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Lily obediently tells the address, and stops again, "Ah, you'd better not come, maybe not..."

Rex is about to get angry. Listen to her slowly adding, "I'm with Abby. If I leave, what about Abby..."

"Man or woman?"


Rex takes a look at the man in the passenger seat and says to the other end of the phone, "Wait for me in the same place, and don't run around."

After hanging up, Orson's suspicious vision drifts to him. "What's the matter? Listen to this voice. It's not a shallow relationship."

At the thought of Lily drinking too much, Rex's whole body radiates an appalling aura, and his cold eyes sweep over. "Curious? Take you to see her. "


Half an hour later, the car stops at the gate of KTV. Rex gets off the car and walks towards the inside. With long legs and dark face, the waiter doesn't dare to make a sound. He watches Rex stabbing in.

After finding the room number, Rex pushes open the door of the private room, a room full of wine, huge music hitting the eardrum, making people headache.

The line of sight quickly catch the little woman lying and sitting on the sofa. Rex turns off the music, turns on the light, walk over and pulls up the person, "Drunk?"

Lily's body is pulled by him, and the whole person rushes towards him softly. Here face is buried in his chest. Even though she could not see the man's face, the rosin on his body still makes Lily realize that he is Rex, "No, we haven't finished..."

"..." Rex's face sinks. He looks at the bottles on the table. Does she also want to drink?

Orson sees this scene when he enters the door. When he sees another woman with a microphone shouting "How does the music stop", he immediately understands the intention of Rex bringing him.

"It's up to you." With that, Rex drags the one in his arms to the door.

Unexpectedly, when passing by Orson, Lily suddenly holds Orson's sleeve in her small hand, "Do you know my Abby?"

Orson looks at the face, which is red because of drinking. When he looks at the face, which is young and soft, he pulls out the corner of his mouth. "I don't know."

He looks at the face of Rex, trying to pull back his sleeve, but Lily doesn't let go. He takes his arms powerfully and they bump into each other.

"Uh!" Lily shouts. But before she can respond, she is pulled to his side by the man behind her in the next second. His tone is harsh, "Be with me!"

At ordinary times, Lily is absolutely afraid to treat Rex like this.

But today is different. She drinks, and the drinker is right.

So, Rex watches the little woman turning her mouth. Her eyes are red, but she does not forget to stare at him, "You roar me!"!.

Holding the mentality of not expanding things, Rex raises his hand and pinches his eyebrow, "No."

"You did. It's so fierce!"

The man takes a breath heavily, the patience in disguise splits up, "Right, I roared you just now."

Eyes gather together. One is angry and the other is anxious. The little woman's wet eyes blink, and two lines of tears come out.


Rex, who is always capable, looks at the two traces of tears. For the first time, he is helpless in the face of a person.

Orson is watching an interesting play nearby. He spreads his hands and says, "You've made her cry."

"Shut up!" Rex curses in a low voice, ready to stretch out his hand to drag her. But he is dodged by the small body, and no longer to deal with her, regardless of her opposition, so he directly picks her up and walks out of the room.

Abby is also drunk. Seeing Lily being taken away, she stands up shakily, "Hey, which bastard dares to rob my girl, stop..."

Orson raises his hand and pushes the golden mirror frame on his face. He raises his feet and kicks the door. There is a polite gentleman's smile on his face, but it makes people feel nervous. "Do you want to make trouble?"


When Lily is picked up, her head accidentally hits the roof of the car. There is a pain in her forehead. She reaches out uneasily to push the man who puts her in the front passenger seat. "Hurtful!"

Rex's hands are on both sides of her head, and his eyesight is not kind. "Do you know the pain?"

Lily raises her hand and rubs her forehead. She is a little angry. "What are you doing?"

"Do you know what time it is?"

"I don't know. I want to sing."

It's right to describe Lily with the saying that wine makes people bold.

The deviant character is undoubtedly revealed under the alcohol.

Rex didn't find that she had such a side before. Her round and big eyes are full of anger. After drinking, she is staring at him.

He laughs. "You want to sing. Go home and let you sing enough."

With that, he closes the door heavily, walks around the car and goes to the main driver's seat. After he fastens his seat belt and starts the car, the woman beside him doesn't move at all. Rex looks sideways and only sees a black head.

Lily lowers her head, her long hair blocking her face, and she is in a low mood. "I have lost my home."

Rex ignores her. Just when his hands touch the steering wheel, the weak shoulder suddenly quivers. Her frowns heavily and looks at her. "Crying?"

Lily thinks of today's words of Harry, the whole person seems to be thrown into a kind of liquid called sadness. And she is sealed in the jar, and is soon drowned by acerbity and sadness.

Even her closest relatives think so. Is divorce really wrong?

Lily even begins to doubt herself, and she could control herself.

Rex knows that she is good crying and he suddenly has a headache. After thirty-two years of living, he has not comforted a woman. What's more, he couldn't help caring about her tears.

He reaches for her chin, "Why are you crying?"

"Because you all scolded me..."


"You!" She stares again.

Rex takes a deep breath and shows all patience, "Except me."

"Tim, Jade, and my parents..." Lily thinks more and feels sadder. She looks at him with eyes washed by the tears. "It is you that sues for me, when you can win..."

Rex wants to say that it is not so easy. But when he sees her hopeful face, he changes his words, "Soon."


"Yes." The man takes a paper towel and wipes away the tears on her face

The strength of his hand is very light, and his voice is not as strong as before. The dim light of the car roof drops on the handsome face of the man. Lily looks at him with a daze. She doesn't know if it's because it's too sad today, and suddenly there's a strange feeling in her heart.

He is the one who treats her badly, forcing her to make a deal with him and do whatever he wants.

But when it is critical, he always appears beside her.

He gives her a place to live and a job she wants, especially divorce. If she doesn't know the man, she may only suffer in Tim's family now. She may bear Tim and Jade without any way to deal with it.

Think about this carefully, he is not so bad. He just has a bad temper and a little arrogance.

Aware of the small woman eyesight focused on him, Rex slightly droops eyes, "I am asking you what happened to you."

Lily is facing the dark light on his head, and her eyes are like the sparkling lake. "Rex, you are the only one around me."

He is the one who should have been strange, but now he stands firmly behind her.

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