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If she doesn't go, she won't know when she will be able to meet him again. However, deep inside her heart, it might because of Orson's words that cause her have some eagerness to meet him.

But if she goes....

Thinking of what might happen, Lily is not confident. She is afraid that Rex will still ignore her. For the reason that once she faced him, she is too nervous to say anything.

An idea pops up on her mind. She gets up from the sofa and runs to the cloakroom on the second floor. Inside, she finds autumn clothes given by Rex before. She looks at it for quite a while, then takes out a thin black wool suit and poses in front of a mirror. The model and size suits her well. Black suits well with white, which add maturity to her.

She dresses into it and spins around, and feels satisfied.

She hasn't met Rex for quite some time now. She wonders how he would react when seeing her.


Or surprised?

Thinking of that, Lily grits her teeth secretly. No matter what happen tonight, no matter if she could meet him or not, she decides to give it a shot. Owing to the sacrifices that he had made a lot of for her. Just like what Orson said, sometimes one should bow their head for other.


At eight o'clock in the evening, Lily arrives at the gate of the River Club.

When she gets off from the taxi, she doesn't even bother to take the change. Looking at the extremely artistic building in front of her, Lily seems uneasy.

Lily, who had been impulsively come here, yet now acting like a wimp.

But now that she has arrived, there will be no turning back. She is just one step away from the door and doesn't want to back out easily.

Lily walks towards the club but is stopped by the two guards on the door. One of them asks her politely, "Madam, please show your membership."


Lily is a little embarrassed. Orson doesn't tell her in the first place that this was a membership-based club.

Not to mention membership, she even had never come here before!

Lily clears her throat and reasons the truth but with an affection. "Sorry, I came to find someone. I will come out as soon as I found my friend."

The guard smiles apologetically, "Sorry, we can't let you in without a membership. You can call your friend to pick you up."

If he wants to pick me up, why should she come here?

Why is it so hard to meet him?

Plastering a smile on her face, Lily softens her voice and acts like a spoiled child, "Can't you just let me in. I don't even look like a bad girl, I can't do anything. If you still don't believe me you can follow me...."

When Lily is talking, a black shadow came over behind her and the two guards shout respectfully, "Mr. Rex!"

Not only is her smile, even her body stiffened. She doesn't expect to meet him this early. Did he hear all of her conversation just now?

If she play dumb like just meeting him by chance and found out by him, would he make fun of her?

Lily takes a deep breath, and when she turns around, her heartbeat soared disorderly. A straight figure with a suit matching with a black leather shoes comes into her vision. If he isn't the one that she miss, who else?

However, Rex is like encounter a stranger. His vision sways on her body and soon look away. He says in a cold tone, "Move."

Perhaps it is because of his cold tone or his strange vision that cause Lily subconsciously takes a step back. When she is back to her sense, he has disappeared.

Orson, who stands beside Rex, gives her a wink and walks inside too.

The moment he passed by, his complexion has changed. As if reading his thought, he could immediately guesses out. His thin lips slightly open, "You told her?"

Orson doesn't answer his question. "Since she's here, why don't we just let her in first?"

Rex says nothing.

Orson takes two steps forward, afraid that he might not hear it clearly and sighs a long sigh, "There are various kind of people in this club. What if someone saw her beautiful petite figure girl all by herself and kidnap her? I'm really worried...."

The man besides him stops out of the blue, which Orson doesn't realize and still stride for a step. After realizing it, he raises his hand to touch his nose and takes a step back.

"Let the driver send her back."

"I'm not responsible for it. You tell her by yourself."

The man narrows his eyes a bit, "Orson."

"Okay. Just keep stubborn. You will regret it when people kidnapped her."

The waiter, who guides them, feels a little awkward and moves his vision away. Acting like he doesn't hear anything.

After a while, there is a flicker in Rex's eyes. He then says a cold sentence, "Let her in."

Orson watches his silhouette away and sigh in relief, then quickly instruct the waiter to let Lily in. While looking at her slender figure, he suddenly feels a little distressed, "Are you okay?"

Lily nods, "I'm fine."

"Alright. Do you want to wander around by yourself, or follow me to the meeting?"

Lily is still nervous, "Orson, will there be a lot of people? It is appropriate for me to go inside?"

"There will be two or three company, which is colleagues, at the meeting. I will tell them that you are my friend." Orson looks at her again, "As long as you're convenient with it."

Lily hesitates for a while before nodding, "I'll follow you."

Orson doesn't expect that she has such a courage and smiles, "Okay."

Hence, Rex who had just sit down on the private room, sees his best buddy bring his girl into the room. There is no saying to bring a woman companion from the beginning. This is why, a beautiful girl pops in the room is really eye-catching.

"Orson, isn't it said that just old man like us? You didn't keep your promise." A man with a pair of black eyes jokes.

The man who is sitting beside with a blue jacket adds in, "Yeah, why don't you introduce her to us?"

Orson put his hand on Lily's shoulder politely to push her gently forward, "This is my friend, Lily."

After that, he continues to introduce them to Lily, "Alex and Michael. Just think them as your friend."

The last sentence is sarcasm for the man who sits quietly in the middle.

Lily, whom is an obedient girl, greets, "Hello."

"Oh, hello, come, take a sit!" Michael pats on the sofa beside him.

Lily smiles and subconsciously looks at the man sitting in the middle, whom unexpectedly also look at her. Their gaze meets each other, which cause Lily's heart beat disorderly. She then quickly withdrew her vision. Her ears are covered with her own heartbeat.

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