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Carlos is the one who react first. He rushes to the brink of the railing and thought that will see a terrible sight, but unexpectedly, he sees a huge orange air cushion.

He sees people wearing a mixture of red and orange clothes on the ground, and also white litter with a police car parked next to it.

The strength in the body is disengaged at once. Carlos sits on the floor and leans against the dusty fence behind him, "Everything's fine.... She's fine...."

Carlos looks up at Rex, and unexpectedly faced a pair of reddish eyes.

Carlos, who had never seen Rex like this, is stunned, "Rex...."

His cheek's moved slightly, like a gritted teeth gesture, "Where's she?"

Carlos breathes a sigh of relief, "The police and firefighter is here, with an air cushion with them, and Lily is fine."

After speaking, the man in front of him turns around and left without looking underneath. He seems to be evading. Even if he know that the person is fine, he still refuses all the possibilities.


Falling from a high level, even if she falls into an air cushion, the impact of force and gravity is still huge. The moment she hits the air cushion, she fell into coma and is taken to the Hospital.

When Rex arrives, she has been pushed into the emergency room.

Karl personally intervenes, and all the experts of the internal medicine is gathered in the operating room.

Looking at the red light lights up on the wall, Rex feels even more depressed. He then draws out a cigarette. The mist is white. His complexion is cold, which cause none of the medical staff that passes by dare to stop by.

Everyone knows that Rex is a friend of Karl who is the director of the hospital. The girl that was pushed inside just now is young. They must have a special relationship.

At this time, no one will dare to look for trouble.

It is just that the man in front of him has his eyes dangled. His hand keeps on moving the cigarette to the trembled mouth, as if he is extremely depressed.

He stares blankly, which is completely out of spirit. He keeps on recalling the scene on the rooftop.

After living for thirty-two years, and since his parents divorced at his sixteen years old, he hasn't shed a tear in front of people. No matter how hard and pain it was, he will stay still. But today, when she fell in front of him, a haze of tears rose in the eyes.

If she really dies, what would he do?

Rex asks himself but couldn't get an answer. He only realizes that he would never let go the man who hijacked her. He would make him regret for his born.

Intense, tempestuous, and uncontrollable.

He is obviously interested only with her body at first, but now, he care about the heart too.

Only then he discovered that he unconsciously fall in love with her.

The thin lips lifts to take a deep breath and chokes the smoke out from his nose. It keeps him sober and sensible.

An hour later, the door of the emergency room is pushed open. Karl comes out and walks towards him while taking off the mask. "She's fine. The over-shocked caused her a slight concussion and must be hospitalized. It isn't convenient to be at home after all."

He nods and presses the cigarette butt on the lid of the trash can, then throws it.

Karl looks at the smoke around him and sighs silently, "This is a hospital, you can go out to smoke."

He doesn't answer him, but asks, "Is she awake?"

"Not yet, but you may go inside to see her." Karl moves aside to give him a way.

Rex stands still, but his vision looks at the direction. As if he could see the patient through the door panel.

Karl asks the medical staff behind him to leave and pats his shoulder, then moves closer, "Did you still on a cold war?"


Karl thought that he is still stubborn and reluctant to admit his mistake. "Don't be so hard on her, she is just a little girl, you might...."

"I love her."

Karl's voice stops abruptly. His expression is stiffening. The rest of his word stuck in his mouth, unable to come out anymore. He then turns his head and looks at the direction of the ward. "What?"

Rex looks straight in his eyes. "I might fall in love with Lily."

Hearing his own acknowledgment, Karl is still very surprised. It wasn't so bad, if this accident allowed him to discover his feelings, but.....

"You really like Lily?"

"I don't know. It's just that watching her fall from the rooftop makes me lost control. "

Lost control.

Karl swallows hard. The last time he saw him lost control is.... Oh, sorry, never.

And finally there is someone who can melt this cold-hearted person. Is it because of her touch?

"Why don't you wait till she's conscious and talk about it?"

"No, don't tell her I'm here. Let me think about it first."

Karl hasn't had a time to ask back and he has turned around and left. While watching his shadows, he shakes his head slightly, recalling him rushing to the hospital just now.

With worn and weary, his face looks pale. Although he tried his best to keep calm and might be able to deceive other, he couldn't deceive his old friends.

He cares so much for the woman in the ward, which makes him still confused.


Lily is conscious. At the moment, she opens her eyes, she sees Harry and Bree. When she tries to move her body but even before she got up, her head is hit by an intense dizziness.

Hearing the movement on the bed, Bree walks to the bedside hastily, "Lily, you're awake?"

Lily endures the nausea caused by the dizziness, and asks in a dry voice, "Mom, where am I?"

"In the hospital!" Harry comes over and sees her little pale face, which cause pained in the heart. "How many times have I told you, stay away from others' business, why did you so stubborn? Why did you even get involve in that critical situation? What if it goes wrong, how should we live without you?"

After receiving the news that Lily had fallen from the building, they were almost shocked to death. Fortunately, she is fine.

"Mom, Dad, I'm fine."

"What, fine? You had a slight concussion, if it is more serious, you'll be an idiot!" While rapping, Bree feels distressed. She is really scared just to think about it.

Lily knows they are worried, so she consoles them. "Relax. I will run away if I encounter this kind of situation next time."

After getting her promises, both of them feel a little relief.

Lily scans around the ward. It is a single room with a very classy interior. It also has an independent toilet and there's even a small living room.

Lily lowers her eyes and couldn't help but ask, "Mom, did my colleagues visit me?"

"He had left after preparing the ward for us, saying that the company will pay for it. He looks kinda handsome though."

Lily is touched, "Where's he?"

"He left right after the processed, saying that he still had some errands to do. After all, he's the security manager, he might still needed to meet the police."

Security manager?

The hope that had just ignited is struck by those words. Lily then self-mockingly pokes her lips. It wasn't him.

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