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He has noticed it earlier before that Tim stalks Lily. But he doesn't tell her about it, even now.

He doesn't answer her, but takes a deep breath and swallows into his throat. "Pack your stuff tonight, so you won't need to come again tomorrow."

Lily is out of spirit for a few seconds, "Did the evidence that I gave enough?"

"Enough." His lips gently spits out a ray of white mist.

She then moves closer, looking at him very seriously, "Really?"

If she really wants to leave, she need to frankly to Tim. There will be not going back after leaving. This is why; deal or not deal depends on her.

Rex throws the remaining half of the cigarette out of the window and lifts her chin up using the same fingers, "Why, unwilling to leave?"

Lily bits her lips then let go, "You know it's impossible."

She used to be loved Tim a lot, but now she hates him a lot, otherwise she wouldn't spend so much effort to seek for revenge.

Under the yellow dim lights, her face, which only was as big as his palm, is white and tender. Her eyes are extremely large and shiny.

His coarse fingertips slightly run across her pinky lips, which makes her nervous by looking at him.

Rex suddenly turns into a serious mood, "It's not about the evidence. I just didn't want to see Tim holding you anymore."

Lily understands what he mean, her ears went red and her eyelashes fluttered uneasily, "Sorry."

Apart from sorry, she doesn't know what else to say, and doesn't even dare to figure out the meaning of the word.

His gaze fell upon her soft lips, "Your sorry, was too easy."

Lily is confused. But the moment she looks up, her lips is kissed hard by him.

The kiss is too suddenly that she totally forgets to response. Obviously, Rex doesn't have any patience to wait but directly pried open her lips and breaks in. With the ferocity, he swept every inch of her mouth.

As if to declare, this body belongs to me.

Lily opens her eyes and looks at his perfect face but still letting his aggression breaks in and even forgot to breathe. When her lungs started to feel sore, she begins to resist.

Rex doesn't continue to entangled, instead, he let her go and looks down onto her little mouth stained with red radiant gloss.

Even her chest are depressed 'till out of breath. She thinks he coming here tonight is to tell her about the evidence?

In fact, it is because Tim holding her makes him feel unhappy that lost his patience and drive all the way.

And kissed her, which wasn't planned at all.

Lily touches her lips. They have even done the intimate things, but not kiss.

The reason behind this remains unclear. The feeling of kiss him in the midst put butterfly in her stomach, but why he did suddenly.....

The atmosphere becomes weird instantly since Rex seems doesn't plan to say anything. Lily is too nervous that didn't know what to do. When she is about to break the silence, she is interrupted by a rush of telephone ringing.

It is Rex's phone.

His gaze fell on the caller ID. After hesitating for a while, he gets out of the car. "Hello Kiki..."

He walks far enough that Lily can't hear anything. But she has heard him saying the word "Kiki" in a soft and intimate way.

Lily looks at his shadow under the tree, her mind keeps on re-playing his soft tone. She has never heard it, including his current posture, never had she ever seen it.

It must be a special person ,that such a emotionless man turns into gentle.

Lily shifts her vision and tugs her hair behind the ears. What exactly is she expecting......

Under the dim light, even though Rex keeps on listening to the soft voice from the phone, his gaze has been continuously looking at the woman inside the front passenger seat of the car. In a moment of distraction, he intermittently hears the voices.

Ain't got reply, the woman couldn't help but ask, "Hello Rex, are you still there?"

Rex comes back to his sense. While he hum a sound, he notices that Lily unfasten her seat belt and quickly says, "Kiki, it's late, I still got some work to do, go get some rest first."

The woman's voice pauses and with a thoughtfully tone, she says, "Okay, I'll contact you later. You too get some rest, don't overwork."

"Okay, good night." Rex hangs up.

At the same time, Lily gets out the car. When she is about to leave, her arm is pulled by force and spontaneously looks at his displeased face. "Did I told you to go?"

Lily looks condensed, her voices is full of anger and frustration, "Haven't you kissed enough yet?"

Rex's face turns dark, "Do you think I want you to stay just because to kiss you? You think you are a diamond?"

Lily pouts, "... No, I know you're not like that."

Of course she's not a diamond. The diamond is that woman he talks to earlier.

Hearing Lily's responses, Rex, who expects her to refute, doesn't know what to do.

As autumn approaches, the temperature is just nearly ten degrees. Lily, who rushed out hurriedly, only wears a t-shirts. Rex watches Lily rubs the palms of her arms, he then gets in the car to take out a black jacket and put it over her shoulder.

Lily shrugs, "It's fine, I'm not cold..."

Even before she finishes, Rex pulls her by force into his arms, "Put them on, or else I'll take off your clothes."


Lily flushes and doesn't even dare to look at him, but only be obedient and let him zip up.

She silently dresses up. When she is about to leave again, Rex has finally out of patient and pulls her. It makes her wedged between his chest and the hatch.

In an un-amused tone, he says, "You want to mess with me?"

Lily looks at his burning eyes, aware that if she says something unpleasant again, he will make her pay for the price. This is why she just shakes her head. "No."



Why so shy?

What have he done to her?

His face freezes again, "What's wrong?."

Lily sarcastically says, "You're my boss, I won't dare."

"Your boss?" Rex laughs mockingly, which giving her chills, and raises her chin up, "Seriously?"

Lily is forced to look at him, feeling unease but manage to say, "You said it yourself."

Rex squints his eyes, thinking, "Very smart, and oppose me with my own words".

He pokes his lips and nods, "Do you know how to treat a boss?"

Lily freezes. She hasn't even got a chance to answer and he has pulled the jacket off. It was stuck on her elbow at first, but he manage to pin her hands to the back and pull it off.

The white cotton t-shirt isn't that thick. The neckline is slightly torn and exposes her smooth yet delicate shoulder; even her black bra's strap is seen.

When the coldness struck, Lily turns pale with fright and struggles as much as she could, "You, what are you doing?!"

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