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There is a pain in the forehead all of sudden. Something knock over his head and buzz instantly. He looks upon his underneath, her pale face is absolutely stained. The verdant finger hold the European-style lamp from the bedside.

The warm liquid flows from his forehead. Tim reaches out and feels the sticky touch. It is scarlet colored.

Lily watches as the blood flow out. Tim is soaked with blood on half of his face and even his eyes are stained with red. She is so startled that she throws out the lamp, pushes him away and stands by the bed. Even before she can recover from her frighten, Tim covers his wound and comes towards her with a dreadful face.


Lily opens the door and runs out. She quickly locks the master bedroom using the spare key on her body, takes out her phone and dial the police. After reporting the address, she run to the study room to unplug the flash drive and rushes out from the villa....

The cold night breeze of the dawn blowing her tear-streaked face like a blade across her skin. Lily panicked. She follows the villa's trail and runs to the main road in one breath without stopping.

After running violently, her lungs are sore. She sits on the side of the road with a car passing occasionally but she is too panicked that doesn't know what to do.

The red blood is still on her mind. Tim has hurt badly just now, will he be alright? What if he die, would she be sentenced for it?

If she has known earlier, she will not be that hard, pushing him away will be enough. She has never thought to kill him, never...

At the moment, Lily's mind is chaotic, she has all varies of thoughts, from pessimistic to depressed. It is like a large invisible net entangled her tightly and deadly even breathing is hard.

She is too hurried just now that she forgets to bring her phone. In the boundless night, she doesn't know where to go.

Time passed minute by minute, she hears the siren of the ambulance and watches as it drive into the villa. The ambulance comes out again in less than ten minutes.

It must be here to pick Tim up, 'I' wonder how is he now.....

Lily stands up staggeringly. When she is about to leave, a SUV stops beside her. With a squeak, the tire rubs the ground and hit her with a white dazzling light.

She subconsciously raises her hand to cover her eyes. However, before she can even see the person clearly, her arm is pinched by a huge force. She is dragged away from the dazzling light into the car. Finally, she sees a face full of anger and extremely familiar one on the other side.

"How can you know I am here....." Lily asks in a small and trembling voice. Her words are out of tone.

While fixing his gazed with her ragged cloth, Rex's eyebrows tightened. By the time he is about to speak, Lily's lower abdomen suddenly drops some blood. His eyes narrows, "Are you injured?"

Following his vision, Lily looks down with her teary eyes. She raises her hand to cover her face and couldn't help crying out loud. "It wasn't me, it was Tim......"

Rex's heart sinks slightly. "What did you do to him?"

"I hit him; he's in the hospital now. I wonder if he will die...." Lily speaks almost incoherently, "The ambulance has taken him away, I've been sitting here all the time, I saw it myself..."

"Lily." Rex holds onto her face while calling her name. When he meets the gaze, he finds that her eyes aren't even focus. "Look at me."

Lily closes her eyes and hot tears fall upon. "Rex, I'm broke. Tim will never let me go...."

"No." The masculine voice is so calm, every word is so firm. "He won't die."

Hearing those words, Lily opens her eyes. Her long lashes are wet with tears, as if are taken out of the water, "....really?"

"Trust me." Rex takes of his coat and put it on her shoulders. If only he goes to bed without checking her position tonight, he wouldn't know what will happen.

Sitting on the street in the middle of the night, even if Tim haven't die, she might have had an accident first.

Rex brings her directly to the garden. Being here once again, Lily is in a completely different vibes.

Seeing her standing blankly at the door, his bents down in order to take out a pairs of slippers and place it at her feet, "Go take a shower."

Lily couldn't help tightening her clothes, recalling what had just happened. Even though she is still out of her sense, she obediently changes her shoes and heads to the second floor.

Looking through her somehow unstable body, Rex ceases his eyebrow again, but said nothing this time.

Rex changes his clothes. There was actually some business awaiting to be done, but after listening to the sound of water from the master bedroom, he decides to returned to the room.

He is half-lying on the bedside when suddenly comes a loud sound from the bathroom. Rex strides forward, knocking on the door with his long fingers, "Lily?"

There is only the sound of water, no body replies.

Rex's eyes sinks, he opens the door directly.

She is crouching on the ground in the middle of the thick steam. Her hair is wet covered with water and is about to pick up a broken crystal cup by her feet.....

Rex steps forward to pull her, but is too late. A bright red blood comes out of the broken fingertips. Lily feels numb and bow slightly, "I'm sorry...."

Rex finally bursts out his anger, gripping the palm of her wrist with almost all of his strength, "Sorry for what?"

Lily's eyes are reddish, "For destroying your thing."

"Anything else?"

Watching her bowing her head and not talking, Rex simply pinches her cheeks and lifts her head up, forcing her to look upon herself, "Do you need me to say it? Are you sorry for breaking my things, or are you sorry for hurting Tim?"

Lily is a little awakens by his pinched. Her little hand rests on the back of his hand. Deep inside her eyes are hopeless, it leads to drops of liquid from the corner of the eyes that is mixed up with water. "Rex, I'm scared...."

"You scared?" He laughs wickedly, giving goosebumps. "Then do it, do until you're not afraid!"

He unbuttons his clothes and presses her against the wall. The cold tiles stimulated Lily's body. She watches him over as he breaks into her body....

Why does she not feel nauseous with Rex like what she feels with Tim.

Lily is too perplexed to find the exit. She clearly feels his presence in her body. It hits her soul so deep as if to be embedded in her body.

From the bathroom to sofa and now in the bed. They have been entangled for quite a long time, too long that she can't tell whether it is real or just a dream.

This relationship is started by him, yet she gradually drowns to it. Lily looks against the light to the man lying on his back; a tears unconsciously run through her face and eventually fell to her hair. "Rex, why did you never kiss me?"

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