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"Ah," Lily sneers, "Don't pretend to care about me. What do you want to do calling me?"

Tim replies, "Where are you now?"

"You let your mother harass my parents again, didn't you?"

Tim is stunned, "What?"

Lily has no trust in him at all. "Tim, I had been secretly in love with you since I was in school. I had been chasing you for two years and getting married for one year. Even if you don't love me, it's our thing. Why do you involve my family? Do you have to use this mean means to make me regret loving you?"

Despite those years, now there is only regret. The person once she loved becomes an enemy. It is absurd.

Tim thinks that no matter what Lily says, he would not care. But when he hears the words "regret loving you", he takes a breath.

She regrets it?

In his heart, Lily is the one who loves him the most. No matter what he does, she will support him, obedience and forgive him!

He has a strong desire to control Lily, but now the woman who should have been in control by him says she regrets?

He won't allow it!

Tim says angrily, "Lily, I don't care if you regret it or not, you have married me and you don't want to leave!"

"What about Jade? If you want to be polygamous, please be careful that I will sue you for bigamy and put you in jail. "

"You..." What else can Tim say? The phone has been hung up. He gets up angrily and kicks the foot of the sofa. "Fuck!"

Thinking of what Lily just said, Tim called Susan directly, "Mom, did you look for Lily's parents again?"

Susan quickly admitted, "Yes, it is a matter that she doesn't go home all the time. Although Jade is with you, Lily is still our daughter-in-law after all. If it's passed out..."

"Mom!" Tim interrupts her, "I said you won't have to worry!"

In Susan's impression, her son never quarreled with her because of his daughter-in-law before, so Susan is also stunned by what he is saying, "What I did just for you."

"For me? Lily wants to divorce even more when you do this. If we really divorce, then you can say it is good for me?" After, Tim hangs up and throws phone on tea table directly.


Things that are originally thought to be very far away gradually becomes reality. People who would never leave are fading away gradually. This feeling makes Tim uncomfortable. It seems that everything is out of control in an instant.

"Tim, what are you doing here?" Jade just comes in from outside. Since Lily left, she has been glued to Tim. She looks like a real lady.

Tim is upset and has no place to vent. Seeing her come over, he presses her hand on the sofa and he doesn't restrain himself. Jade's arm hurts.

The man doesn't say a word, doesn't have any foreplay, and doesn't even have a kiss. And he enters her body directly, and makes a fierce collision.

Jade knows that he is in a bad mood and does not dare to say more. She could only cooperate with him as much as possible.


Lily adjusts herself well and leaves the community. The car is still on the side of the road.

She gets on the car with red eyes. The driver doesn't say anything after seeing it, but silently puts the paper towel on the central control.

Lily almost cries. When she sees that it is still early. She wants to invite Abby to come out and sit down. They will have a lunch together at a hot pot store.

Lily goes to the place to let the driver go directly. She goes in alone. Without a private room, she is in the hall. From a distance, she sees Abby with a red knitted dress, bright and dazzling.

"You don't work today?" Lily goes over.

Abby has ordered a table of vegetables and smiles at her. "I'm not in a good mood. I didn't go."

"Skipping work is not your style." Lily remembers although Abby is careless, she is very strict when she should be strict. She also studies law and follows rules and regulations.

"In my bad department and work, even if I'm off duty for a month, no one will know that I'm not here." Abby could not help turning a blind eye. "I come to tuck you today!"

Lily then learns that, in the past, Abby has not been as happy as she said. Although she works in her own company, and her work is also based on the law, there is nothing substantive at all. Now her father has left some of the remaining things to others to take care of, and Abby is directly ignored.

In her words, it's meaningless to eat and wait for dying every day.

"I'm almost forgetting the basic law now." Abby laughs at herself.

"So what are you going to do, go ahead or change jobs?"

"Of course not. This job makes me a fool. I sit there every day like a fairy. I just nearly go to the heaven." Thinking that, she gets angry. "I'll quit my job recently, and then I'll be out of work for a while, and I'll figure out the plan for the future.

"OK, you don't have any pressure anyway. Think about it for yourself."

Abby raises her eyebrow and looks at her, "How do I feel that you are odd today?"

Lily's chopsticks full of vegetables are stunned. She laughs and shakes her head. "You are really a roundworm in my stomach. I can't hide anything from you."

"Then I have to be the most beautiful roundworm." Abby perfunctory smiles, and quickly questions, "Why, Tim and Jade do something else again to you, or Rex provokes you?"

"I told my mother about the divorce."

Now Abby is really surprised, and raises a thumb, "You are very brave, sister. "

Lily smiles bitterly, but she is forced.

"But it's better to say it directly than to worry about being shameless by the Tim's family every day. Uncle and aunt need to know sooner or later." Abby sees her mood is not high, and pours the beer, "Come on, today we must drink until we are thoroughly drunk!"


After coming out of the hot pot store, it is two o'clock in the afternoon. Both of them are a little drunk and help each other walk.

Originally Lily didn't want to drink too much, but she couldn't resist Abby's advice. In addition, she was really in a bad mood, so she really drank too much.

Abby obviously can't drive like this. Lily is not much better. Next to the immortal hot pot restaurant is a KTV chain in this city. Abby rushes in the KTV directly. Lily can't stop her.

Thus, the battlefield changes from hot pot store to KTV, Abby directly orders all night, and buys two boxes of beer to move into the room.

Lily drinks another two or three bottles of wine, and her mind flows to the sky. Alcohol dominates her mind. They almost cry together.

Until eight o'clock in the evening, Rex's call keeps coming in, and the noisy private room couldn't hear it at all. When Lily sees it, there are 15 missed calls.

Before dialing back, the mobile phone begins to vibrate again. Lily opens her fingers to answer, and before talking, she also makes a hiccup, "Hello ~ ~?"

When Rex hears her soft voice, he immediately twists his eyebrows. "Have you drunk?"

When Lily hears the gloomy tone, the whole person wakes up a little bit. No matter he couldn't see it at all; she holds out her little thumb and says, "Drink a little."

"Ah," says Rex with a sneer, "It sounds more than a little bit."

He adds, "Give me the address and I will pick you up."

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