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"But I want to use a computer."

"There is laptop." Rex raises his eyebrows and gives her a sign in his eyes to hurry up.

Lily can't help but sit on the sofa and continue to work.

Time from 7:30 slowly points to 8:30, another hour later, Lily's neck is almost motionless, and she secretly glances at the man who is still looking at the document, she closes the information, finds a suitable position to sleep for a while.

The moment the eyelids close, the brain suddenly breaks down and Lily falls asleep within two minutes.

Here Rex is still concentrating on reading the document, until a slight purr comes from the woman not far away.

Rex looks at the time, nearly nine o'clock, puts down the last document to be approved, and walks towards the small woman on the sofa.

The bright light on the top of her head falls on her face, which is not soft but even dazzling, but the sleeping woman doesn't seem to be affected. The long curled eyelashes cast a shadow, the skin is too fair, and the beautiful lips are half opened unconsciously, breathing a little heavily.

Rex raises his hand and strokes her soft lips. She does not wake up after this.

She is the first one who dares to go to sleep openly under the eyes of the president.

Man's lips are slightly crooked. OK, let her sleep for a while.


When Lily wakes up again, it is nearly 10 o'clock. She is shocked and looks at the big data on the table. "It's over. I haven't finished it yet."

Rex directly pulls her over, "Send you back."

"I won't go back. I'll have tomorrow's information ready." As she speaking, she takes a step and walks out.

Man slightly frowns, moves his long legs to block her way and accentuates the tone, "Lily."

Every time he calls her name heavily, Lily always feels frightened. Especially with the expression that he is not happy now, she is even more nervous.

Between being criticized by the director and tortured by Rex, Lily decisively chooses the former. If she can't finish work, she will be scolded. If she resists Rex, she may die even worse.

Besides, Tim has called her more than 20 times by phone and text message since 8 o'clock.

Just go back.

Lily picks up her bag and follow Rex's step. After getting on the car, she doesn't delay her deep sleep for a moment, and Rex doesn't call her. The carriage is quiet. Occasionally, the shadows outside the window passes by, but there are some different feelings.

Half an hour later, the car stops on the auxiliary road at the gate of Tim's villa. Rex wakes up the little woman in the front passenger's seat. Lily opens her eyes in a daze. After looking out of the window, she finds that she has arrived home. She reaches out to untie her seat belt, opens the car door and gets off. She waves to the man inside through the window. "Slow down, I'm in."

Rex looks at her delicate body and the lighted villa behind her. Suddenly, he has a bad feeling in his heart, as if his pet is going to be given to others.

Men turns away his face, and he is afraid that he will regret the decision, "Go."

In less than two minutes, the small figure is out of his eyes. Except for the light sprinkled by the street lamps, there is only endless darkness around.

The headlights just are turned on, and he can see the floating dust.

Rex looks down at the steering wheel slightly, reaches out to take out his cigarette case, lights a cigarette at his fingertips and burns slowly. The white smoke from the window drops and spreads out. For Lily's divorce case, he is not in a hurry to deal with it, but tonight he decides to speed up the pace.

He is upset to see his woman to go other home.

And Lily has more influence on Rex now. Tonight, he called her to come to his office with some premeditation. When he saw her tiredness and asleep, he didn't want to wake up him.

Rex laughs at himself and puts out his cigarette end. He doesn't know when he began to be a kind person.


As soon as Lily enters the gate, she sees a man and a woman sitting on the sofa, Tim and Susan.

Susan is still here at this time. Lily's intuition is definitely not good.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, the two turn back one after another. Tim still sits motionless, but Susan comes to Lily for the first time, but only to make people uncomfortable when she speaks, "Why do you get off work so late?"

This sentence includes ten percent of care and ninety percent of question.

Lily bows her head and changes her shoes. Her voice is calm. "Work overtime."

"I haven't seen you make a lot of money when you are so busy. A woman is out all day. Who knows whether she's going to work or what?" Tim sneers at her in a strange way. "Whose car was that Bentley outside just now?"

Lily's heart is thumping. Unexpectedly, Tim saw Rex send back to her. There is a fluster in her eyes. She bows her head to block her mood and says perfunctorily, "A customer."

"A customer took you home?" Tim stands up and points to Lily's nose. "You don't sleep with me, so you are willing to stay with customers in the middle of the night. Lily, do you think I'm a fool?"

Lily is annoyed by his attitude. "Tim, you have the face to shout at me?"

When Susan sees this situation, she immediately goes to protect her son. "Lily, it's wrong for you to say that. How can you say that, Tim is also your husband? It's really late for you to go home at this time. Besides, how can the husband and wife sleep in separate rooms?"

"Ah,"Lily sneers, no wonder Susan comes here, just to say that? Lily knows how much she wants to hold her grandson, but Tim didn't touch her before. Now Susan cares about this.

What do they think Lily? Just follow their orders.

Lily's face is expressionless. "I can't let him touch me until he breaks up with Jade."

A year of marriage, she thought deep love can offset all, now her love is broken; she is not willing to force herself.

Susan knows this thing, so she doesn't continue to anger Lily. After all, if the two really divorce, they may be involved in money interests, so just endure for a while.

Watching Lily go upstairs, Tim kicks the foot of the sofa heavily, "Fuck!"

Susan says in a low voice, "Don't worry. Since Lily doesn't want to have a baby for you, it shows that she has other plan. You should make two preparations. You can decide it by yourself at Jade's matter. Mom doesn't care."

Tim is not in a good mood. He looks at the direction of the second floor. Sooner or later, he will ask Lily to kneel before him and ask for him.

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