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At three o'clock in the morning, the car parks in front of the Villa. After turning off the engine, when he is about to return the key, he couldn't help but turn around to look back. That luxury car is parked in quite some distance but the man inside doesn't get off.

After the previous one burned until his fingertips, he threw it away and re-lit another cigarette with the sporadic lighter. He drank a lot but doesn't feel drunk, only a little tipsy.

When he looks at the Villa in front of him that is dark, the words of Karl echoes in his ears--

'If you like her just give it a shot'

'She doesn't look like someone who serves two masters, you might have misunderstood'

Of course he knew she isn't like that. However, when Susan came today, her words made his contributions into a piece of joke.

As a lawyer for all of this year, he had met various kinds of people. People like Susan is nothing but only a sly and wicked woman. He never likes this kind of people. She obviously had pinched Lily's weakness, not really feeling sorry.

But even if he knew her purpose, he also doesn't care anymore. She instructed him to give it to her so he did.

He had handed the surveillance video wisely, but his mood is still not free and easy. He had determined not wanting to care for her anymore, but who knows he couldn't let it go.

Did 'I' like her?

He has no idea when did he started to have feeling for her. When he is young and carefree, he met one or two people and tries to give it shot. But now, he seems to have lost the ability to love.

He doesn't know how to define whether he likes it or not. He only knows that he has feelings for Lily and wanted to be with her, doing all the things that men and woman usually do, like skin touches, which no woman can satisfy him.

Thinking of it, Rex deepens his eyes and ponders for a moment, then pull the hatch into the house.

The light in the living room is off and it is dark. He turns on a few lamps on the walls and changes his shoes and walks towards the master bedroom on the second floor.

At the door of the bedroom, he closes his reddish eyes. There is a tiredness that can't be concealed between the eyebrows. He sighs and reaches out to turn the doorknob.

The light from the alley leaked through the gap and fall exactly on the bump under the quilt in the middle of the bed.

She is lying on the side with a slightly curled up body, like a self- protecting posture. Her small face is facing opposite the door and half buried in the quilt.

Rex stands at the door and looks at it. There is a disappointment and indifference in his eyes, which comes from the fuss in the office just now.

It is obviously Susan who knelt down and begged her, but he felt like he is the one who lose.

"The child...."

The little woman on the bed whine out of sudden. Her body, which is under the quilt, move twice and soon calmed down.

He stops at the door while holding the doorknob. He initially plans to only look at her, but at this time, he couldn't help but walk inside, closing the door carefully and turn on the farthest lamp from the bed.

Rex walks to the chair besides the bed. His big palm pulls the quilt down a bit, revealing the small beautiful white face.

She is not sleeping well. Her eyebrows are lightly wrinkled and sometimes delirious. Perhaps it is because she covered her head just now that makes her hair wet with sweat and stick to her cheeks. Her cheeks are glowing with magnificent red, just like when she was in love.

Rex has never praised her beauty. Not because she isn't pretty, but is the contrary. She is too pretty with an intrinsic tenderness and obedience. However, she is a deviant person in the heart, which is stubborn and unyielding. She only obeys him.

The room's temperature is a bit high. He then unbuttons his shirt to reveal his sturdy muscles and pulls the quilt over to kiss her pink lips.

When Lily has slept soundly, her body is sunk out of the blue and her mouth is blocked, which cause her couldn't breathe and wakes up soon.

A face is placed right in front of her eyes which are too closed that she can't see clearly. She is startled and shoves her hand violently. When she is about to open her mouth to shout, it is rushed by the man.

The strong alcohol rushes into her mouth. Lily has no way to go but bite the man's lower lip. The other party finally lets her go. Lily is scared but manages to speak in a cried tone, "Who are you!"

Rex straightens up and turns on the lamp on the bedside to let her see clearly.

"Rex?" Lily shouts doubtfully, "You aren't meeting a client?"

He moves the hair that was stick onto her face with his big palm. The unpredictable emotion in his eyes is deep and unreadable by Lily at her age. He says nothing and reaches out to her pajamas. His action explains everything.

The thin pajamas on her body are ripped apart madly by him. Her skin are now bare. Lily, who is still half asleep, raises her hand to cover her bare chest but is trapped by his bulky arm.

She still remembers that phone call. And now, he come back in the middle of the night without saying a word but only fined her to have a sex. What does he think I am!

Lily couldn't help but be angry, "Rex, What are you doing!"

Her rebellion, struggles and un-coordination are seen by him. He snorts, unable to restrain the anger that rush over his chest and leans over to bite her slender neck.

"Ouch!" Lily mutters in pain and couldn't help but think wildly. Did he just did the same to the other woman just now?

She had clearly told herself not to care. It must be a joke for her to care such a relationship. But things has turns out this way, she can't accept it anymore.

The only clothes left on her is taken off by him rapidly. Those deep eyes are looking at her naked body. Lily's face is pale, she couldn't bear the sourness in her heart, "Rex, please concern your self-esteem!"

"Self-esteem?" Rex is like hearing a joke. Every word he says crush extremely. He looks at her ridiculously and says, "A divorced woman tell me about my self-esteem, is that worth?"

Just one sentence with such frivolous eyes, Lily couldn't bear it. A tears slip in the corner of her eyes, which unfortunately he doesn't see it. He only cares about the body.

Of course, it was the body that he really wants.

She has to give it to him if he wanted it. Otherwise, how can she paid the price of him to personally fight the case.

It is the deal from the beginning, but... why did it hurt so much?

Lily doesn't know when did he invade her body, and also doesn't know how can he cruelly deprived her. She just looks at the man, who doesn't even take his clothes off, in tears.

Her body hurts till she couldn't help but tremble. He tortures her savagely, which has no joy at all.

Her first time, every woman has their own precious first time, has given it to him.

But what's the use?

In his heart, she is so despicable that only worth of his vent. Except for her body, nothing worth compared to his.

Rex hears her desperate crying but couldn't stop. As if only in this way, he could determine her existence.

He raises his hand to cover her reddish eyes in a cruel yet gentle way. "You shouldn't plead for him. You're mine. Everything you have is mine. I accept fortunate and kick misfortune."

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