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She subconsciously looks around, no one there, and she is relieved. "Why do you get down?"

Rex doesn't answer, and his eyes fall on the documents she has spread out. "Didn't you just sort it out?"

Lily is stunned. Expectedly, he never forgets. He just glances at document last time but remembers it now.

"Our director said there is a mistake and asked me to redo it."

"What's wrong?"

Lily grimaces, "I don't know."

"Don't know?" Rex raises his eyebrows, and his long fingers fall on one of the pages. He taps twice. "No mark?"

"No." Lily looks up at him and says, "Let me examine by myself."

Rex looks at the slight cyan color under the big eyes of the woman, pulls a chair around the desk and sits beside her, and takes the documents on the desk. "Where have you seen?"

"Ah?" Lily is confused and blinks at him.

"I ask how much have you seen."

After a while, Lily turns the document back two pages. "Here."

Rex continues to read quietly in the huge office. His ears are full of her breaths. Lily can't help but look at the man on the side with the extra light. He is only wearing a shirt. She doesn't know where his coat is. A luxury wrist watch on his left hand makes him nobler. His hair is neatly combed, showing a bright and full forehead. He is particularly handsome.


This is the first word that flashes in Lily's mind. Unlike in bed, when he works seriously, there is an impulse that people could not approach him but could not help coveting.

Lily can't help turning her head around and looking at her. She doesn't realize it at all. Her eyes are naked, which makes Rex unable to concentrate.

"Look at the file."

The man's cold voice falls into his ears, and Lily realizes her embarrassment. Her face and neck have turned red. She quickly withdraws her sight.

Obsessed with man...

Lily thinks Rex would read for a long time, but within half an hour, he has found out two mistakes and marks the suggestions for revision.

Although Rex's image in her heart has always been beast, she has to admit that he is more professional than anyone in the field of law.

He is so powerful that Lily feels that those articles are just a part of his brain and can be taken out at any time without any reference.

"They are all low-level mistakes. Don't make them again in the future." Rex gives the document back to her.

"I see. Thank you." Lily is a little embarrassed somehow. If Julia knows what Rex does for her, she would probably hate her to pick her skin.

The woman's intuition tells her that Julia hates her so much; maybe it has something to do with Rex.

"Pack up and I'll take you back."

When Lily sees that he is going to leave, she grabs the man's cuff and says, "No, yesterday you sent me home. Tim saw that. Today, I'll go back by myself, so that he won't be suspicious."

"I'll take you to the gate of the villa area."

It's far away from the single house over there.

Lily does not dare to take risks. "Forget it; I'll go back by myself. It's not too early, so as to avoid trouble..."

"Go to the car first."


Lily is stunned for a few seconds. Isn't she refusing to get on the car now?

No way. Finally, she follows Rex to Bentley. However, as soon as she gets on the car, she has no chance to regret.

Rex almost holds her whole body to her legs without saying a word. The driver's seat is pulled back to the top. On the basis of maximizing space, the two bodies could also be close together.

Lily breathes heavily, "What are you doing?"

The man's eyes are deep, like a layer of deep water that can't see the bottom, "Make up for yesterday."

He reaches for Lily's collar button and is held down by him. She is almost begging. "Rex..."


"At noon, we just had..." Speaking of this topic openly, Lily is still embarrassed.

The man keeps clapping, "We didn't do it yesterday."

"..." Lily's face is too red, "But it's too late now."

"So you work harder. If you have the ability, let me hurry up. If you don't have the ability, you just suffer."

Lily is completely defeated. Well, she doesn't have that ability.

Her clothes are soon taken off. The plump breasts are covered with black lace underwear. And there are some traces left by him at noon. Mixed with her delicate and white skin, there is an unspeakable sense of charm.

The man's cool thin lip down, Lily could not help but look back, her neck crossing the beautiful arc, like a proud white swan.

He takes out full patience, tempts and defeats Lily, letting Lily sink into the frenzy of passion, but tortures her at the last critical moment.

The body is empty, and Lily grips the shirt on his chest, "Rex, Rex..."

Her voice is soft. She is so charming that any man will surrender when he hears it.

Rex forces himself to bear the desire, and deliberately grinds her, "Darling, tell me what you want?"

Lily is seduced by him. Her lips are pink and open unconsciously. "You..."

"Who am I?"


Crystal sweat falls on the delicate skin of the woman, and Rex feels hot.

Get the answer he wants, and bury himself in her body without hesitation.


After two high-intensity "Sports" a day, when Lily gets dressed, the whole person is exhausted, and she lies in the car chair until the car stops at the gate of the villa.

Lily unties her seat belt and waves listlessly, "I'm leaving."

The man strokes the edge of the steering wheel slowly. "I can't wait too long. Get evidence faster."

What does the "can't wait" mean in his mouth? Lily knows most. She closes the car door with a red face. She responds unclearly and walks towards the villa behind her.


When she gets home, she doesn't see the figure of Tim. The room is quiet. Lily changes her shoes and goes to the second floor. No one is still there.

Not at home?

Lily tentatively shouts, "Tim?"

No one responds her. It is a quiet room.

She steps lightly and looks at the study gate at the end of the second floor. Usually, Tim works there at home, and there are many important documents of his company.

Lily gently bits her lips and walks slowly. But the door of the study is locked. She steps to the master bedroom and takes out the spare key from the small drawer under the wardrobe.

After opening the door of the study, there are a pile of documents on the desk. Lily walks quickly and opens them casually.

She doesn't dare to delay time and looks through drawers, but she doesn't dare to move too much, so that Tim could see that things have been moved, so she could only be as careful as possible, and there is a layer of sweat on her forehead for a while.

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