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She wakes up the next day all alone by herself. Lily hardly fell asleep last night; she even heard the door closing sound when Rex left.

She remembers everything that happened yesterday, including Tim.

Getting up slowly from the bed, the soreness of her body reminded her how fierce they are last night. Her clothes are scattered all over the floor. Lily folds back her eyelids, feeling lost.

She takes the phone, come upon countless of missed call and text message. Problems need to be solved whether you like it or not.

Lily calls Bree back. Just as expected, she is messed up at the moment it is connected.

"Lily, where are you? You didn't even pick up your phone all night, your father and I are so worried!"

Lily raises her hand to rub her brows, "Mom, I'm fine."

Bree lower her voices and asks, "Is it you that hurt Tim?"


"You..." Lily stammers, "You're insane!"

"Mom, where are you?"

"I'm in the Hospital with your father and the Tim's family. Call me when you're here, I'll pick you up."


Lily takes a cab to the Hospital. Forty minutes later, she meets Bree, who have come downstairs in advance to pick her up and they go up together. As they are about to leave the elevator, Susan blocks them.

The flawless face turns fierce instantly.

"Lily, you'd hurt my son so badly, didn't you feel sorry?!" The sharp voice cuts through her eardrum.

"Is he awake?" Lily looks pale. She has imagined all the scenes that might happen before coming, including Susan's temper.

"Not yet!" Jev points at her face bluntly, "If anything happen to my son, I will never let you go!"

Lily, not saying a word, walks to the corridor's bench and sit down. She is pale after hearing that Tim is still unconscious. "Relax, I won't run away."

Bree and Harry feel bad for her, but can't blame her too.

Nothing is more important than human's life. If Tim wakes up, everything will be easier.

After another hour, the nurse comes out and said that the patient has awakened.

Susan goes inside the ward with tears in her eyes. While looking at Tim, whose head is covered with gauze, she shed more tears. Looking at the situation, Harry feels more worried.

The situation is much worse than expected.

"Tim, how do you feel?" Jev steps forward and asks with a very concerned tone.

"I'm okay." says Tim with a hoarse voice. He scans around the room and finally lands on Lily. He furiously says, "Lily, how dare you come?"

Lily steps closer to ask the doctor about his condition. After knowing that he is okay, she finally feels much more relief. "Tim, let's talk alone."

"What do you want to say! Do you still want to hurt him?" Susan shoves Lily violently.

Lily almost fell but fortunately, Harry got her in time. "Susan, please keep calm!"

"Keep calm? Have you seen what she did to my son? How dare you told me to keep calm? You have not educate your daughters well."

Hearing those words, Lily frowns tightly, "I might have did something wrong, but my parents have nothing to do with this, so please don't insult them."

It doesn't matter if Susan offended her, but Harry and Bree shall not be dragged into this.


"Mom, stop!" Tim cuts her and glances at Lily. "Leave us alone."

"No! What if she tried to hurt you again?"

"Mom!" Tim adds, "Everybody is here, she won't dare, relax."

In the end, Tim wins the argument.

The crowds left, leaving only Tim and Lily in the ward. Lily watches him closely and stride to the end of his bed, "Tim, why I fall in love with you before?"

Tim doesn't except her first sentence would be criticizing. His eyes darkens, "Do you regret it now?"

"Yes, I regret it." Lily doesn't even hesitate for a second, "I regret knowing you, regret liking you and most regret for ignoring people's opinion to marry you."

If she could turn back time, she would rather never know this person.

Things have developed so far, they have no feelings of affection. Jade is like a parasite among them. These parasite make them destroying each other. In their relationship, Tim is too adamant, and Lily is also no different.

Obviously, Tim hasn't expect this coming, owing to the fact that he doesn't know what to response.

He has never seen Lily like this. She used to be full of affection in her eyes, but now he couldn't feel a little.

Moments later, Tim comes back to his sense. While looking at his infusion, he says, "You want to divorce? You have hurt me, so do you think you can leave me?"

Lily squints, "what do you mean?"

"If you give up the divorce, I'll let you go this time. But if you insist on getting divorce, I'll sue you for intentionally hurting me." Reflecting Lily's trembling eyes, he adds, "Lily, think about your parents, do you think divorce will worth?"

Lily clenches up her fists, "I promise to leave without taking anything, happy now?"

"No." Tim raises his eyebrows, "I still want this marriage."

Lily chuckles and says, "You don't even love me, there's no point."

Being alone would be better than marriage without happiness.

"You want to leave me to be with your lover, right?" Tim looks down, "Even if I can't have you, I won't let others have you!"

Lily grits her teeth, "You are such a lunatic!"

Tim sneers, "It's a pity that you are stuck with me."

Lily stares at him, thinking of his words. Why he is still alive?

"There no way to turn back time, you should have think carefully before hurting me." Tim says while pointing to his own head.

Lily looks down, "If I'd known this result, I should have killed you."

"Then let's continue our marriage and see who will have a nervous breakdown."

Without further ado, Lily leaves the ward.

Everybody is waiting in the corridor. Aware that she has come out, Susan stares at her vigilantly and enters the ward hastily, afraid that she might did something to her son again.

Harry walks wearily, "How was it?"

Lily gathers her emotion and says, "Everything's fine, you may go now, I'll handled it myself."

"How can you handle it? You can't even fight back." Bree says anxiously.

Lily sighs, "He refuses to divorce, there's nothing to do."

"Lily, I know you are a smart girl, but even how tough it was, you shouldn't have hit him!" Bree's eyes are red, showing frighten.

Lily is unable to say about the sexual harassment, instead, she can only soothe herself, "I know, calm down, I know what I'm doing."

Inside, while Susan is checking out his condition, Tim takes out his phone and texts a message, "Check what Lily is doing recently, including who she is hanging out with. Text I back as soon as possible."

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