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Time passes; it is another week after that accident. Rex adds a video as evidence into the divorce case and after combining with the previous materials, the lawsuit has been completely tilted to Lily's side.

Smith suggests, "Rex, the lawsuit is stabled, do you want to send a warning letter?"

"No rush." Rex closes the file in his hand, "Let's wait."

Smith puzzles, the evidence is complete and there will be no more other things in the case. Why did he still want to wait?

An idea suddenly pops up in his head. He looks at his boss' emotionless face, which giving him a chills. Perhaps Rex wants to make Tim went bankrupt....

Rex notices his vision and looks at him, "Any suggestion?"

Smith shivers. He is obviously eight-years older than him, but his experience is completely useless compared to Rex. Rex indeed has a strong aura.

He spontaneously shakes his head, "No, no!"

Rex re-looks at the file on the table. There are several photos of Tim, which looks like a gentleman, but had done a lot of dirty work. His marriage is derailed, company evades taxed and not even the project is clean. Just draw out one to attack him would be more than enough. Is he acting dumb or brave to play tricks with him?

Smith uses his hand to wipe his sweat. Do not ever provoke a lawyer, especially a lawyer like Rex; he will definitely make sure you die till the end....

"Rex, if there's nothing else, I'll leave."

Rex waves his hand, but as Smith approaches the door, he calls out, "Don't tell Lily about this progress."

Smith widens his eyes, feels surprise, but when he turns around, he pretends to be normal, "Don't worry."

After leaving his office, he completely changes his expression. He has known Rex's relationship with Lily. A well-known figure of the legal profession fight for this small case, will definitely lead to mental connection, moreover, Lily is recruited in Han Yu not that long ago.

But after all, Rex never particularly shows any feeling toward Lily, which makes Smith, feels bad to admit it. However, Rex had just made him hide the evidence from Lily.

This is completely contrary to his usual style and also is breaking the lawyer's rule. He can conclude that they indeed have a special relationship.

Fortunately, Smith has never mentioned this case to anyone. He needs to be more polite toward Lily from now on.


The lawsuit progress quickly. When everything goes smoothly, Jev knows this matter and personally contacts Joe to make an appointment with Rex.

"Rex, do you want me to arrange a time?"

Rex doesn't even look up, "I don't want to meet him."

Jev is being refused one after another and finally couldn't help but bear his pride to persuade Susan to personally go to Han Yu law firm. The receptionist staff informs that she is at the door. Rex finally nods, "Let her in."

Within a few minutes, Susan follows Joes to the office. She has a luxury brand all over the body; the bag on her arm will cost at least six digits.

"Rex, she's here."

"Leave us."

After Joe left, they were left alone on the big office. Rex, who has been sitting behind the desk, doesn't move. Susan silently scans around the room, which unconsciously attracts him.

Susan thinks that Jev has been the greatest man. However, after meeting Rex, she just understands that there are actually person who has all the advantage at once.

Jev said that Rex is just thirty-two years old. For people of their age, they are only a young man. But by looking at him, the sense of oppression come across and makes people unconsciously awe.

"I have a meeting twenty minutes later. You didn't make an appointment, so make it short." Rex stands up and sits on the sofa while pointing to the opposite, "Have a sit."

Susan clears her throat and moves the chair, "I personally came to talk about my son. I guess you already knew."

Who knows Rex without changing his expression says, "What's the matter?"

Susan, who is an old folks, fakes a smile, "Rex, since I've come here today, can we stop beat around the bush? The footage at the Red club, how can I get it? Just say any condition."

Rex suddenly feigns, overlaps his legs elegantly, his voice remain calm, "Not that hard. Pass 70% of Tim's property to Lily and I'll give you the footage."

"70%?!" Susan's shocked body sits upright and looks at him ridiculously angry, "What kind of joke is that?"

Jev and Susan have only one son, most of their property is under Tim's name. If that is the case, isn't it equal to give all of their wealth to Lily?

The more she thinks, the more she felt he is intentional. Her voice is cold, "Rex, if that really is the case, why should I get the footage?"

"Of course, it would be useful for you." Rex 'deliberately' explains to Susan with his slow tone, making sure she hears every word. "The previous case is only about money. If the footage is published, Tim might has a criminal record."

Susan panics, forcing her unease and pretentious mouth to says, "Rex, you are a lawyer, you know you can't just bluffing around without any evidence. Do you have any evidence that they were instigated by my son?"

"How can you know I didn't have?" Rex looks at Susan with those deep black eyes that look like a sharp dagger. It could disguise and plunges into the weakest place.

Susan takes a deep breath and shifts the topic, "What's your benefit of doing this? Lily and Tim are married legally. If the problem becomes big, you will also have the impact, right?"

Hearing those words, Rex smirks mockingly, "If you had anything to fight with me, just bring it out."

Those words doesn't only insult Susan, but also their family has been degraded together. His words are easy and relaxed, even the tone of speech doesn't change from the beginning until now, which make Susan couldn't stay calm any longer.

Their family indeed is not as powerful as Rex's family, but still nobody will dare to say those words in front of the person.

However, Rex doesn't bother to wait for Susan to attack. His next sentence block all her words of retaliation, "The people entrusted by Tim has admitted it. The recordings and video are all backed up."

Susan widens her eyes in disbelief, "What?! You have...."

Rex says nothing. His attitude makes Susan even more desperate.

The purpose of her coming today is to take the footage. She thinks besides taking the footage, she still could take some advantage, but now after hearing his words, all of those plan is just a joke.

This man has never intended to let her family go. He had fully prepared.

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