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At the end of one time, Lily is so tired that she couldn't stand up in the car chair. She looks at the time, and it is only 20 minutes before work time. She almost wants to slaps herself.

She just has something wrong with her brain that she reasoned with Rex.

On the other hand, the man with a tie has no influence at all.

Before getting off, Lily is scolding him in her heart. Maybe Rex has a conscience. He calls her, "I won't interfere in your work later."

Her hand pulling the door of the car stops for a while, and she looks back him in disbelief, "Really?"

The man sneers, "You think I want to care about you?"

Lily whispers, "I think you really care about me."

"Say what?"

Lily says, "I thank you for your kindness. I will never let you go when I am a ghost."

"You are a ghost, and I still can make you comfortable..." Before he finishes speaking, a soft touch suddenly appears on his lips.

Lily's face is red, and she raises her hand to cover his open lips. She glares, "Stop talking!"

Rex hooks lip, pulls open her hand, "Go."

Lily gets out of the car and runs into the elevator as if. Before Rex could catch up, she hurriedly closes the door of the elevator. Rex stands in the same spot.

The exhaustion of a morning dissipates most, Rex feels so relaxed. Now Lily's cheek is so thin, how she can bear in the future?


When Lily arrives at the office, she still has 10 minutes to have a rest. She does not forget to bring a drink for Crystal.

"Thank you."

"Nothing." Lily is relieved at last when she sits down.

After this incident this morning, although Julia is dissatisfied with her, she doesn't ask Lily to sort out the materials any more. Instead, she assigns a guidance lawyer to her, Carlos, one of the senior lawyers of this law firm. He has fought numerous lawsuits, large and small, and is good at business disputes.

At the same time, Mary, the new comer, also comes here.

In the conference room, Carlos is dressed in a black suit with a neatly tie. He is more than eight meters tall with a sense of righteous bookishness, which make his handsome face more sharp.

Mary's eyes are straight, and she hooks her lip corner. She is glad that she can get such a guidance lawyer.

"Let me introduce myself briefly. Carlos, 28, I was graduated from the Law School of the University of Toronto. You can call me lawyer Carlos, or you can call me by my name directly. It's just as you like." From the man's clear voice.

Mary smiles sweeter, " Lawyer Carlos."

"Lawyer Carlos." Lily obediently follows and shouts, "What a coincidence, we are alumni."

"Not bad." Obviously, Carlos also has a brief understanding of the basic information of the two newcomers. For this little younger martial sister, he looks at her a little and says, "But there is no private relationship within the company. Everything should be done in a fair way. No matter how you come here, as long as you are in my charge, you are either competent to stay in this job or find another way. Get it?"

His words are obviously for Lily. He is so sharp at the first meeting. It must be what Julia said to Carlos.

Lily is not surprised. "Lawyer Carlos is at ease. If I can't do it, I will automatically quit."

There is some element of gambling in this saying. Carlos is a little shocked and then smiles, "Well, I appreciate your courage."

Mary can't help looking at Lily. There is not much goodwill in her sight, but more judgment.

Carlos gives a lot of files to them to study and read more when they are free. Then Lily gets the first legal case in her life, a personal injury dispute between a coal mining company and employees.

But what Mary receives is the emotional dispute case, although all are not big cases, fundamentally speaking, Lily's is more difficult.

Carlos also participates in the dispute.

"Lily, if you have any questions, please come to me at any time. You should also be present when there is a case meeting. Understand?" Carlos is concise and comprehensive.

Lily nods, "I see."

"Well, that's it today."

Seeing Carlos leaving, Mary gets up in a hurry. "Lawyer Carlos, what about me?"

"You?" Carlos, sorting out the things in his hands, glances at her and says, "Who is in charge of the case? You don't know?"

Mary chokes, weakly replies, " I know. "

Carlos ignores her and walks out of the conference room.

Lily bows her head to sort out the file and looks at a thick one. She is worried about when she would finish reading it, and then she hears Mary's jeering voice, "Lily, you are so powerful. As a new comer, you are assigned to lawyer Carlos, and he will take the case with you personally."

Lily clearly sees the disdain of her eyes, and does not intend to argue. She says, "Thank you."

Finish saying, she then take thing to go away.

Mary does not expect that she has this reaction, so Mary shakes hands angrily, "Fuck!"


After Lily returns to the office, Crystal peers at her from the partition. "Lily, the director is looking for you."

"What's the matter?"

"I don't know." Crystal lowers her voice and adds, "It's not good. It's better to be careful."

Lily nods, walks to the door of the director's office and takes a deep breath to knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door is opened. Julia is sitting at the back of the desk, his eyes still staring at the computer screen. When she sees Lily, her face is darker. She throws a blue folder on the table, "There is a mistake, take back to change, tomorrow hand in."

Lily takes it, and when facing Jade, she is a little nervous, "Director, which place is wrong?"

If she turns over the whole document one by one, she may do it until the middle of the night.

"Do I rework or do you rework?" Crystal's tone is not good. "Do you need I teach you one after another?"

Lily feels that her request is normal, but Mary's hostility makes her a little surprised. In any case, it's normal work. Bringing in personal emotions will affect her too much.

There's no way. She is leader.

Lily only comes out with the document and goes back to her seat to check one by one.

So when it's time to get off work, Lily still can't leave on time. Tim's calls make Lily upset and she simply drives her cell phone to flight mode.

Time flies. All people in the office leave. There is no sound at all. The light on the top of the head is suddenly covered by darkness.

Lily is surprised, but when she looks up, she sees a very familiar face.

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