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The next morning, Lily gets up early. Today is her first day at work. She can't be late.

After washing, she goes downstairs, but she sees an unexpected guest.

Obviously, Jade is also surprised why Lily appears here, and the smile on her face is frozen on her lips. "You, why are you here?"

As soon as Lily eases off for a second, she is like hearing a joke, "This is my home. Should I ask you this question?"

"You said you wouldn't come back."

Lily sneers, "It is none business of you."

Jade chokes so much that she couldn't speak, so she just stares. Tim goes downstairs and sees them standing face to face. He is stunned. Then he walks quickly to Jade. "Why are you here?"

"I want to bring you soup..."

Lily doesn't want to see them more. After those bad experiences, her heart won't hurt. Tim is just a miserable past for her.

Lily opens the refrigerator and takes out the bread slices. She spreads jam on bread. Tim looks at her but says nothing. He just asks, "What do you do so early?"


"Work?" Tim raises his voice. "When did you find a job?"

"Recently." Lily doesn't even have the desire to eat. After drinking some water, she picks up her bag and leaves. "You can continue."

When she gets out of the villa gate, Lily is relaxed again. It is funny to think that the three people are staying under the same roof just now. Others maybe know their relationship is wife and mistress.

She adjusts her mood and changes the subway twice before arriving at the law firm. The first day of the new comer's work is nothing more than training and learning. There is some information about the founders. Rex is the biggest leader. This is the first time Lily gets to know the man through formal channel.

At the age of 22, he was admitted to the Law School of Cambridge University. In two years after returning home, he won numerous big cases, set up a law firm, and was reappointed as a visiting professor of the University and the chief legal adviser of the top 500 companies in the world.

The rich background is beyond ordinary people's. To her surprise, Rex was not born in a wealthy family, but has suffered a lot before he has achieved so much today.

After the whole morning's training, Lily is assigned to a group in the consulting department, mainly to receive people in need of legal aid. As soon as she enters, she is assigned a pile of materials.

She doesn't have time to have lunch at noon. She just works overtime in the office. She manages to finish it and hands it in, but there is a little mistake.

"The year of this place is obviously wrong. The time of these two cases is mistaken. What have you done?" Julia, the director, makes criticism impolitely.

Lily is scolded heavily. She apologizes all the time. At this time, the office suddenly quiets down. Then she hears everyone standing up from their seats and shouting respectfully----

"Mr. Rex."

Lily now feels a little nervous, and she knows who is coming without looking up. The familiar rosin and overwhelming atmosphere...

"Mr. Rex, you are here." Julia just changes her attitude.

"Yeah." The man's voice is cold; his eyes sweeps across the office, and finally his eyesight seems to stop on Lily.

Julia notices that and she immediately raises her hand and pats Lily on the shoulder, "Lily, the new employee of our department."

Lily calls out, "President Rex."

It's not good to come when she is scolded.

Rex sees her head bowed and her eyebrows gently adjusted. She seems to be looking at a stranger. She doesn't even respond. So he quickly turns around and leaves.

"What's the matter? The boss comes here and you don't know to greet?" Julia throws the document to her, "Reorganize!"

In the whole afternoon, Lily never leaves her seat. When the off-duty point, she watches her colleagues leave one by one. She has to sit in her seat to check the information.

The whole day, she eats only one mouthful of bread. Lily is so hungry that her front chest is pasted on her back. But Julia is going to use these materials tomorrow. She has to finish it.

After graduation, she got married and spent more than a year in leisure life. Compared with the high-intensity rhythm at this time, she is not suitable.


The mobile phone on the desk vibrates continuously. Lily takes it over and sees it is from Rex.

She picks it up, her voice with tiredness. "Hello?"

"Where are you?"

Lily looks around, "Office."

"Come up." The man's voice is cold.

Lily says, "I haven't finished my work..."

"Take it up and do it."


Before she finishes speaking, the other one has quickly hung up the phone, and Lily secretly scolds him. Reluctantly, she could only pack up her things and takes the elevator to the president's office on the second floor.

Fortunately, at this time, the secretary is off work. Tom is alone. Lily knows that Tom probably understands the relationship between her and Rex, which is better than outsiders.

In the spacious and bright office, the man sits on the leather chair, and there is a pile of contracts and documents on the clean desk.

Lily closes the door and looks at him unconsciously. This man only wears a light blue shirt without a tie. He also unties several buttons. His sleeves are pulled to the bend of his arm, revealing a strong and streamlined beautiful little arm.

This man is naturally the focus of attention.

"Come here when you have seen enough." Suddenly, a cold voice pierces the air and reaches the cochlea.

Lily regains her mind and realizes that her attention is focused on Rex. And her ears are red. She goes to his desk uneasily and stands still. "Well, I still have work to do. What do you want me to do?"

Who knows, this man doesn't lift his head, "You came in without a greeting, so who teaches your workplace norm?"

"..." Lily takes a deep breath and shouts softly, "Mr., what can I do for you?"

"Shoulders are in pain."

"..." Lily almost loses her temper. Looking at the unfinished data in her hand, her face is darker. "Rex, I still have work unfinished. We will use it tomorrow."

Lily is really tired. Today, she is scolded and doesn't have enough time to eat. Her mental state is on the verge of collapse. At this time, she blurts out one sentence with a coquettish meaning that she doesn't even realize.

She is really tired.

The man raises eyes to look at her finally, a few seconds later, he again bows his head, slender finger holding delicate pen, signs his name quickly, closes the document, and then reaches out to her, "Show me."

Lily looks at the information in her hand and hesitates to deliver it.

After a few simple glances, Rex realizes that this is the chore Julia has found for her. She has no skill, so she has to look for it slowly, but it is a bit large.

Rex hands the document back to her again, pointing to the sofa in the center of the office, "Go there."

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