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At this moment, Rex is in at a luxury apartment next to the company. He has just showered, when picking up the call.

He slightly raises his brows, a little shock, "Who are you talking about?"

Orson jokes, "Lily. Why did your tone is like being caught with a mistress?"

Rex is not in a mood to fight with him. While holding the phone, he walks to the kitchen to pick up a glass of sparkling water. Its liquid then scratches to this throat. "I won't go, you take care of it."

"Hey, why should I deal with your people? I think she drank a lot and is almost drunk. Who knows I might take her home and sleep with her, don't you worry?" Although Orson doesn't particularly fond of Lily, but feelings are basically involved two people. Rex's feeling won't be a barrier.

Deep in his heart, he still hopes that Rex will come. After all, he had been through a cold war with Lily for the past two days. The one that suffers is still he himself. Lately, he has been a work maniac, keep on meeting clients without any purpose.

Being in a relationship will distract him.

Rex tightens his hand that held onto the phone, "You dare?"

Orson laughs, "If you are worried about her, why don't you just come and... Hello, hello?"

Without finishing his speech, the phone was hung up. Orson takes the phone away from his ears, looks at the screen and says, "Internally cunning man."

Lily and Abby's house are completely in a two different direction. The Villa, which is away from the urban area, is far on the east. Orson ponders for a moment and decides to send her first. Otherwise, he would have to go back and forth.

"Thank you, Orson." Lily sobers up a little while on the way home, which makes her feel bad for him to send her home.

"It's okay." They coincidentally run into the red sign of a traffic light. He then turns his head and looks at her, "What happened between you and Rex?"

"Oh...." Lily looks at Orson tangled, doesn't know how to describe it. Her relationship with Rex doesn't seems like could be discuss with his best buddy.

Orson sees her entangled face and shaker his head helplessly, "If you don't want to talk about me, it's ok. Rex may seems cold from the outside, but he actually has a lot of affection in the heart. You will know it once you understand him."

Lily is clueless why did Orson told her this, but manage to nod, "Oh."

It was almost dawn when they arrived at the Villa. Lily gets out of the car and doesn't forget to ask him to send Abby home.

"Orson, she actually was your little fan. She really admires you." Lily doesn't lie. Abby indeed really admire Orson.

Orson recalls the memories of Abby yelled at him, but doesn't take it seriously. By glancing at the woman sleeping soundly at the back seat, he says, "Relax, I won't throw her in the halfway. Go inside."

Lily thanked him again and again, and then turns around to walk to the door.

The night is thick. Under the dim street light, the cool breeze passes, causing the branches of the tree sways. Lily couldn't help but warps her clothes while standing in front of the door. By stomping her feet, she opens the door and slips in without looking back.

However, under the tree not that far from the gate, a Bentley Bentayga parks quietly on the side of the road. The light is turned off. If the window slit is not lowered, it will seem as if no one is inside.

There is a cigarette butt left all over the ground outside the car's window. Nobody knows how long he had been there waiting. After the light in the villa is turned on and off, he starts the engine and left.


Lily was drunk. The hangover caused her to get up late on the next day. When she opens her eyes, it is already eight in the morning and she needs to work at half past eight.....

She doesn't have time to eat breakfast and change the clothes. After washing her face hastily, she goes out and takes a cab. But even so, it is almost nine o'clock when she arrives at the company.

She thought she would be scold severely. But unexpectedly, Julia isn't at the office. When she has just wanted to breathe out, Crystal walks to her nervously, "hurry up, go to A3 conference room."

Lily puzzles, "Hah?"

Crystal's eyes widen, "Did you forget that there will be an intern assessment today..."

"Oh yes!" Lily is shocked, "I really forgot!"

"Hurry up, take the documents and notes that you usually use. It only has been more than 20 minutes. I heard that Rex is coming this time. See if you can slip in."

Lily has already flustered at the beginning. Now that she heard that Rex is also there make her even more nervous. She even wants to withdraw herself, "I, I, I, it is possible if I asked for leave now?"

Crystal nods, "I think it is also possible for you to resign now."


"Come one, go ahead, and don't worry too much."

Lily doesn't have any choice, but pack her things and walks nervously towards the A3 conference room.

Step by step, the closer she is, the more edgy she is.

And finally arrives at the door. She takes a deep breath and knocks on the closed door. When she heard a replied, she pushes the door in.

There are two rows of people sitting in the vast conference room. And there he is, whom she had not seen in the last few days, sitting in the most central position. Rex.

Lily's fingers curls up a bit. It was her first time being stare by lots of the company's director. She feels guilty....

"Who are you looking for?"

Lily clears her throat, "I, I'm an intern coming for the assessment...."

When the words pour out, everyone frowns and Julia, as her leader, embarrasses. Combining with her personal emotion, she critics her merciless, "Do you know when did the assessment start?"

Lily chokes. "Half past eight."

"Then what time is it now?"

"...." Lily is speechless, regretting why she went to drink last night.

"As a qualified employee, the most basic thing is to abide the rules and regulation and have a concept of time. If you can't even follows the most basic rules, you needn't to attend the assessment." Julia says fiercely and definitely doesn't take her as her own employees.

It wasn't only shameful, but also the dishonorable.

Being scolded in the public, Lily, who is thin-skinned, blushes in her small face. She slightly bows her head, which cause her misses the sight cast by the main actor.

The atmosphere in the room is freezing. Mary, who looks at the scene like a show, seems satisfied. She did no effort to win against Lily.

Thinking of it, she is somewhat happy.

Rex looks at the almost stunned woman standing at the door. He has intentionally or unintentionally avoided her for a week. Today, she looks thinner. Her face was smaller than before and her chin seems sharper.

His absence frustrated her.

This recognition makes the haze in Rex's heart shifts a bit. He glances at Julia, who still continues to trouble her, and frowns. The fingers resting on the table slightly move and when he just about to say something, a male voice plugs in--

"I asked Lily to go back to take a document just now. it might delayed some time. As a lawyer, I also have a responsibility. I will let you join the assessment this time. No more next time, am I clear?"

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