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"Because he didn't want to see anyone like his mother. She can't divorce till her middle-aged."

Lily has never though that he had this kind of past. In her eyes, he was like a tolerance and benign that was sent by the God, as if he is destined to be different from the moment he is born. He should have been a silver spoon kid, who comes from a wealthy background family. How could he.....

Orson sees her astonished gaze, "All he had today was made from his own sweat, not from his family."

A person without any background and connection achieves such an achievement. It is not just by luck. Especially in the law field, there are tons of people that are distinctive, but how many of them succeed in the court?

Wandering among various kinds of sophisticated people, besides the elegant dressed appearance, perhaps only Rex knew about the mixture of hard and bitterness.

Lily feels distressed and regrets for her prejudice and also those thoughts who took it for granted, but...

Her eyes flickered, recalling the phone call that day. After all, what she cares the most is the unidentified woman over the phone.

She doesn't want people to think she is narrow-minded, so she tries to tell Orson tactfully. However, he stops her, "Rex doesn't have any other woman. You don't have to worry about it."

Lily does not understand his determined attitude.

Orson looks at her small puzzled face. His tone is a little deep like he is difficult to speak, but he pauses before speaking again, "When his parent divorced, he was sent to the boarding school and being harassed. Besides you, he had no other women."

Lily is stunned.


Is it like what she thought?

He was only in junior high school at that age, yet was sent into a cage by his parents. She doesn't even dare to imagine it. As soon as she imagined it, her heart aches as if been choked inside.

She would rather hear about the misunderstanding than such an answer.

"I shouldn't have said these things, but he had suffered too much. Lily, I hope you can understand him."

That man doesn't want people to pity him. Therefore, he always shows the toughest side, but at the same time, he had lost the ability of love and be loved.

All of those years, he is like a stone that is invincible and indestructible, but his desire for warmth had never changed.

Thirty-two years old isn't a young age anymore. There should have been someone on his side accompany him.

Time can't erase everything in the past, only a new starts can cover those scars. And Orson hopes that Lily can be the one that solace him.

"I don't know....." Lily couldn't help but cry in the eyes. She once thought that her current life is already unfair, but with Rex's past experience, what she suffers now is beyond comparison.

She is an adult now and can decide what she wants. However, he was just a child back then.

How desperate will he?

No wonder Rex had never fight against a divorce lawsuit. Once a certain limit is reached, a change in the opposite is inevitable. This is why, he become a lawyer. He never wanted to fall into the same pain before.

As the matter of fact, she has never really understood his desire. People always expressed themselves subconsciously without listening to others.

Orson consoles by patting her shoulders. "It is all in the past. He wasn't weak and today is the real him. I said it just to hope you can understand. He may look masculine but his heart really cares about you. He will lose his temper once you admit your mistake."

At this time, Lily doesn't care about anything else and spontaneously nods, "I had misunderstood him. It was my fault."

At first, Orson thought that she was a woman with a brain, but it turns out that she is a kind girl.

For a while, he become intimate and trust her, "Anyway, I'll ask about his recent witting and contact you again."

Lily looks joyful, "Thank you, Orson."

Orson waves his hand, "We're friend after all, don't be so polite with me."

Although Lily feels a little awkward, she still manages to ask obediently, "Okay."

"Alright then, get some rest. I had asked Karl and he said that you can be discharged in two days. The fee will be on me and Rex, don't worry."

Lily is very grateful. She stands on the door of the ward till Orson was out of her vision and turns back inside.


If she is still anxious of the trivial things before, the presence of Orson undoubtedly gives Lily a peaceful mind.

Two days later. When she is being discharged, Karl prescribes a lot of health-care medicines without any side effect for her. It was a medicine developed by Karl's own R&D center.

Although Lily had never taken Rex for granted, his friends are really nice to her.

From the moment she was hospitalized, she had never met Rex. Now that she is out and couldn't go to the company. Harry and Bree are worried and bring her home.

Just like that, he seems to disappear from her life. Both of them returned to their previous state.

Until one day, Lily sees a statement in the official website of Han Yu Law Firm--

In view of several speculations from various media, Han Yu Law Firm made the following statement:

First, Lily indeed is our employee. However, she wasn't recruited through a connection. She was recruited based on the social recruitment which is routinely twice a year. She is still in the internship period and there is no so-called "Hidden Rules".

Second, Lily's divorce lawyer is not Rex, but Smith, which can be verifying from him.

Third, Rex, the chairman and general director of Han Yu Law Firm, doesn't have any improper relationship with Lily.

Fourth, we will further investigate the media and personnel that caused this rumor. For the upcoming development, please keep your attention.

The statement is short and concise with red official seal in the end.

While Lily sighs with relief, she had no choice but be moved by Rex's meticulous mind. He had already expected Tim to play tricks.

She thought that Tim will no longer act unscrupulously and also wouldn't use the child to gain sympathy. But unexpectedly, she still doesn't know him enough. This man would do anything to achieve his purpose. She even feels sad for Jade that has been a toy in his mouth.

Did he really love Jade?

No, he always loves himself.

When Lily sits on the sofa blankly, the phone on her hand suddenly vibrates. She opens it to see an address: Jangga Road 72, River Club room no VIP005. Rex will be there tonight.

From: Orson

There is a thud in Lily's heart and her heart beats disorderly.

She stares at the message for a while, and then locks it to put it on the table. While leaning back to the sofa behind her, she stares blankly at the ceiling above.

He will be there tonight.

Go or not?

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