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Hearing her voice, she is unable to speak. It is like her throat being gripped, soreness and dryness hits her. Lily opens her mouth again but couldn't make a sound. She doesn't know what to say.

She even takes away the phone from her ear to look at the number, just in case she calls the wrong number.

It is his number.

"Hello?" The woman urges impatiently.

Lily comes back to her sense and hangs up the phone hurriedly.

She is alone in the huge living room. The enormous window besides the sofa is opened and blows in the night breeze. Lily couldn't help but shiver.

The quiet living room makes her keep on hearing the soft voice of that woman.

Meeting client?

Is this how he met a client?


At the same time, Rex comes out from the VIP toilet of the Red Club's private room.

He wears a catty black shirt. The two unbuttoned crystal buckle shine like a diamonds in the dim light exposing the delicate collarbone. His two straight legs look even more powerful under the ironed trousers. Half of his handsome face is hidden on the shadow of the light, he looks gloomy yet charming.

"Rex, someone's called you just now. I... I pick it up since you're not here." The woman sitting on the side has a long wavy hair. A flawless make up painted on her face. She is wearing a tight black skirt that wraps in the body, revealing her hot curve.

Rex is not satisfied. He doesn't buy her excuses, "Who told you to pick it up."

The woman panics "I....."

Pehry beckons her, "Kiki, You have been working her for quite some time. How come you still don't understand these rules?"

"Pehry, I was in a hurry.... I was wrong, sorry."

"It's fine, you can go now." Pehry waves his hand and says nothing in the end.

After all, Kiki has been working here since the grand opening of the club. Although she only works as a lady companion, it is also a hard work even without contribution.

Rex checks his phone. The most recent call on the records is Lily.

He frowns, was she calling?

He subconsciously wanted to call back, but stopped when he presses it.

Recalling what happened today in the office, as well as the footage that has been handed to Susan. His eyebrows frown deeply and he throws the phone on the table and pours a glass of wine into the throat silently.

Karl and Pehry exchange their look. Pehry doesn't have the balls to step forward and also knows that he couldn't be able persuade him. He simply shrugs and hands it to Karl.

Karl moves to sit next to Rex. Looking at him, who exuded the cold air, and asks tentatively, "Fighting with your little pet?"

Rex gestures an agitated moves while sipping the wine. Resembling the action, his tone is also not good, "Since when did my emotions related to her?"

Karl is just guessing, but still shaking the courage to continue to ask, "So what happened?"

He pours another glass of wine. Regardless of the posture, the yellow liquid submerged into the throat. His deep face is cut more sharply in the dull light. His tight thin lip seems to be tenderer.

"She can't let her ex-husband go." It is kind of awkward to discuss her with others.

As the matter of fact, Lily's problem has been heard by several people. Rex, Pehry, Karl and Orson have a group chat. Orson clearly knows that Lily works at Hanyu, but they didn't say anything.

"What's the good of that little girl that have made you this befuddled?" Drinking in the middle of the night 'till drunk really wasn't his style.

Besides Linda, He has never seen a person that can turn him into this state.

Hearing those words, Rex lifts his lip gently and smirks, what's the good?

He is wondering too what's the good of her, who was eight years younger than her, that made him so impulsive.

"I know that Pehry has various kind of woman here. Why don't you try another one, who knows that...." Before Karl even finishes his speech, he is glared by Rex's sharp eyes.

His lips twitches, "Forget it."

In fact, Karl pities him. The main problem actually comes from his heart. It is the past experience which made this perfect-looking guy has the deepest scars. It can't heal easily.

He knows it better than anyone.

Karl toasts him a cup and drinks it, "Rex, if you really like her than give it a shot. It was merely a passion of love. As long as you control it, everything will be fine."

"Love?" Rex stares at the pastel yellow liquid in the glass, his face darkens, "I hardly love someone anymore."

Karl startles, his eyebrows twists, "Maybe you've misunderstood. Although I had never met her, but my impression tells me she doesn't seem like serving two master."

"I'm fighting against her ex-husband and she's not happy." Otherwise, she wouldn't hand the footage out. Whether it is about love or family, she still has an attachment to Tim's family.

Maybe he is abnormal. He can't accept his girlfriend still has an attachment with her ex-husband's family.

Even if it is just a sympathy.

Karl knows what he cares the most, but doesn't know how to console him.

Feelings are too intense. After so many years, Rex is finally seeing someone. No matter what her purpose is, they, whom are his best buddies, feels a little at ease.

As for the rest, they can only hope that Lily is a good girl, so that they can endure together.


It is almost two in the morning after they drank.

The three of them drinks a lot that the bottles occupied a third of the table.

Pehry calls the Club's driver to send to two of them home. He merely lives upstairs. When they are about to leave, Karl pats his shoulder, which takes quite some time to focus, "Think about it again, and don't be too arbitrary..."

Rex pulls a cigarette out from the box and waits for the driver on the lobby. He then steps in the car with his long legs and says with a soaked voice which brought a sense of alcohol to the driver, "to the Villa."

The driver hums a sound. When he is about to start the engine, someone suddenly touches the window, "Rex!"

Rex, who is sitting in the back seat, picks his eyelids and looks at the woman chasing him. It is the woman who had answered his phone just now. He forgets her name and he can't even remember her appearance.

"Rex, you had dropped your lighter." The woman reaches out and hands the expensive lighter to him. Her thin arms stretches across the window slit and places it right in front of his eyes.

Rex doesn't care. He smokes and blow it out again, with a mocking smiles, which looks unreal, he says, "I don't like people touch my stuff. You can have it."

After saying, he doesn't even look at her face anymore and instructs the driver. "Go."

The Bentley Bentayga gallops out, leaving the woman with regret on the spot.

She had heard that Pehry has a friend that is renowned in the law field. And he finally come today. She actually wants to seize the opportunity to have a one night stand with him but it is totally an epic failed.

She thought that there will be no rich man that doesn't mess up except Pehry. However, she had just met the worst one today.

He is too cautious that she would like to know what kind of woman that can sleep with him.

Perhaps, such as man can only be admired.

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