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The next morning, Lily misses the early subway on her way to the company, and she doesn't squeeze on it directly. She is almost late just one minute.

All the way, she is thinking about the information. In her mind, she thinks countless scenes of Julia's scolding, and makes countless mental constructions. However, what she doesn't expect is that, instead of being scolded, she passes the stage peacefully.

Lily thinks she is lucky, but soon she knows that things are not as simple as she thinks.

In the company's tea room, Lily is getting coffee and suddenly hears the voice of her colleagues in the same group next door.

"Do you know the Lily in our group?"

"I know. I hear she is an excellent student."

"Today..." One of them says that in a low voice, "Director Julia specially asks us at the meeting to say something about the backstage. Do you think it would be about her?"

"I guess so. Julia said so clearly."

"But I think that Lily is really good-looking. Like a star, the soft and weak girl is the type that men like. Maybe she has the special kind of relationship with the company's top manager. Let's not mess with her."

"I think so, but it's bad luck for us to have such a colleague. I think there's anything good for us in the future. She'll take it up by herself."


After getting the water, the two people leave, their voices getting further and further away. Lily's hand holding the coffee cup tightens unconsciously. When she is stunned, she notices that the coffee overflowed, and the back of her hand is burned red.

She quickly closes it, unable to keep up with the burn on the back of her hand, and her thoughts are confused.

Julia asked several colleagues of the same group to stay at the meeting this morning. It was about this?

Lily frowns, no wonder Julia didn't say a word about those materials. Now thinking of her eyes, they are really meaningful.

Did Rex say something to Jade?

In this way, Lily is even more flustered. She doesn't plan to have special treatment or let her colleagues know the relationship between her and Rex. It is bad for Lily. And it is not a good thing for Rex.

Lily goes to the stairway and calls Rex. Tom is on the line. "I'm sorry; Miss. Mr. Rex is in a meeting. Can I help you with something?"

"It's OK. Please wait for him to finish and tell him. I'll find him."

After hanging up the phone, Lily walks back to the office with a water cup. She knows everyone's guess. She always feels that everyone's eyes are not kind.

It turns out that Lily's thoughts are right. The colleagues, who were willing to help her yesterday, today, facing her problems, seem to be helpless. Even someone ignores her. Lily knows that she is isolated.

"Lily, there's something wrong with this form." Crystal at the next table reaches for her computer screen.

Lily thanks him gratefully. "Thank you. I don't know how to deal with it."

Crystal waves her hand and doesn't care much. "It's OK. I'll send you a template later. You can follow that."

At noon, Lily almost forgets to look for Rex when she receives a phone call from Rex, "You look for me?"

Lily goes to the corner and says, "Well, I want to ask you something."

"Come up and talk about it."

"No, I'm going to have lunch with my colleague. Let's wait for a while." Lily lowers her voice. "I'll see you in the underground parking lot."

Rex has not promised, but the little woman has hurriedly hung up the phone.

For the first time, Rex's face is completely dark when he is put on the phone, and Tom gives a trembling voice to remind him, "President, book a lunch for two persons or one person?"

Rex glances at him and says, "When do I book for two?"

Tom says nervously, "You just made it clear..."

"What?" Rex's one word makes people out of breath.

"Nothing. I heard it wrong. I heard it wrong..."

"Get out of here."


On the other hand, Lily and Crystal are eating in the company's canteen. The environment of the canteen of the law firm is very good, which can be compared with the cafeteria of the senior hotel. The dishes are also excellent, both Chinese and Western food are available, even Sichuan food is provided.

Crystal recommends several dishes to her. Lily feels they are delicious and she relaxes more under the comfort of food.

"Lily, someone in the office says something bad about you, you know?" Crystal is easy-going and speaks freely.

Lily is stunned, and then nods, "I know."

"Hey, did you get in the way of Julia? She's just trying to pick on you? "

Crystal can feel that. How Lily could not perceive it.

"There's no way. She is leader." Moreover, in this matter, she is not so innocent. Although Rex has a business attitude, they have that relationship after all.

"Don't worry. Our department is so big. It's not just this group. In the future, you have to deal with different superiors. Julia, just hide. She's not pure." Crystal reminds Lily.

Lily smiles from the bottom of her heart, "Well, thank you, Crystal."

After eating, Lily goes downstairs alone to buy things. The elevator goes to the second floor underground. Lily finds the Bentley and jumps into the car.

In the back seat of the car, the man is waiting. When he sees her coming up, he immediately drops the central lock.

Lily is also tense.

Silent for a moment, Rex looks at her, "What do you want to ask?"

Lily then remembers and adjusts her emotion. "Did you find our director about yesterday's information?"

Rex's face remains unchanged. "No."

The level of director can't be remembered by him.

As soon as Lily wants to relax, she listens to his words, "Tom informed her."



Lily is anxious. "How can you let Tom go? Isn't it clear that I have very strong backing in the company...?"

"Someone picks on you?"

Lily is stuffy. "No."

Now, everybody wants hide her and trouble her. No one will come up and tell her that.

Rex can't get her unhappiness. He simply doesn't think about it. He stretches out his hand and pulls her over. His thin lips fall on her neck, which smells like milk.

Lily is absent-minded and avoids, "Don't do this, we will be found..."

"You won't be found out if you're obedient."

Saying, he has reached out to pull her shirt, Lily holds the hands, out of breath, "Rex, can you keep a low key in the company?"

The action of man stopping a little, deep eyes are rendering strong desire, "It's lunch break now."

"But I can't work well this afternoon!"

"That's your problem."

Lily keeps refusing, and refuses to cooperate. Rex is impatient. He pulls off her tie and ties her hands behind her. He pulls away her skirt and directly strokes her.

She's up, he's down.

Lily whimpers, clenches her teeth, and the words on her lips turn into the groans.

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