she was here, he rarely looked at her, as if doesn't have any intention to notice herself.

Lily reflects herself at the mirror of the sink. The small face is painted with flawless makeup. The black suit wraps on her body is just right, but she doesn't have confident this time.

Just when she is about to went out of spirit, come a sound of flushing suddenly from the partition behind the closed door and she hears a whispering woman voice, "Hey, Beth is here today, did you saw her?"

The other person adds in, "Yeah, she looks really elegant though and I couldn't ignore."

"Do you know what was she doing here?"

"How can I know? Nobody plays with her now. She is like defective goods." The woman pauses and says again with some uncertainty, "However, I heard that she was here because of Rex."


Lily doesn't have any intention to eavesdrop their words, but after hearing his name, she decides to stay.

"Yeah, my friends told me that Beth decides to take him tonight, but with what method, it is still unclear."

"Will he like her like that? But it is possible if she drugged him." The woman said while thinking at the same time, "Will she really do that?"

"Hey, thinking of it, I remember that she seems to have bought a medicine from a friend of mine, is it possible that she might...."

As for the rest of it, Lily doesn't have any intention to hear it anymore.

Thinking that he had been targeted by someone, Lily is anxious and rushes into the private room instantly, but doesn't see the shadow of him.

"Orson, where's Rex?"

Orson raises his eyebrows, "He went out too once you left, isn't he looking for you?"

Lily twists her eyebrows, wanted to explain the situation to Orson but was afraid to mess up. She then shakes her head and says, "I'll go out for a while."

After speaking, without waiting for Orson to reply, she dashes out of the room.

When she just came out, she sees the two flawless makeup women coming out of the bathroom. They might be the two that spoke just now. This is why Lily calms down and follows them behind to the other private room.

Lily takes a deep breath and enters the room directly. The room is very dark. She ambiguously sees three man and four woman sit on the sofa. Her eyes scan around the room and see a familiar face.

His slender fingers pours a third of wine in his glass. When he is about to drink it, he freezes as looking at her. As if he doesn't expect that she would be here.


The words flash into her head. Lily pushes away the person next to him and rushes over, then grabs the glass in his hand, panting hard and pressing the restlessness, "Stop drinking, you've drink a lot."

The man pinches his eyebrows. Because of the tension, her small face become reddish, which come into his vision. Within two second, he shrugs her hand off and steals the glass from her hand.

Lily is anxious which make her raises her voice, "You can't drink anymore."

Rex congeals his face, which cause impatient in his tone, "Get out."

The whole scene made everyone in the room stunned for a moment, but they quickly reacted impolitely when they heard Rex's order for eviction.

"Well, well, who are you? Have you mistaken the room by any chance?"

"Miss, are you drunk? Didn't you hear Rex told you to get out? Do you want to go by yourself or should we help you?"

Lily doesn't care what they said and continue to deadlock with the man sitting next to him.

"Rex, is this your friend?" A woman, who dresses in a low-necked tight dress with a graceful posture, comes over out of the blue.

Long hair, big eyes and also the delicate exposure of the chest.

Even Lily feels she is kind of hot, let alone man.

Rex doesn't even look at her and speaks coldly, "No, I didn't recognize her."

Didn't recognize her?

Lily bits her lips lightly, and then smiles briefly, which wasn't an easy smile. She shifts her vision to the side and soon looks back at the man in front of her.

Lily, oh, Lily, why come for humiliation?

She watches the woman put her hand on Rex's shoulder, as if lit up all of the emotion. The small hand which was holding the cup, tighten. The apricot eyes shines brightly under the light with some haze, "Well, you want to drink it right?"

When Rex is thinking about what she was going to do, Lily pours the glass to her mouth, lifting her head up to drink it in a shot.

The high alcohol whiskey slips down her throat. Lily choked, but still manages to drink without leaving a drop.

With a bang, she puts the glass on the table and turns away leaving the room without a pause.

He twitches his eyebrows. The people in the room jokes and plays the music as usual. Beth snuggles and attaches half of her body to his arm.

Rex's vision fell on the wine glass, which has printed her red lips on it.

He takes it, raises his hand and throws it out.

The crystal glass hits the wall. It shatters all over the floor, which cause everyone speechless.

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