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Lily is afraid that they would chase after her and pinned her down. But the moment she lifts her eyes, it crashes directly into a pair of deep black eyes. Those calm eyes give a power of comfort.

She finally burst into tears and couldn't even utter well, "Help me..."

Without further explanation, those words had described well enough.

Rex frowns fiercely, looking at her small pale face which covers with tears. It is like her chest is stabbed by an invisible hand. He raised his hand to wipe her tears. His hot body temperature comforts her, "I'm here."

Lily cries fiercer after he said it. It is totally her physiological reaction of fear that makes her keep on crying out. She can't control it.

Her body also couldn't stop trembling. Rex feels sorry and hugs her. He lets her cry in his arms and soon his shirt is wet with tears, indicating how fierce she cried.

It is like the hot temperature awakened his cold heart. After many years, he had never feels so irritated.

At this moment, the two men coincidently appear in front of the elevator.

"This little bitch, how dare you run away, look...."

Before he even finished, the man suddenly stops and looks at the scene that is in front of him unexpectedly. As if he doesn't expect to meet someone else.

The scene becomes a little awkward. Within less than two seconds, both men exchange look and run away.

Rex instructs the bodyguard behind him. "Chase them."

Within fifty meters, those men, who had just run, are now pressed to the ground.

Rex walks over with Lily in his arms and looks at them condescendingly. His eyes is scary, giving an indignant aura. Even the air feels cold, which makes people stunned.

The man's face is stepped by his feet. His being pressed-face is a little funny though. They feel a little stunned by Rex's oppressive eyes, but still managed to yell. "Who are you?! Tell me, don't waste my time!"

Lily couldn't help shaking when hearing that evil voice.

Aware of her response, Rex spares a hand to caress her back. His voice is unprecedently patient and soft, "Tell me, what they did to you?"

Lily shakes her head and murmurs, "They... just drag me to a room. I, I don't know what is happening, my body feels weak...."

Rex scans through her body, but doesn't find any wounds. He then places her at the back, "Good girl, stay there for a while."

Lily buries her face in his clothes, smelling the familiar scent. Once again, there's a burst of enthusiasm in her eyes. If she doesn't meet him, she doesn't know what will happen.

Rex slowly unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up the sleeves, revealing the sturdy muscles of him and strides toward them. Wondering if it is because they were lying on the ground that makes them felt Rex is so tall. His face as cold as an ice with an abyss eyes, which makes people tremble.

Rex glances coldly at them, "Who told you to touch her, hah?"

They are surprised, even their mouth stiffen, "She sits alone in the private room and doesn't close the door. Who know what she is doing, so we rush in. It was like having a meal serve right in front of you, but you didn't even bother touch it?"

Hearing those words, Rex kicks the man's stomach. He lets out an "ouch" sound. His clean leathers' shoes crushes for a few times. "Say it politely."

"Someone's fighting!" the man cried out, "Where the manager, is there anyone in charge!?"

The words pours out and comes a male voice not far away--

"Who looks for the manager?"

Lily shows half of her face to look at the sound. The man is wearing a dark purple satin suit with a deep V-style neck and a black shirt inside. The crystal buckle refracted the sharp light, but it isn't as stunning as the man's face.

If Rex is deeply unpredictable, the man, who just comes, is totally opposite.


A waiter passed by and greets him.

The man waves his hand casually and walks toward them. His peach blossom narrow eyes scans at the situation, "Rex, it's fine if you don't come, but don't make a mess, people will get scare--"

Rex apparently doesn't buy his jokes and pressed a little harder, "Your place is getting worse, how can put these dogs in."

The man, who's on the ground, looks at Pehry's appearance clearly and his eyes widen, "Peh, Pehry?"

The owner of the Reb club comes from a high class society. His father runs both legal and illegal business, started from an oil company. Their family is unfathomable; nobody dares to mess with them.

But now that he's here and greets Rex casually...

The man turns cold and guesses that Rex is also one of them.

Pehry hears someone call his name and frowns, "You call me?"

The man swallows hard, unable to figure out what he means, hence, he says nothing.

"Are we friend?"

After saying, the other man changes his words directly, "Pehry, we are just too blind that didn't realize that he is your friend. Please let us go, we won't do it again!"

Pehry shakes his head, acts pity and brushes the dust that doesn't even exist on his clothes. "I can't decide."

Rex lifts his shoes, the shiny haute leather shoes glows with cold light and slams the tip of the shoes fiercely into the collarbone.

This position...

With a terrible scream in his ear, Pehry twitches and close his eyes. These people must be insane, daring to mess with Rex!

"I'll say, I'll say!" While watching his companion being tortured, the other couldn't help but yell, "It was Tim who told us to poison her."

His voice echoes through the silent ally. Even though Lily has expected this, hearing it clearly still gives her goose bumps.

Using this kind of brutal method, Tim must really want her to be dead.

How can he call himself a human?

Rex narrows his eyes; it flashes a dangerous light, "What's next after poisoning her?"

"He lets us take her picture ....." The man couldn't help whispering, "takes a nude photo and after that...."

For the rest, it remains unclear, but Rex could guess it, his gloomy handsome face turns even uglier.

Pehry couldn't help but looks at Lily. Only half of her face is shown. How can he wants to mess with this slender figure with approx. one meter six little girl. Such a beast.

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