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Rex pushes the inner walls of the mouth using the tip of his tongue and sighs coldly, "Then what about your effort to that little girl, Vicky?"

"This is entirely two different things." Ander sits upright and in more seriousness tone he says, "Anyway, as your best buddy, I would say that this kind of woman is dangerous, you'd better watch out."

"You're upset when I didn't have a girl, now that I'd a girl, why are you still worried?"

Ander shouts, "But there's still a lot of woman out there, why didn't you find someone else beside her?"

Rex poke up his lips, "Someone else? The others didn't have her skill. I just want to have sex with her. What should I do?"

Ander groans and titles his head, "That makes some sense...."


On the other hand, Tim silently drives Lily to the villa. Tim is unusually quiet, it is like something had hit his head, which makes Lily feels unease.

She would rather he gets irritated and questions her relationship with Rex, but not this silence.

Lily couldn't help but moves her legs, knowing that her anklet is still there put her at ease.

They arrive at the Villa and Tim parks at the garage directly. In the middle of the dark, Lily hears the car-locking sound, which makes her heartbeat races.

He shuts the engine off. It is very peaceful that only their inaudible breathing is heard.

Lily swallows hard and tries to remain calm, "I want to get out."

"Get out? Okay." Tim's face is a little soaked in the dark. "But first answer my question and I'll let you go."

Lily stares at him surly, "What do you want to know?"

"When did you start to work at that company?"

Lily blinks twice, "After I decide to divorce." Not saying the exact date.

"How did you get in the interview?"

"Just a normal interview. It has two season of recruitment every year."

Tim couldn't let her go just like that, he then asks again, "Then what's your relationship with Rex?"

"I didn't have any relationship with him." Lily retracts her gaze, just realizing Tim's intention a few seconds later, "Why do you ask?"

Tim asks her back, as if were giving a hint, "What do you think?"

Lily froze. Back then, she is only speculating, but now, she is fully aware that Tim has already known her relationship with Tim, or otherwise he will not bother to ask.

But how did he know?

Lily's heart beat faster, clueless of how much Tim has known. If he has really known her relationship with Rex, would he also know her purpose of returning this time?"

Just when Lily is in a state of confusion with varying kind of thoughts, Tim presses over her body.

Lily startled and tries to reach out, "What are you doing!"

Tim doesn't really plan to do anything. To be precise, he wouldn't even dare. He is just like Lily, speculating things out. He is trying to figure Rex out.

That man can't be easily provoked.

Tim only stares at Lily. "You haven't even divorced, but have hurt me and have illegal love affair. Do you think you can get divorced?"

Lily frowned, "Tim, divorce is good for us. Don't you want to get rid of me?"

She doesn't understand. Why did he always get annoyed when speaking of divorce? Previously, she thought all of this is because the property divisions things. But now, she is uncertain.

Especially today, he comes to the company out of blue.

Tim is stunned by her questions, but soon he recovers and says, "I need to remarry after divorcing you. It's so much trouble to deal with, so why not just stay?"

"Oh," Lily sneered, "In your eyes, what exactly does marriage and wife means? Is it a drama or barely an identity? I'm sick of this game. After all, marriage doesn't mean anything to you, if you still want to play, please find someone else."

Lily looks up at his dazzled face, "Open the door."


Leaving the car, Lily hesitates to enter the house. If she wants to act, she needs to act till the end. Rushing out now might not be the best choice.

The dinner is set out by the housemaid. Four dishes and one soup are set on the table. The smells of it form a warmth sense to the peaceful living room.

Throwing back last year at this time, she will feel really blessed. At that time, Tim rarely comes home by dinner, even if he's home doing nothing, she is happy. But it's a pity that she has deleted this man from her heart, only numb and cold are left.

After taking a shower, Lily simply locks herself in the room and sorts out the file from this afternoon, adding number on each of it.

The clocks keep on ticking. When she looks up again, it is already nine o'clock in the evening. Her concentration makes her thirsty. When she is about to go downstairs to grab a drink, she passes the master bedroom and unexpectedly hears a moan coming from inside.

"Oh, Tim..."

Lily stopped. Her eyes unintentionally look inside, thinking whether it is intentional by not closing the door.

After the other night, Lily doesn't feel any heartache like she used to anymore. She is not surprise at all, which makes her heartless.

Speaking of which, she is glad that she accidently caught them together. The earlier, the better. She would rather die than make a fresh start.

When the two of them are getting more intense, and when Lily is about to leave, her phone in the pocket chimes. She quickly hide, but was too late, they heard it.

Tim's body stiffens on the top of Jade's body for a while and fiercely says, "Shout loudly."

He intentionally lets Lily sees it and Jade is also willingly to cooperate.

Lily, who is now on the next door, turns her attention to the phone. Looking at the caller ID on the screen, she walks downstairs briskly to pick it up, "Rex?"

"Come out, I'm at the gate." Concise, as usual.

Lily doesn't think of staying any longer too, grabbing her bag and phone, she left.

In front of the gate, quietly parks a Bentley Mulliner on the side of the road. Lily runs quickly and opens the door, gets into the car, and panting hardly, "What are you doing here?"

Instead of a suit, he wears a high-quality wool sweater with a pair of casual trousers and also a scene of mint perfume, his hair is scattered all over his forehead, obviously coming from home.

Rex looks at her panting face.

Moments later, Lily, who finds she is being weirdly stared, reaches out her hand to touch her face. "What's wrong?"

Rex then looks away, "Nothing."

After speaking, he lit a cigarette. The window is half-opened and white smoked drifts out. After hesitating for a while, Lily finally breaks the silence, "Looks like Tim has found out our relationship. He even comes to the company and troubles you, sorry."

His slender fingertips lighted on the soot, with a small voice, he says, "I know."

Lily frowned, "You know?"

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