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Carlos stops, "What?"

"Looks like there's some misunderstanding. If you hear any rumors, just ignore it." Speaking which, Lily is a little embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Carlos seems much more generous, "it doesn't matter. Just try to make yourself stronger to fight back."

Lily's eyes flickers, "Thank you, Carlos."

Carlos looks at her half-smiled face; her lips are red with white teeth and have a light dimple. After engaging her for several times, this is the first time he saw her smiling like this.

It was like branches that have been soaked by the spring's rain, it gave a comfort sense.


Carlos comes back to his sense and looks away, clearing his throat, "It's fine, just work harder."

After speaking, before Lily even replies, he turns around and enters the office.

When the door is closed, Lily, who is standing in front of the door, touches her nose, turns inexplicably and left.

Nobody has realized that Stella, who had been hiding at the corner, witnesses all of this.


After a hectic morning, it is finally luncheon time. Rex is not at the company; therefore, Lily doesn't have to rush to accompany him.

She deliberately goes to the coffee shop with Crystal to past time after eating.

The two of them stand at the bar and wait for the coffee to grind. When the waiter hands it over, even when Lily hasn't held it firmly, suddenly she is pushed by a huge force from the back and hits her right in the arm.

Lily is incautious. The coffee spill over onto the floor and her hand.

"Ouch!" She couldn't help but exclaims.

Crystal, who is standing on the side, is taken back and moves aside. Looking at her burned hand, she asks, "Are you okay?"

Her white and tender skin turns immediately into light-red-colored. It definitely need a ointment, otherwise, it will blister.

Lily frowns, "I'm fine."

Crystal turns around to look at the doer. Her face looks kind of familiar. It transpire that she is a colleague, but isn't that close. She takes back what she was about to say, instead, she manage to say it politely, "How can you be so careless, didn't you see us standing in front of you."

She expects the other party would at least apologize. But who knows that Stella doesn't feel guilty at all. She merely glanced at Lily's hand and says, "Sorry, I didn't see it."

Didn't see it?

Crystal is indignant. "You can't even see us, and then what can you see?"

"Goodness, I didn't mean it, don't be so exaggerated." Stella glances at the coffee on the floor. "I'll just buy you another cup of it."

Crystal is shocked by her snotty attitude, "it's not about the coffee. It is about your behavior. Is this how you apologize?"

"I didn't even hurt you, why are you mad?" after saying, she glances at Lily and mutters, "I just tried to fawn her....."

Before Crystal takes an action, Lily, who has been silent all this time, stops her and looks at Stella, "You intentionally push me?"

Although she is asking her, her tone is really serious that people won't dare to lie.

Stella panicked for a few seconds, but quickly settled down, "How come, I really didn't see you."

"Really." Lily doesn't bother to continue this topic, instead she suddenly asks, "What's your name?"

Crystal is a little puzzled, but still manages to say, "Stella."

At first, she thinks that Lily will argue with her, she has even prepared all of the script, but she doesn't seem to play with it. Did she find out about her intention, and ask her name for revenge?

She recalls the rumors inside the company. If Lily indeed has a connection with the superior, will she report her?

Stella regrets for being so impulsive. Lily says nothing but only a word "okay" and left.

Crystal follows her out of the cafe, doesn't understand her action. "That's it?"

"What else, you want me to fight?" Lily looks at her funnily.

Crystal is still not satisfied, "You'd never even offended her, she just did it on purpose!"

"I didn't even know her, let alone offend her." Lily says helplessly, "Looks like she just dislike me."

The office is a small society, which include various kind of people. Lots of people that you don't recognize might talk behind you.

But what can we do, there is no better way except ignore it.

Crystal finally soothes down, aware that after all they are co-workers. "But why did you ask her name?"

Lily's eyelid narrows, "Just to scare her."

Crystal puzzles, and then laughs, "You are hypocrite."


At three in the afternoon, Carlos calls her to his office, asks her to prepare to meet a client tonight.

Lily returns and read through all of the case again. Even though she doesn't memorize it fluently, she is familiar overall.

Before leaving, after hesitating for a while, she decides to tell Rex that she will come home late tonight. As to avoid him losing his temper, she will be the one who suffers though.

However, he doesn't answer the phone. Lily has tried to call for a few times but still no one answers. Thinking that he might busy working, Lily doesn't bother to call him anymore but leave a message.

When she is about to keep her phone, a black Porsche Panamera suddenly stops in front of her. Lily peeks to the logo of the car, it undoubtedly is a Porsche.

This car cost at least eighty-seven thousands, but still, Carlos as a top lawyer will definitely able to afford it.

The window lowers, revealing good-looking eyes, "Get in."

Lily gets in the car and both of them went together.

The others party booked a place in a VIP membership tea house, which is located next to a scenic lake in an urban area. The environment is superb; Lily had been there before with Tim. The price of each tea starts from five digits.

Half an hour later, the car stops. Carlos unbuckled his seat belt and look aside, "Let's go!"

Lily is nervous. "Carlos, what should I say inside?"

"What do you want to say?"

".... I have no idea."

Carlos smiles "Calm down. The main purpose is for you to learn something, don't stress yourself."

Lily nods and cheers herself up.

Carlos unintentionally looks at her burned arm and frowns, "What happen to your arm?"

Lily doesn't say much, "I accidentally burn it. Not a big deal."

"Have you put a cream?"

Lily nods, "Yes."

"Be careful next time. Girls don't look good with scars."

She doesn't expect Carlos would say such a thing, with an awkward smile, she says, "Thank you."

After they get out of the car, a waiter from the tea house, who has already waited them, leads them to the private room. As soon as the door opened, Lily is stunned by the man sitting inside.

Apparently, the other party has noticed her. After greeting Carlos, he smiles at Lily and says, "Long time no see, Lily."

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