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Lily's hand stiffens, so do her face, "Hello, Frank."

Carlos casts his eyes on the situation and says, "Looks like you guys are old friends?"

Frank laughs boldly and waves his hand, "Not really a friend. We barely met a few times back in the college and...."

Before it ends, Frank stops and looks at Lily earnestly.

Lily doesn't know what his purpose is and simply says, "It isn't the good memory."

Frank's expression changes slightly, but manage to fake a smile, "Yes, but it's all in the past."

The atmosphere in the room becomes a little awkward by this inexplicable conversation. Carlos, who is a lawyer with a keen sense, feels that they aren't in a good term and hints Frank to take a sit. "Then let's not bother to introduce each other, have a sit please."

Carlos and Frank skip to the topic instantly. Lily, as being told, doesn't do anything but sit beside Carlos and records their whole conversation specifically.

Frank, as the representative of Bao Cloud Group, doesn't have anything to negotiate further about Li's compensation. Carlos' main purpose this time is only to see if there's any better solution for both side to reconcile.

"Carlos, you also know that Li has worked for us for half of his life, but he merely is a prospector, not a manager. Of course, you may think that I'm ruthless. But in today's society, we need to consider every single benefit. He wanted us to compensate him in approx. one hundred thousand. If he beg us, this isn't completely impossible. But this is happening now; the group is not willing to give. " Carlos says while stirring the tea with a smile and glowing puffy face of him, as if this wasn't a big deal.

Lily recalls Li missing finger. Comparing with Frank's smile, she somehow couldn't smile.

Just because of this, Li has been disabled for the rest of his life. However, he says it as if it was a small issue.

Lily couldn't help but feel annoyed. On the contrary, Carlos stays still, just listen to what he said, and then gently says, "Frank, I understand that company has their own limit, but...."

Carlos takes a sip of the tea and put it back down. "Whether one hundred thousand is reasonable or not, you should know clearly."

Frank, who wears glasses, narrows his eyes and intentionally looks puzzled, "What do you mean by that?"

His long fingers tap on the table twice. "I mean, no matter what, the company has to pay the compensation. One hundred thousand is still a reasonable price, regardless what's the company's limit is."

That was only the beginning. Carlos' word indicate that he had ready for the real fight.

As the words fell, Frank is no longer as confident as he was, he laugh awkwardly and says, "You're indeed very bold, which makes us here today. I mean it's kind of possible for Li to get the compensation, but because of the incident, the company had received a lot of negative impacts, so we need Li to cooperate with us."

"How do you want him to cooperate?" Lily couldn't help but asks.

Her clear voice makes both of them stunned.

Carlos looks at the woman sitting beside her. Her eyes are now focused on Frank, who sits opposite her.

Frank moves his glasses to the bridge of his nose, "We also know about his situation, that he has a daughter whom is still in junior high school, and his family condition isn't that good. It is definitely not easy for him to be a single dad. One hundred thousand is actually a small amount for us. But first, we need to make sure that he will cooperate with us for making up the whole story."

"Your story...." Lily repeats it and closes her recording apps, "Frank, we can only guarantee that Li describes the fact. As for your so-called 'making up story', we as a lawyer have no rights to interfere."

"Of course." Frank remarks, "But as we have come to negotiate today, why don't we skip these formal word?"

"You mean...." Carlos interrupts her before she could finish her speech.

"If that was your condition, then we need to negotiate with Li before we can decide."

Frank nods happily, "No problem, I'll patiently wait for your news."

Lily frowns, secretly tighten her hand while holding the teacup. The moderate warm green tea is swallowed in a shot. It gives her throat and body a warm sense, but not her heart.

Carlos then asks another question to him. Before leaving, Frank looks at Lily with his flashing eyes, "I heard that you had married. Sorry I didn't have time to come, let's have a meal soon."

Carlos looks at her, surprised. Lily is also surprised, with a low tone, she says, "My personal affair is not the main issue right now."

Frank laughs, doesn't care about Lily's sarcasm. "As expected, eagles don't breed doves. I never thought that you'll be a lawyer. Who knows, we might meet again, so please take care of me."

Lily squeezes her pink lips and releases it directly, "You're my senior."

Frank says nothing, but only smiles at her and walks out of the room carrying a briefcase.

Lily stares at the man's shadow. Even after he is out of her sight, she is still in a daze. Carlos raises her eyebrows, strides forward to block her vision, "You knew Frank?" Lily shakes her head, but feels wrong either, "Not really close. Only when it comes to my father's case, he's the one in charge, nothing else."

"Your father?"

"Yeah." Throwing back, Lily couldn't say a thing about it. Instead, she recalls their conversation and couldn't help but ask, "Carlos, why didn't you just refuse his condition directly."

Carlos looks serious, "We are just lawyers who are responsible for litigation. When it comes to decision, client will decide."

The implication is, if Li agrees Frank's condition, then they will have a great chance of reconciliation, even if it is wrong.

If Li really agrees, it means that Bao Cloud will spend about one hundred thousand to cover up the facts.

What's the different from spending money to shut someone's mouth?

After all, these are their problem, we as a lawyer has no rights to interfere.

Even though she understands the game, she still can't let it go, "I'm going to the bathroom."

After saying, when Lily is about to get going, before reaching the door, Carlos suddenly grabs her wrists, "Are you married?"

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