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The thing about Lily's accident, which involved the key words of Han Yu Law firm and Suicide, have been the headline news of the day without knowing who revealed it.

Some people say that it was because Han Yu Law Firm indeed have done something sorry for other that lead to this accident.

But some say, the parties were unreasonable from the first place and had deliberately make a fuss to get compensation.

There are some many opinions in a time. Lots of paparazzi stand on each exit of the building to find a chance to meet Rex. Even if they can't meet Rex, meeting one of their employees will be enough too.

However, it's just that the employee of Han Yu Law Firm is too cautious that nobody will take an initiate to say anything.

Combined with the assistance of Han Yu's public relation's strategies, the news is subsided a few days later. Rex had issued an order, saying that this matter shouldn't involve Lily. This is why, from the beginning to the end, Lily has been neglected from others.

And one day, a small nameless media suddenly publish an article about Rex and Lily. The news yet exploded once again, and Lily is directly involved in the scandal.

Her identity, her marriage and her divorce case, all have been exposed to the public. It was like a scene in the movie, being guess and gossips, yet nobody cares about the truth.

Since Lily isn't fully recovered yet, Harry and Bree didn't tell her about this matter. And one day, when she is almost recovered, she accidentally read the news on the phone and has just realized what had happened lately.

Without saying anything, Lily read all of the news about the matter. Most of it was about the detailed that only the parties knew, were also published.

Including the way of she been recruited in Han Yu law firm, including her previous private experiences, even her divorce case are also disclosed.

And Rex, as the CEO of Han Yu, as her boss, and also as her lawyer. If these subtle words are accumulated, it will easily make a mental connection.

Lily had become a bad girl. Rex is also discredited. However, in this society, men will always be tolerated. She is being bullied more than Rex by the netizen.

In just a few days, she has become very famous. There must be someone behind this.

Lily tries to contact Rex, but couldn't get through his phone. Since that day, Lily has been hospitalized for a total of six days and her body had almost fully recovered, but he still never appeared.

As if he had suddenly barged into her life before and now even disappearing is so sudden too.

Lily has a feeling of walking on the verge, she even doesn't know who to share this feelings with.

Up until one night, when her parents went home to pack some stuff, Orson suddenly appears at the door of the ward.

Lily is sort of surprised, and is busy to get up to greet him. "Orson, why are you here..."

Orson waves his hand, "Just sit, make yourself comfortable."

He scans through the structure of the ward and sits on the chair beside the bed, "Do you feel better?"

"I'm good." Lily is rather constrained when facing Orson alone. After all, He is her boss and also knows her relationship with Rex. She will always overthinking.

"You don't have to overthink. It is Rex that worried about you and sends me here." Orson lied in a straight face. And add a sentence to convince her, "There's a lot of paparazzi outside, it is inconvenient for him to come."

At this time, she is stunned, "He sends you here?"

"Yes, did you quarrel?" Orson is a man who looks very kind and gentle, but also has some alienation aura. It is very easy for people to trust him just by chatting like this.

"How can you know?"

Orson sneers in his heart. Because lately, he has been tortured by Rex. He called him every night to go to the club and almost bring the client home to sleepover.

He scolds him in the heart but wears gentle smile on the face, he says, "I heard Rex mentioned it before, it is because your ex-husband?"

Lily unforeseen that Rex could tell others about this matter. Now that they have known about it, she won't hide it anymore. She had been searching for days to find someone whom she can talk with. At this time, she couldn't hold it anymore and tell Orson the whole story without omitting a part.

"He always thought that I did it for Tim, but I barely just pity the child."

"The child?" Orson has no choices but to poke his lips and asks her intentionally, "Do you know who publishes the news?"

Lily's eyes meet his. Neither of them said anything. Both of them understand but no one spoke.

Things happened so sudden and strangely. In fact, there were no much candidates, after a filtration, there is only one left.

Orson nods, "Yes, it was Tim."

Lily slightly purses her lips. She had expected this coming and had thought about it in advance. All she need I a confirmation. If Orson has said so, then he definitely has done it.

In order to discredit her reputation, he is really unscrupulous.

"There's a lots of deceitful part in the news though." Lily thought that Orson was here to denounce her fault.

"I know." The latter doesn't seem wanted to understand much and says, "This is why Rex handed your case over to Smith. He had expected that Tim would do so."

Lily is stunned, "What?"

It turns out that it wasn't because he was mad about giving the video to Susan that makes him hand over her lawsuit, but because of...

"If he didn't do it, there's no room for clarification anymore." Orson shifts the topic, "He is mad not because of the video that you gave to Susan, but because you're too credulous to their family. If they really had a children, how can they ignored the fact and aim for you?"

Lily raises her head violently, "Are you saying that Jade is not pregnant?!"

Orson says nothing, but his attitude had state clearly.

Recently, they have been observing Tim's tricks. This is one of them.

Rex doesn't seem too surprised when he knew it. To be precise, he had never believed it, but he also doesn't refuse Lily's request to hand over the video. For the reason that he only cares about her attitude.

And yet, the response that Lily gives make him felt upset.

Orson looks at her. His tone become serious out of the blue, "Rex actually wasn't as perfect as he may seem. He used to have a very dark day. His parents divorced when he was sixteen. And when he had a new family, he gained a sister. However, it might because an extra family member that makes him living a poor life. He had to strictly control the budget. And later he lives a better life after becoming a lawyer and went to study abroad. Even so, he still works three jobs in a day. This is the Rex that I know."

"A sister?" Lily is shocked. She had never heard him mention anything about his family.

"Overseas." Orson doesn't say much, but his eyes are very deep. "Do you know why did he become a lawyer?"

Lily is speechless. Her pupils are dazzled.

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