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The word flashes over his heart and makes him frowns. Was he too fierce just now?

Recalling it, he thinks that Carlos is with her. With Lily's temperament, she doesn't seem like letting other see her sad and tearful side.

Joe waits for Rex's instruction, but doesn't expect these cold words. "Let her be."

Is it... going to blood-rain?

Rex has always taken care of Lily, why did he suddenly....

Joe definitely will not understand his cold Boss became like this is because of jealousy.

After the assessment, the story of Lily and Mary are spread all over. There had never been an intern that was as bold as them, including Lily's criticism.

In the pantry, Crystal makes a cup of coffee. When she is worrying about Lily, she suddenly hear a sarcasm and mockery from the people beside her--

"I've heard before that Rex is very sensitive to a newbie. And it is proved. I think he is probably annoyed and finally put an end to it today."

"I was in the site just now; you don't know how awkward it was at that time. Although Rex doesn't scold her directly, he says it in a sarcastic way. He even told her to resign."

"She really deserves it."

One of them lowered her voice, "Oh right, is it true that Mary stole her PPT?"

"Not sure, but it's possible. But people like Lily, who can believe and understand..."

The more she heard, the more she felt ridiculous and walks directly to them, "What are you talking about. If you have something to say then say it loudly, why mumbling behind?"

Two of them feel guilty and say nothing. But the assistant of a director chokes at her, "Did I insult you?"

"But you also can't talk in people's back. What did Lily did to you guys? She is very polite every day. You guys dissatisfied with her only because of jealous!" Crystal usually endures it, because Lily persuaded her, but not this time.

How can she bear it anymore?

This group of woman only relied on their working hours to flirt with the senior of the company. A woman like Lily, who is pretty and capable, will surely become a thorn in their eyes.

She just doesn't expect that they would denigrate her.

"Why should we jealous her? She was scolded for not doing well. Why are we not allowed talking about it?" The girl put the cup down and glares at Crystal fiercely, "Didn't you just fawn her? Let's see who will you fawn in the future...."

When Crystal is thinking about what to say, they had left her in her position, sulking.

She then takes out her phone and dials to Lily, but no one answer. She couldn't help but started to worry again.

Where did she go?


Lily doesn't go back to the office, but takes the elevator to the rooftop of the building after the meeting instantly.

It is a fifty-eight-stories building. The wind up there is definitely cooler.

Today's weather is quite fine, blue sky with white clouds floating one after another. She went to the brink of the fence, her hand on the top of it, overlooking the crowds and people flowing underneath.

It might be the cold breeze that cause her eyes getting heavier. The tears gradually condense into a crystal sparkle liquid and fall down.

Recalling the entire scenario in the conference room, Lily felt angry and wronged, then shouts to release all of it, "Rex, You bastard and selfish! How dare you avenge me in the public?"

As soon as she shouted, her throat is scorching. Lily hammers the railing in a huff, but the depression is her heart could not be vanished.

She was being critics in the public, but he still doesn't take it seriously. If he still had a little affection, he wouldn't be so hard.

From the moment she handed the footage to Susan, he has never look at her anymore. However, she did it just for the sake of the child, not for Tim. She has explained it to him clearly, what else did he want?

Or did he just want to find a reason to get rid of her?

The more she thinks, the more inexplicably it is. She simply sits on the bench, hands on the knees and buries her face in the arms.

The phone in her pocket keeps on vibrating, but she ignores it. After the crazy shouts, she feels weak over the whole body.

She doesn't know how to maintain the relationship with Rex.

She thought that it would be better to wait some time for Rex to calm down. But after facing the situation just now, he doesn't seem to calm down, yet more aggrieved.

Lily couldn't understand what had she done that makes him very angry.

In this daze, the feeling of being clueless but trying to figure it out is really bad.

Lily doesn't realize how long she had been sitting. She just feels that even the wind can blow through her body now. The tranquil rooftop is occupied all by her, but suddenly she hears the sound of door opens.

She looks up and looks over, and sees a silhouette walking to the opposite of where she is.

One step, two steps, and he lift his legs over the railing and stands on the verge.

Lily's eyes widen in shock and don't think much to rush over, "You, calm down!"

The other party doesn't seem to expect someone. When he sees Lily, he is very surprise and gathers his emotion. One hand hold onto the railing, the other gestures towards her, "Back off, It's none of your business!"

"I won't care!" Lily puts her hand on her head, "I just wanted to ask why you are here too?"

She just comes to calm down and release her emotion, but didn't she expect to found someone who tries to commit a suicide. With this kind of luck, she should try to buy a lottery.

The man has approx. 1.75 meters tall, with a medium figure, dark skin and wears a black jacket with a small logo on the top, which is a luxury brand. He looks like a small boss.

After talking to him for a moment, she learns that he is here to fight on the court, but had lost. Now the lawyer has refused to appeal make him disappointed and wanted to end his life.

"Don't worry, I'm a lawyer. What do you want me to help you?"

The other party obviously doesn't expect it, "You're a lawyer?"

"Yes." Lily pulls out the work permit from her neck and shows him, both of them take two steps closer. "See."

"Han Yu Law..." He reads it out loud. When his expression had just relaxed, he suddenly becomes alert again, "You're part of Han Yu Law Firm?"

At this time, when he is looking at her work permit, Lily takes this chance to call Crystal and put in it her pocket, without knowing whether she pick it up or not. She then continues to deal with him, "Yes, therefore you...Hey, hey!"

Without finishing her speech, he suddenly jumps off the railing and walks straight towards her. In a few steps, he grabs her. "My lawyer is also from Han Yu, you guys are profiteers who barely treat people ruthlessly and cruelly!"

Lily is shocked. She never though it would be like this. Before she can even ran, she is pulled to the brink of the fence by his half dragged, the height of fifty-eight floors makes her a little dizzy...

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