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Lily returns to the company at once after sending her parents to home.

It is noon by the time she arrived. Crystal hands her the files of the meeting earlier today and lowers her voice, saying, "You know what, Julia was furious when I said you took a day off. I thought you were absence today."

Took a day off?

Lily is surprised. So many things have happened in the last few hours that she doesn't even have time to ask for permission. However, who have helped her?

In a flash, Lily thinks of that cold-faced.

Besides Rex, nobody has such ability.

Just so, Crystal becomes a thorn in her flesh.

"I might have offended her." Lily replies helplessly while holding up the dossier files on the table, "Crystal, I'm off to the meeting with Carlos."

Crystal makes an OK gesture and says, "Okay, I'll covered things up for you."

When Lily enters the meeting room, Carlos and Mary have been there. Carlos acknowledges her presence but doesn't say anything and starts the meeting right away.

After the meeting, Carlos suddenly says, "You may leave now and Lily, please stay for a while."

Mary is stunned and gives Lily an alarm look. Even if she is unwilling to leave, there's nothing she can do but only be obedient.

Only two of them left in the conference room. Lily is briefing through the file earnestly when Carlos asks, "You are Lily, right?"

Lily freezes and nods, "Yes."

Carlos put down the pen on the table and leans back, giving a casual posture but is on a sense of oppression, "Have I ever told you that I didn't like any personal matter involved in the work?"

It is hard for Lily to neglect those words, "Yes."

"Then what's going on today? Crystal said you'd took a day off, but why didn't I receive any message from you?" Carlos smirks and sit upright in his position, both hands on the table, "or am I not qualified enough to receive any message from you?"

"No." Lily afraid he might misunderstand and explains hastily, "I didn't mean it. The incident happened suddenly that I didn't have time to ask for leave. I promise there will be no next time."

"I don't need your bullshit." Carlos says harshly, "If you did it again, I'll fired you. I don't need a newbie who can't even respect their superiors. Do you understand?"

Lily wants to bury her head in the sand right now and says, "Yes."

Carlos now fixes his gaze to Lily, "We are expecting a client this afternoon, and you'll be in charge."

"Me?" Lily lifts up her head and points to herself.

"Why, you didn't want?"

"It's not that I didn't want to....." it is just that she is a newbie and now Carlos wants her to be in charge of the client. She has no confident at all.

Carlos looks at her shock expression but doesn't bother at all. Instead, he throws a copy of a file, "Learn the case, I'll be there, so don't be afraid."

Knowing that he'll be there too put her at ease. "Thank you, I....."

Carlos cuts her off and waves in disgust, "Ok, get out."


At half past two, Lily follows Carlos to the reception room. A man wearing a gray jacket with approximately one meter seven height walks into the room.

"Carlos." The man, who has a longed leg yet somehow unstable in walking, stretches out his hand towards Carlos. This shows that he is a quite respectful man.

Carlos shakes his hand, "Mr. Li, this is my assistant. Lily."

This is the first time Lily ever heard someone called her a lawyer. Lily is very excited and shakes Mr. Li's hand. "Hello."


She feels strange when holding his hand. It turns out that Mr. Li has only three fingers left in his palm.

Lily's eyebrows flutter slightly and pulls her hands out without changing her expression, in order to hide her surprised.

Carlos glances at her and talks to Mr. Li, "Have a seat, please."

After a conversation, Lily learns that Mr. Li is engaged in an exploration work in a coal mining company before. However, some accident occurred during an underground exploration, which resulted in a comminuted fracture on his left leg, and the index finger, ring finger and pinky finger of his right hand went missing.

That accident has almost tearing his whole life apart, owing to the fact that he still has a secondary-year-old daughter.

"Carlos, Mary, I have worked for them for nearly 20 years without taking any interest. But look at me now, they aren't even willing to compensate me....." Mr. Li cried out.

Men only weep when they were deeply grieved.

Lily takes a deep breath to calm down and pass a paper towel for him. "Don't worry. This wasn't a difficult case; we'll make sure you get the compensation."

Carlos glances at her abruptly, but didn't say much. He keeps still his emotion and continues understanding Mr. Li's situation. He is too calm that Lily feels he really is a cold-blooded person.

The interview lasts for two hours. After sending Mr. Li, Carlos calls Lily to his office.

When the two is walking to the office, they happen to meet Rex and numbers of the company executives.

When Lily has not even reacted to the situation, Carlos has stopped and shouted respectfully. "Rex."

"Hello." Rex greets and unintentionally looks at Lily.

Lily's heart tightens and through her trembling teeth, she manages to greet, "Rex."

Rex shifts his gaze from Lily to Carlos, as if he doesn't know her well and says, "Newbie?"

"Yes, she's my junior. I just took her to meet a client."

His eyes are dark with some unfathomable emotion, hardly breathe. After a moment, he nods slightly, "Have a good day."

The moment he passes, Lily lets out a sign of relief. Carlos raises his eyebrows and says, "What are you nervous about?"

Lily freezes her expression. "Nothing, just nervous to see the boss."

Fortunately, they stand side by side; therefore Carlos can't see her expression longer and doesn't continue to ask further.

And yet, Mary watches the whole scenario. She has heard the whole conversation just now, thinking, Lily hasn't been here for a week and had met a client? Even 'I' has only stepped on the consultation room several times before!

And did Carlos just pat her shoulder?

Mary squeezes her document. Her flawless make-up face gradually becomes slightly distorted.

There's rumor saying that Lily isn't an ordinary girl, but haven't she thought that she would dare to show it off in front of Carlos. What a disgrace!

"Mary, what are you doing here?" a colleague of her sees her standing blankly and elbows her gently.

Mary returns from her thought and says, "Nothing....."

She looks down as if are thinking something, then raises her head, with a hint of hesitation and timidity in her voice, she asks, "Stell, I just saw Lily and Carlos walked together to his office. What do you think...."

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