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Rex doesn't care about Susan's emotion and raises his hand to look at the watch, "It's about time. You may leave. I won't send you anymore."

From the moment she arrives, his movement is always full of courtesy. However, such person makes Susan trembles.

She takes her phone out of her bag and taps a few times on the screen vaguely. Soon, Susan looks up again, but not leaving, "Rex, your request is unrealistic. Instead, I can give Lily 30% of Tim's fix assets."

Rex apparently doesn't have any intention to keep this conversation, indifferent and alienated, he says, "Are you done?"

As watching him turn around, Susan rises and stands up, "Rex, why are you helping her getting the property, what's the benefit for you!"

Rex stops and plays the tip of his tongue, as if recalling something. His eyes sink and ponder for a moment, then say quietly, "Because I...."


Before finishing his speech, the door is suddenly pushed open from the outside. Lily comes inside, panting hard and Joe follows her hastily, "Rex is on the meeting, you can't go inside...."

Watching Lily walks in, when Joe is about to stop her, Rex gives him an eye contact. The latter knows what it means and leaves the office.

Now, there are only three of them left in the office. Rex turns around and glances at Susan's phone, "What did you say to her?"

Susan tightens her finger and it is sweating. The longer she stays, the more she feels his awful aura till she doesn't dare to admit it.

Susan shifts her eyes to Lily, "Lily, I come here to tell Rex about your problem with Tim. At that night at the club, Tim doesn't intend to do it. He have no idea what is he doing. Please don't keep it in your heart!"

"Don't keep it in your heart?" Lily almost doesn't breathe. After all, Susan is her senior, she really has no idea what she is saying. "If you have anything to say, let's talk alone. This is my company, its inappropriate."

Susan learns Lily's tough attitude. Comparing with her old attitude, Susan feels like she is only brave enough since Rex is there to support her. Deep in her heart, she wanted to slap her, but outside, she manages to say gently, "Lily, I know you hate Tim. But you guys are married for quite some time now. Even if there is no more feeling, there will be at least old memories. Even you wanted to divorce now, the feelings from the past are real, you can't be so selfish!"

Lily's face turns green. "He's the one that didn't cherish old memories. Not me."

"It is indeed Tim's fault at first, but...." Susan says and glances at Rex that is right beside her, "But if the footage is published, Tim will broke!"

Lily doesn't understand it, she then frowns, "What footage?"

"You didn't know?" Susan surprises, subconsciously glances at Rex. His expression remains the same, but this time, the cold eyes are chilling.

An old folks like Susan immediately senses what is happening. She then takes a step forward and almost pounces Lily. "Lily, I've known that you are not that devil. The video of you being kidnapped has been copied by him, saying he will publish it. You also know, if it was really publish, Tim will be ruined for the rest of his life. I only had one son. If this really happen, what should I do!"

Lily clearly doesn't understand anything about this. It has been more than half month since that accident. She consciously or unconsciously doesn't think about it anymore, but apparently Rex had copied it.

If it is really like what Susan said, this could definitely be useful for the lawsuit.

However, she also understands about the value of the footage. It could be used not only for the divorce, Tim might perceives more damage.

Her initial intention is to revenge their family, but it doesn't include Tim going to the jail.

Rex says nothing; his face remains the same as always. He just looks at lily with the deep eyes, as if waiting for her answer.

Notice that Lily doesn't speak, she knows that Lily is hesitating. Thinking of Tim, she secretly grits her teeth and kneels down directly right in front of Lily's feet.

Lily is taken back. When she is about to step back, Susan spontaneously grabs her hand. "Lily, I know Tim isn't that good to you, but we were a family once. Do you even have the heart to do this? On his behalf, I can promise you that he'll cooperate with you after this. I will also persuade him to settle the divorce matter so you won't be troubled anymore. But please let him go!"

Lily's face tightens, "Get up."

"I beg you Lily; it's for the sake of you once calling me Mom......"

Susan has only said half of the sentence and Rex had walked behind Lily. His long arm rests on her shoulder, brings her into his arms and at the same time lets Susan's hand go.

Susan looks up at them, they somewhat look match together. She then withdraws her hands in sorrow and squeezes out a few tears, not really crying but it sounds loud.

Rex is distressed by the sound and takes the intercom, then says coldly, "Call the security to take her out."

Susan panics as knowing Rex will about to kick her. She then moves a few steps forward with her knees, her eyes flashes shrewdly, "Lily, could you please help Tim this time? I know you hate it, but can you bear seeing a child without a father!"

Lily heart's is shaken by Susan's word. She doesn't want Tim to have a good life, owing to the fact that he had been so mean to her. But she isn't a God Mother that can repay injury with kindness. Moreover, Rex has done so much effort for her lawsuit. It is unfair for him to let it go just because of Susan.

But what did she just say?

A child? Father?

Her brain shivers suddenly. Lily spontaneously recalls what Tim said on the phone 'Jade is pregnant'.

The figure shakes. These sentences have undoubtedly hit her weakness. Even if she hates Tim and Jade, the child has nothing to do with it, the child is innocent....

At that time, when Harry had been sentenced and taken away, she understood what it feels like. If the child grows up without his/her dad by their side, wouldn't she become the person that she hated the most?

There is a moment of silence in the office. Rex looks down at the woman's pale face and turns around to take the phone on the table, but is stopped by a pair of cold hands.


His footsteps stop. Even the air condensed, his sharp eyes meet hers. Without waiting her to speak, he speaks first, "Think before you say."

Lily lifts her heart. The hand pulling Rex's sleeves doesn't loosen. The pupils sway badly and after a while, she gradually closes her eyes. Her chest fluctuates a little bit with emotion, "Give the video.... to her."

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