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In the office, when crystal is worried for couldn't reach Lily, she suddenly receives a call from Lily. She picks it up once she arrive the stairs, "Hello, Lily?"

There is no one talking over the microphone, but only panic and dreadful footsteps. After a few seconds, she could barely hear the voice of a man--

"Lawyers are useless, they earn money with conscience and I'm going to make you paid for it even if I die!"

"Calm down, dude. Just tell me which lawyer and I'll help you negotiate with her. There will always be a solution!"

"No way!" the man utters bad-temperedly, "I won't believe you, you are one of them!"

"Hey! Let me go! This is rooftop. You'll be gone once you fall. How's your family then. Have you ever thought about it?" She doesn't know what the other person did to Lily, she merely hear a panic yelling sound.

Crystal is frightened and even her face is pale. She is too anxious that doesn't know who to ask for help. And Carlos passes by in coincidence.

She runs up in a sprint, panting hard. "Carlos, Lily is in danger."

Carlos doesn't recognize Crystal. "And you are?"

Crystal doesn't have much time to explain and puts her phone directly on his ear, "Listen!"

The sound from the microphone is intermittent and there is a still lot of voice, but they still can distinguish Lily's voice--

"Think again! Even if you jump down, nothing will change. There's no value in doing this!"

"I don't need any value. I just want fairness, but lawyers like you will only perfunctory people. I will not let them go even if I die!"

The intense quarrel's voice comes into his ears. Carlos changes his complexion and takes the phone instantly to whisper to Crystal, "You go report it to the security office and let them call the police now."

Crystal doesn't talk back. When she is thinking what to say, Carlos has run out of smoke. She is stunned and immediately run to the security office as instructed.

As a lawyer, there are countless of issues every year. Inside the court, there are always win and loss. Rex as the top lawyer in the country, will naturally let people think of winning. As if in the heart of the outsiders, they will always win without losing.

The disputes will follow one after another, but this is the first time that an employee has been hijacked.

An unexpected accident involving the company employee belongs to the first-level of safety accident. It must be reported to the personal in charge of the company, which is Rex. Besides, they are now in the top building of the company.

The security doesn't have the right to call the CEO directly; they can only contact Joe first. The latter is shocked when he receives the phone call. He looks at the closed-main door of the conference room and doesn't bother to knock but dashes inside.

Rex is displeased in the eye. When he is about to see who doesn't understand the rules, he is surprised to see his own assistant walk over.

"Boss, I have something to report, can you come out for a minute?" Joe panics, which is rarely seen when he works. At least for so many years, Rex has never seen him this panic.

He feels something serious had happened. After a brief explanation with the vice president, he turns around and leaves the conference room.

In the office, Joe stares at him and says hesitantly, "Rex, you must calm down first."

Rex raises his eyebrows, "What exactly had happened?"

Joe takes a deep breath and says every word clearly, "Rex, the security just called and said that Lily is hijacked on the rooftop by the litigation dispute."


Joe looks in his eyes, "Five minute ago, the security reported a first-level safety accident. Lily is now in danger. The company has called the police and sends someone to the rooftop. The specific circumstance is still vague......"

In a flash, numerous emotions rushed into that calmed-face. For the first time, those deep eyes are panicked. Rex's head buzzes and he grabs Joe's collar, "Say it again."

Joe had never seen him this out of control, his breathe is somehow unstable, "Rex, Lily had an accident on the top of the building....."

Without waiting for him to finish, the tension on his collar is suddenly released. He then is pushed out by an uncontrollable force. When he just stands firmly, the man in front of him has disappeared.


On the top of the building, Lily's half body has been pulled out of the railing. If she has an acrophobia, without him pulling her, she will definitely faint.

The man is persistent and lunatic. In his mind, there are no excuses, but only resentment.

The wind blows hard. Both of them are thin, which may fall at any time.

Lily is really frightened. She had said all the good and bad words. When she is thinking about what else to say, the door of the rooftop opens once again.

Lily looks to the direction. It is Carlos.

The emotion of the man imprisoning her body get intense once again that he lost his mind, "Say it, did you tell others?"

Lily is suffocated. She is desperately maintaining her balance.

At the same time, Carlos scans through the danger in front of him. Even though he is frightened, he tries to look calm, "Dude, what you are doing?"

The man waves an arm, "Are you with her?!"

Carlos shows a puzzled look and looks at Lily then quickly withdraw his head back, shacking it, "I don't know her. If you two have a problem, I advise you not to do stupid things."

Lily understands what he meant and follows him, "I keep on talking with you just now, how I can have time to call others."

The man doubts it, but fortunately he doesn't continue to pull her body out.

Carlos sighs in relief secretly, "Problem can always be solved. Come here, it's very dangerous standing there...."

"Nonsense!" The man snorts, "I don't want to go back alive today! Those dog lawyers, who collect money but didn't work, had caused by my family bankrupt. I want her to pay for it!"

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