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Carlos hits on a bright idea, "Did you come for the lawsuit too?"

With the resentful attitude in him, cause the words he say are full of grievance and rage, "Yes, so what?"

"We're on the same boat, dude. I also came here for it. Which firm are you?" Carlos pauses for a moment and continue to say, "I just came from the Han Yu Law Firm. I was defeated on the court and came here to breathe out. I didn't expect to run into you."

Carlos's tone is very genial. It is barely like describing a fact. If she hadn't known him before, she would believe it.

When the man heard that he had also defeated, he is stunned for a moment. "Which lawyer is yours?"

Carlos blurts out in just a second. "Jethro from the Han Yu Law firm, do you know?"

"Jethro?" The man's attention is distracted.

Lily glances at his hand that was clenching her wrist tightly, without moving. If she run away now, she might still have a chance, however,... what if she failed.

Carlos seems to sense Lily's thought and shakes his head slightly towards her, instructing her not to act rashly and blindly.

"Looks like I have a little impression... My lawyer is Julia. Have you ever heard about her?" Perhaps, the same situation makes his vigilance at ease a bit and couldn't help but ask for a few more words.


Hearing the name, both Lily and Carlos exchange their look. They are very surprised.

Unexpectedly, it was her.

Carlos withdrew his vision without changing his expression and continues to act, "I know Julia. She's in charge with my case at first, but I wasn't satisfied, so I changed to Jethro."

The man's increased, "You changed? Is it because Julia....."

"She isn't capable." Carlos glared at the man's expression, no missing any change, just like looking through his emotion. "This person has a lot of problem on the court. I won't hide it from you, but I'm preparing to sue her."

"You want to sue her? You're insane. She is a part of the Han Yu Law Firm. How can you win against her?"

"I have nothing to worry anyway, I have been defeated. Even if I don't have a good life, I won't let her go easily." Carlos takes out a box of cigarettes out of his pocket slowly, "Dude, if you have anything about Julia, give it to me. It will be very useful for me."

Speaking of which, the man has completely fall in Carlos' trap.

At this time, Carlos pulls out two cigarettes. One on his lips and the others is handed to him. "Did you smoke?"

There's no man who doesn't love to smoke. Especially when they are extremely depressed, only a cigarette can soothe.

Looking at the hand of Carlos, he doesn't refuse nor take it. Carlos takes the opportunity to take two steps forward. At the moment he approaches, the sharp edge of his gradually revealed....

It's almost there.

Just when the cigarette is about to touch the fingertips of the man, Lily decided to twisted the man's palm with her arm to attack him suddenly. The other party doesn't respond at all, but only feels pain in the wrist.

The strength of his body is loosened. Lily runs forward triumphantly.

Unfortunately, when she has just strode for two steps, her hair is pin down by something. She shakes her body and curses. When she is just about to tear her hair apart in disregard, the man behind him grabs her long hair blown by the wind speedily.

Lily takes two steps backwards, nearly stumbled.

The man's eyes widen. He looks at Lily and Carlos ridiculously, "You guys toyed me. Okay, You dare to play me!?"

Carlos looks stern, "Take it easy."

"You guys are the same, a black-hearted lawyer. You all should die!" The man's emotion is skyrocketing. His hands are still tense, that it might pull Lily's hair out from its root.

At this time, the rooftop door is pushed open. A tall figure breaks into his vision.

The man wears only a white shirt. Part of the shirt, which originally was tuck inside the trousers, has been exposed. It is obviously caused by his anxious running along the way.

Rex looks at the brink of the railing, as if the two could be blown away by the gust of wind within any second. His heart seems to suffer an altitude sickness. The whole blood inside the body becomes cold, circulating limbs and bones, reaching the atrium.

"Put her down."

His voice is calm and steady as usual. It doesn't sound panic at all, with a peaceful aura that made people might obey.

Lily doesn't know why he is here. She only knows when she saw that familiar figure, heard that familiar voice, she suddenly sighs with relief.

He is here.

He still care about her, doesn't ignore her. And when she is at the moment between life or death, he is there beside her.

This cognition disintegrated Lily's entire disguise. There is a burst of enthusiasm in her eyes. She widens it in order to prevent it from falling down. She had never been a maudlin girl. However, when particularly facing him, she becomes vulnerable.

"No way. I don't want to be alive anymore!" The man changer his gesture and strangles Lily's neck directly.

She is force to lift her head to look up at the clear sky above her. Dizziness struck her.

"If you want to jump first let her go, nobody will stop you." Rex's voice is cold and ruthless. He is not going to console him.

He doesn't care if this man is alive or not, all he cares is the woman in his arms.

It seems that he doesn't expect Rex would say that, the whole person is stunned.

Carlos is surprised. He afraid that this would make him more furious. This is why, he dissuaded hastily, "I promise, your case will appeal again until you are satisfied. All you need to do is come here and we'll talk about it."

"Hahaha!" Hearing that, the man laughs ferociously and reaches out his hand to point at Carlos, extremely agitated, "Do you think I will believe you? Go to hell!!"

Within a flash, it is like pressing a button and the man doesn't hesitate all to struck Lily's body and jump off straight down.

The man completely is out of sight, together with the girl in his arms....



Two of them shout at the same time, piercing the quiet rooftop and soon leaving it quiet again.

Rex is torn apart as he watches her disappeared in front of her, he become deaf. The cool breeze blow across his piercing eyes. It feels like a blood soaking in his eyes.

Reflecting the empty balustrade, his heart is also empty in the moment. As the petite figure is thrown from the sky, countless sorrows pour into his heart.

He feels like the entire body is nailed on the spot, unable to move. Inch by inch, his strong body bent down. It is like a dry branch being swayed away in the wind gust.

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