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He sits on the edge of the bed and looks at her sleeping face. Wondering whether if it is because of over-shocked that makes her eyebrows still wrinkles and long eyelashes flickers, very insecure.

Rex feels irritated, and then turns to the balcony to smoke.

He extracts out the cigarette with his fingertips and closes the balcony door. He then takes a deep breath and spits it out slowly. But all of it doesn't heal his emotion.

He has never believed in destiny. For him, everything only needs management and procedures, such things as destiny are too ambiguous that he never takes it seriously.

The woman, who is lying on the bed behind him, is a stranger for him last month. But now, after a month, she suddenly bursts into his world, breaks his previous imagination and gives him lots of unexpected things.

She can influence him, not only the body but also feelings.

Moreover, this influence exceeds his imagination. He fights merely because of her, even he could not believe it.

After smoking a tube, his phone vibrates in the pocket. He frowns as looking at the screen and picks it up.

Over the phone, Bernard, who just from the surveillance room of the red club, speaks, "Boss, I've copied the video and Pehry had asked people to eliminate the camera of the ally."

His voice sinks in the night, says coldly, "Save a backup and hand it to me tomorrow."


"Oh right," Bernard replies, "Pehry asked what we should do to the men."

The smoke sucks into his lungs and soon dissipated from his nose. His voice's cold as if it is a small issue. "Throw them away."

Bernard holds the phone tightly, says nothing much, "Okay, Boss."


Lily sleeps till morning and opens her eyes vaguely; the man besides her is still there.

She rubs her eyes. Wondering if it is because of her motion wakes him up, his eyes are opened yet still sleepy.

Lily supports her hand on the bed to sit up. When she is just about to sit up, he stops her by pressing her shoulder. With a husky voice he says, "Don't move."

Lily freezes, "Are you... not going to work?"

"Why, you want me to leave?"


Rex's rubs her neck, "Still dizzy?"

Lily tries to stretch left and right, "No."

"I've helped you to ask for leave. Just get some rest, don't go out."

Hearing those words, Lily becomes anxious, "I'm fine, I'm going to work."

She has just started working but had keep on taking a day off.

"The company goes fine without you, just rest for today."

Seeing he insists, Lily rebels too. But anyway, it will end by what Rex said. Recalling the temper of Carlos at that time, Lily texts him she has asked for a leave.

Unexpectedly, when message is sent for not that long, Carlos calls her.

Lily intuitively glances at Rex. He looks at the caller ID then back at her, raising his eyebrows.

If don't answer... it is impolite.

After hesitating for a few second, she finally presses the green button, "Hello?"

"How are you? Are you feeling sick?"

Lily is held onto Rex's arms. Their distance is so close that he can hear every single word of it.

Lily feels suffocated and murmurs, "I'm fine. Only a bit feverish."

Carlos seems to relief and asks again, "Did everything go fine last night?"

As the words fell, Lily feels his arm in her waist tightens a bit. She is shocked. Those words can easily misunderstood people, and obviously, Rex has misunderstood.

Carlos usually never asks about personal matters, but today.....

Lily doesn't dare to continue their conversation. She is afraid that Rex will lose his temper and throws her phone out. Hence, she quickly ends it. "I'm fine, only a little sick. I had a headache, talk to you later."

"Okay, get some rest." Carlos replies "See you in the office."

"Okay, bye."

Lily hangs up her phone hastily, but it is too late.

"How can he know what happened last night?" He leans closer to her ear, his voices is low with a hint of danger, as if he will cut her bones off if she said a wrong word.

His warm breath hits her ears that tickles her, therefore, she couldn't help but move aside, "Last night, before going to the club, I was meeting a client with him."

"Why are you moving?" Rex grabs her to his arms. Her tender body contrasts sharply with his sturdy body, it's boiling inside her body.

Lily's pajamas is opened. His palm presses against the delicate skin of her around her waist, gradually dissatisfied and moves upstream...

"Rex..." Lily held onto the big palm of his but being threw away. They haven't live together for a while. It means less intimate touch, which make Lily kind of nervous now.

Feeling the smooth skin in the palm, his eyes darkens and his body is boiling, "Do you miss me?"

His hand is magical. The places that he touches become hot with flames. Lily's body turns into hot pink, from her cheeks to the roots of the neck. The white teeth locks to the lower lips, said nothing.

Rex turns his body and presses over hers'. Both hands are supported by each of the side of her body. Looking at her delicate skin under him, his eyes gradually dilated. He then bows his head to kiss it, the cools lips lands on her sweet clavicle.

"Do you miss me, huh?" He asks again.

Lily is too shy that she curls her leg, doesn't dare to look at him.

Do 'I' miss him?

She just aware that when she returns to the Villa, she will unconsciously look at her anklet. When an accident happen, the first person she will think of is also him.

Lily once read a book; it says that when a person is isolated and helpless, no matter that the person is that helps her/him, will be the most unique existence.

No matter right or wrong, No matter what their gender is, no matter what.

And now, this subtle change has already begun. Rex is like being poison, gradually invades into her world. When she comes back to her sense, she is already used to it.

He drops a kiss one after another. The morning light that comes behind him make her remember the kiss in the car that night.

Intense and short.

After thinking, Lily is bewitched and reaches out to hook his neck. Her soft lips flaps over and kiss that thin lips without skills, she merely touch it.

She doesn't know what to say and simply kiss him for the answer.

Rex stops his intense movements, frowns his eyebrows and subconsciously wanted to push her away. But when he sees the glittering in the corner of her eyes, he restrains.

She closes her eyes. Her eyelashes are clearly rooted. At this moment, she panics, fragile but brave.

Lily's head went blank. When she realizes what she has done, she quickly shrinks her head back. However on the next second, the man suddenly lifts her cheeks and kisses her violently.

The man's tongue pries open to peek her lips, enters gently and kisses it patiently yet tenderly. After a while, they are deeply attached and make Lily feels pleasure.

At this moment, she doesn't care to be right or wrong, she is too tired. Even if this is only a short escape, she just wants to sink into this warm embrace.

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