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"Go and tell him. He didn't have that ability to touch my girl!"

After speaking, Rex kicks and drags them out like a dead dog.

Rex strides forward Lily and followed by Pehry, who looks at her curiously and asks, "Are you okay, Girl?"

After all, those disgraceful thing happened in his place, which makes him a little embarrass.

Lily exposes her face, her voice is low, "I'm fine."

Pehry looks at her appearance clearly. She has a very pale white skin, wondering whether it is because of the incident that makes her so pale. Her faces is only as big as a palm with a bright eyes that occupied one third of it. Her aftermath red nose makes her look pitiful, but still has its tenderness.

Very pretty and sweet.

Pehry bumps into Rex's shoulder and says in a low voice that only both of them could hear. "Not bad!"

Rex wraps her in the arms and glances at Pehry, "Deal with it, I'm leaving."

Pehry doesn't continue to bother him and shouts at his back, "Should I tell Karl about this?"

He doesn't even look back, "No need."


After leaving the club, Lily is carried to the car. Rex helps her adjust the position. When he raises his head, his dark eyes stares at her deeply with anger.

The distance between the two of them are so close that Lily can smell his faint mint fragrance on him.

The car inside is unusually quiet. After a few minutes, neither of them spoke, as the atmosphere is still deadlocked.

Rex looks at her, couldn't suppress his flames anymore and squeezes her chin, whispering, "Can you explain why you are here?"

Lily opens her mouth, recalling Tim's self-awareness and says gently, "Tim call me saying that he would talk about the divorce....."

Rex sneers, "Are you still in your mind?"

Lily whispers in a low voice, "He said that Jade is pregnant. This is why I believe him, otherwise I will not come."

Undoubtedly, Tim still understands her. After engaging with her all this year, he know exactly what her weakness is. A poison will be enough.

The premise is that, Lily doesn't expect that he would even do such a thing.

"Since you come, then you believe that he won't do anything to you." Rex is emotionless, his anger is thin between his breath, "You know what the red club is and you still come here. Do you really don't understand or just having an illusion?

"No!" Lily says it, making her face hot. She could bear anything else but not when someone misunderstood her, especially in this situation, it would only embarrass her, "I thought he...."

"You thought?" Rex mockingly cuts her off, dismissing his tone, "You thought he could loves you for the rest of your life, but what now?"

Rex's word is undoubtedly wounded her unhealed scars again.

Lily's heart aches for a moment, it feels even worse than before.

She doesn't expect anyone else to understand her condition. Not deepen the scar would be enough.

She thinks that Rex could understand her more or less, but the reality slaps her once again.

Lily looks still and breathe out. Her eyes are reddish but don't cry, "Yes, I'm blind. I did it all myself and I deserve it, happy now?"

Rex doesn't mean it. It's just watching her gets in danger makes him worried and mad.

But he couldn't apologize.

For a moment, looking at her almost teary eyes, Rex finally defeats and caress from her small chin to the back of the neck, the thumb gropes for the delicate skin, soothing her, "I didn't say you deserve it. I can help you to deal with him. Lily, you're an adult now. You must consider every consequence. If I didn't come up today, what will happen to you?"

Lily evades his warm palm, "I do have a failed marriage. After everything that I've done, my ex-husband just wanted me to death. It's normal for you do belittle me."

She doesn't accept it. Rex increases the strength on his hand and leans forwards for a few minutes to stare at her, "I will leave you at the elevator just now if I didn't care for you."

If it wasn't because of her voice, he doesn't even care whether they are alive or not.

But when he found her and looked at her tear-stained small face with the trembling body, his cold heart gradually softens.

After many years for not beating someone, he finally did it for her today.

She belongs to him. Only he can touch her.

"Tell me in advance next time." He lightly instructs.

Lily's eyelashes flutter a few times, aware that there is still a grievance in his stubborn voice. "I've told you before. I called you a few times but you didn't answer."

Rex frowns even more. Recalling he attended a meeting of the city that obligated him to silence the phone and without seeing it, he went directly to the club.

When he takes out the phone, he finds two notifications from Lily; one of them is a text message.

His heart seems to be scratched with pains and itches. A strange feeling flashes inside, guilty? Upset? Or regret?


It's pity.

If he answers her call, she won't have to come her alone, and the latter things won't happen.

He frowns, "No more next time."

Lily raises her eyelids to look at him, as if had heard it wrong, but by looking at his gaze, she knows it was real.

He surprisingly makes a promise... with her?

Lily becomes nervous and coughs abnormally, "It's okay..."

"Are you still dizzy?"

"A little bit."

Rex nods and helps her fasten the seat belt. He, who had been sitting at the driver seats, then starts the engine and drives to the Villa. One of his hands held on the steering wheel, while the others pops out of the window. His slender fingers touch the chin from time to time. His driving posture is casual and sexy. The wind outside the window blows his hair into a mess...

Recalling the movement of him in the club, when he promptly dragged her into his arm, Lily's heart beat disorderly.

She forces herself to stop looking at him, instead, turns around to look at the night scene outside the window. The night is thick. The cool breeze from outside make Lily feels warm inside.


Forty minutes later, the car stops in front of the Villa.

The girl sits next to the driver seat has fallen asleep. Rex gets off the car and opens the other doors to embrace her. He walks all the way to the second floor, kicks the door of the master bedroom and places her on the bed.

Undresses, takes off the shoes and covers her with the quilt. It is the first time he takes care people, which makes him sweating all over.

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